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She didn’t manage to find anything when she searched it up on the internet normally. Xuan Mo thought for a moment before she separated a strand of her mental power and slotted it into the wireless web for a deep dive.

She felt the same type of pull again. Countless images and data flew past her before her eyes. Unlike previously when she’d been wandering around aimlessly, she knew what she was looking for this time. And so, she controlled the speed at which information was zipping through her, speeding up and slowing down at times.

Though she’s already established a mental power tunnel so she needn’t envelop the entire web with her mental power, the process was still taxing and exhaustive. She had yet to find any reliable information even though she was slowly reaching her limit. Whatever information she’s found so far were either too absurd or too fake. Just as she was about to end the session, she suddenly stopped.

It was a coloured but soundless surveillance clip. In the video, there were a number of foreigners hidden away in a tight space; they were arming themselves up while listening to instructions. A while later, a middle-aged person in a white research coat handed them a stone. The bunch of them passed the stone around.

The stone moved around until it reached the hands of the person standing nearest to the camera. Some of them sniffed it, weighed it in their hands to feel it, others observed the colour of the stone, until it reached the hands of the last person.

From the outside, the stone looked incredibly ordinary, as though a piece chipped off from any other stone. It was dark grey, almost black in colour, and was incredibly smooth on the outside as though it’s been polished before. There were light veins running through the stone, almost as though forming some sort of pattern.

After everyone’s seen the stone, it returned to the hands of the researcher. The researcher gave out further instructions before the lot of them rushed out. The room was empty save for a few pieces of clothing and weapon boxes strewn around.

In the next five minutes, no one else appeared in the video.

Slightly tired, Xuan Mo retracted her mental energy and rubbed her temples, relaxing the accumulation of mental power in her head.

She exhausted over 10% of her mental energy this time; she’s not spent so much since coming to the Blue Planet. Her mental energy was not filled was akin to shopping without money in your wallet — anyone would be nervous and unsure.

Her dorm mates weren’t back so Xuan Mo didn’t have to pretend to bath. And so, she lied on her bed to cultivate as her mind ran. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 128 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

She had no idea why she paid attention to that clip. Perhaps it’s because those armed people’s operation and movement seemed evidently trained as though a military soldier; or perhaps it could be their sophisticated weapons — that were sophisticated even beyond the state-of-the-art weapons currently available in the country — they had with them that drew her attention. Or perhaps it’s their subtle readiness to move off at a moment’s notice that caught her attention. Whatever was the reason that drew her attention… the key was that piece of stone.

That stone was very important, she had a gut feeling. She didn’t know why it was important, but she knew that she’s never seen such a stone before. She couldn’t tell what it was made of either. She didn’t recognise its prominent veins running through the stone either. Her mental powers however locked itself on the stone, forcing her to fix her gaze on it. And it was adamant to the point that she’d found herself spending more mental energy just to locate another clip where the stone made an appearance…

That stone was very important, she muttered to herself as she frowned.

The surveillance camera was planted at an inconspicuous corner — evidently installed without permission from the owner. In order words, there was another group of people who knew this, and they knew more than she did.

But, why did she need to find out more about that stone? It was a battle among the Blue Planet beings, it could be a new type of material, or could be some sort of historical relic. To the Blue Planet beings, it was very normal for the military to send out forces to secure things like these. So, why was there a need to get involved? Just purely based on… her gut feeling?

She retracted her mental power. Though she’d marked this surveillance clip for herself to distinguish it from others, she figured that this clip wouldn’t remain in existence for any much longer; what was recorded seemed too sensitive to be good to have been caught on camera. She probably wouldn’t be able to find this clip next time, and there won’t be a way for her to locate the owner of this device either. In other words, she’d just missed this stone by a hair’s breath, so this was pretty much all the information she going to get on this stone.

In that case, there was nothing much for her to stress over about. She’s not going to be able to find any more information on this, so she shouldn’t waste any more time on this.

After she’d settled her mind, Xuan Mo turned around to recover her mental power.

On the other end, there was a group of people gathered in a certain surveillance room. Similarly, they did not manage to obtain any useful information.

“They’ve already left, and they have more information than we do.”

“We don’t have the approval yet!”

“Forget about that approval from the higher ups, they are more experienced, have better weapons, are more paid attention to, now they’ve gotten a head start too! What’s left for us?! They get the pie and we get the crumbs?!”

“Watch your words, this isn’t your territory here.”

“I’m going mad! They have no idea how important this is! No friggin’ idea! D’you hear what they’re saying? All they know is to pick up scraps, and they’re doing it happily… we finally managed to discover something first, but we lost the only upper hand we’ve got, and it was lost to myopic idiots like them, ole man got it right, the higher ups are all ******* retards! Idiots!”

“I agree with what you’re saying, but can you stop shooting down our only hope, and a very slim hope at that?”

“Hahh… who’s cup is this?”


“How much was it?”

“Ten for three, three for you.”

“Lend me for a bit.”


Smash! The sound of something breaking sounded. The person that had been venting exhaled comfortably. “Feels good to smash things up!”

“Happy now? What’re you gonna do now…”

“Hehe, there will definitely be some difficult people that that bunch of idiots can’t handle.”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: hi friends so sorry for dying off the face of earth for so long; anyways i alive, i saw some of your comments thank you so much for your concern, should have updated you guys earlier >< updates will be back to every Monday 10PM GMT+8, dont worry guys, i dont plan to leave THMYO hanging halfway, i’ll definitely finish TLing THMYO; in the meantime, hope everyone’s doing ok, stay safe guys

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