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Scorpio always had some sort of war happening. Before Xuan Mo left for war, Scorpio was already involved in several wars against other planets. They emerged victorious in most of them, upholding their fierce and swift reputation.

Despite so, there were still some lukewarm ones that waged on like an endless drizzle. As far as she knew, Elge was one of the few civilisations that could keep up with Scorpio, and they’d been up against Scorpio for the last couple thousands of years. Elge was also the dark horse that had the large part of the Coalition in support of Scorpio’s suppression. Almost all the planets under the Coalition that had extra resources on hand had sent out their troops to hunt them down and annihilate them.

The reason why Elge was not tolerated nor accepted by the Coalition was because of the technology they were holding on to. Everything else however, what started it, exacerbated it and fuelled it, were however long buried away by time, it’d happen too long ago after all.

And that technology was space warp, through particle separation.

The fact that Elge had knowledge to such a technology was sufficient a reason for all the involved parties to hunt them down.

There were many theories as to how this technology came about, but one thing for sure was that it wasn’t invented by Elge. There was much evidence pointing to the fact that the research team from Scorpio was the first to accomplish such a feat. The research however was prohibited the same day it was reported for patenting. Not only that, the higher management sent someone to secretly destroy all research and related data. As the researchers came from the various smaller planets under Scorpio, the administration had to send people to detain those that refused to submit the research documents back to the main planet. En route back to the main planet, the spaceship that brought the researchers, together with the most crucial of research documents, were attacked by an unknown creature. All the officers and men on the spaceship battled to death. The documents were reported to have disappeared into thin air.

There were those that asked why they didn’t transport the documents via the mental sky-net which covered the entire Coalition, they’d be able to get the data instantly. However, what Scorpio wanted wasn’t the documents itself, but the destruction of the data. All the researchers also made it a habit to never send or save data through or on the sky-net. As with the hackers on the internet, the sky-net had similar hackers too, and those that roam the sky-net were much more skilled and creative when it came to getting their hands on the data they want. They would only save data on physical document-saving drives or within their own mental-net data storage. The researchers need to make their way to the main planet in order to thoroughly erase these data from their mental-net; such erasure was completed through a special method. This is to ensure that all traces of the data would be removed.

When they heard that the most crucial part of the data was lost, Scorpio instantly sent an Coalition-wide emergency notice about the document and the type of technology the research was on. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 131 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The space warp technology through particle separation allowed for one to instantly warp through space, teleporting instantly from one point in the galaxy to another. This was possible as long as both points had set up a certain type of “door” made for this jump. This would be quite a disruption to the market, travel would incredibly quick and convenient, but so would assassination or even theft. This would be a significant step ahead for the military, technological advancement, and in improving the quality of living for the citizens if such a technology was made prevalent.

However, huge rewards often come at a great price. This technology required a special type of material as an ingredient, and a certain way to activate it.

Materials aside, the activation method was the key; only one type of energy can activate this technology — bioenergy.

This energy wasn’t petroleum that Blue Planet had, but rather the innate energy originating from the creatures of the planet themselves. The definition of such energy was very broad. It could be the mental energy supporting Scorpio’s mental civilisation. It could also be the energy from beings similar to Blue Planet beings who have yet to realise their vitality, the second type of energy they had in themselves. It also could be the spirit energy supporting the Elege’s spirit civilisation. Or it could be magic, battle aura, inner power… only such pure energy from a single species at a time was required to activate such technology. Not only so, the amount of energy required was immense.

The Coalition analysed the remaining documents salvaged from the research. They later confirmed that the mental energy of twenty military officers, with Scorpio’s military standard as benchmark, was required to activate such technology even once. The further the distance between the two points, the more energy required. And to Scorpions, you’re as good as dead if you run out of mental energy.

In Scorpio where the average mental energy in each person was already higher than those from other planets, those who’ve hit the mental energy requirement to become a proper military officer were an elite in the crowd. A proper military officer was as good as one to two hundred civilians, and the ability of a normal civilian in Scorpio was the strength of ten to twenty over civilians from other battle-centric civilisations. Based on this, if there was such a “door” in Blue Planet, at least a prefecture-level-city-worth of people would be required to sacrifice themselves in order to activate it. Taking into consideration that the Blue Planet was currently situated in Coalition’s unexplored part of the galaxy, the amount of energy required to actually teleport would unfortunately be even higher.

Let’s not even talk about how dangerous it would be to even use such a technology. It would be beyond your control, akin to how there was no way to prevent natural disasters from wreaking havoc. Even the Coalition couldn’t do anything when it came to natural disasters in the galaxy. Though space warping was the separation of particles and relied on the attractive force between the doors to teleport one instantly, there could still remain uncertainties in the few minutes when one was in motion. Compared to this technology, the Black Hole had a stronger attraction force, and an out of control planet could create a stronger crash. If the particles suddenly formed together into something unknown, perhaps the person after teleporting could end up becoming mutated, for example lose half a body or gain another head or the likes.

No matter what the conclusion was, the Coalition would not allow such a technology to exist. The Coalition still had not located the disappeared documents either. Not long after however, it was discovered that Elge Civilisation was using such a technology secretly. After multiple investigations from various parties, wherever Elge Civilisation had appeared before, whatever’s left was but a living hell — all living and intelligent creatures were dead, only the old and weak were left to struggle at death’s door.

Ever since then, Elge officially landed themselves on the Coalitions bounty list. With such a cruel technology in their hands, Elge was able to survive even through the toughest times, popping up all over the place alive and pumping. The Coalition had even coined this operation a name that left a mark in history, buried within the history textbooks: whac-a-mole.

Xuan Mo felt a little dazed. Her first reaction was to fight, to battle. There was no way she would let such a disaster take root. What came after however was her confusion, why were the Elge people here?

They’re tactic had always been hit-and-run. Though it was incredibly costly to even create a single “door”, they usually only use the same “door” once. After all, such a huge energy fluctuation would attract the surrounding troops over.

Suddenly, a thought zoomed through her head. It flitted past too fast, disappearing in a blink of an eye. What she’d thought of was too repelling for her to even want to dwell on it for a moment.

Xuan Mo shook her head. Though she felt that it might have been a good idea, the fact that her mental power’s automatic firewall filtered out such a thought meant that it must not have been that great after all. And so, she didn’t think about it anymore.

Finally, she knew where such a material originated from, the Blue Planet beings probably got it off of some “door” somewhere. Though the “door” itself shouldn’t be this fragile, it’s been two hundred million years after all, so you never know.

Given that she had no information about the situation at hand, should she still carry out the duties of a soldier from Scorpio?

Forget, she’s gonna just let things be and see where it goes.

It was afternoon by the time she’d gotten everything figured out. Her dorm mates woke up one by one, saying that they want to head out for lunch. When they were all done washing up, they stared at Xuan Mo’s bed; the girl on the bed didn’t seem like she’d be up anytime soon.

“Should we wake her?”

“I think we should, it’s not good to skip lunch.”

“But if I trained as much as she did, I’d be exhausted and sleep like a log… what about we buy some food back for her?”

Zhang Yi Ke didn’t puzzle over this as much as the rest did. Military training was indeed good at taking up all their time; they barely have the energy to do or think about anything else. After suffering together for the past few weeks, she’d gradually loosened up as well. She walked over and tapped the side of her bed, calling her softly: “Xuan Mo? Xuan Mo?”

“I’m here.” Xuan Mo looked up and out at the three people staring at her. She thought for a moment before getting up, “I’m getting lunch too, give me a moment.”

The three of them paused when they saw her so energetic. She didn’t look like she’d just woken up at all. “Mo Mo, you woke up already? Were we too loud?”

“No, I woke up at seven.” Xuan Mo walked over after washing up quickly and saw the three of them widening their eyes. “Why, let’s go.”

“Oh, oh right.” The twins replied in synchrony. They exchanged a look and once again exclaimed unanimously, “superwoman!”

Zhang Ke Yi laughed behind them.

Xuan Mo shook her head and walked out first.


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