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Zhao Jing Lei waited for a long time for Xuan Mo’s reply. It was only when the silence dragged on so long between then he’d almost thought Xuan Mo wasn’t going to answer him did she start, her voice gentle as she asked: “Supernatural, power?”


“What’s the definition of supernatural power?”

“…supernatural powers are also known as Extra-sensory perception, or ESP, in English. ‘Supernatural power’ is just a term we use here. Other countries use the term ‘Parapsychology’, and some now even use ‘super parapsychology’ instead. The subject of research can be largely catagorised into two groups, cognitive supernatural perception, also known as extra-sensory perception is one; the other is to influence the environment directly at your will, also known as psychokinesis. The exact scope of study is large, and covers phenomena such as x-ray vision, telescopic vision, foresight, telekinesis, healing at will, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, duplicating yourself, and the likes.” After he finished reading off the Baidu page on his phone, Zhao Jing Lei gave a long exhale, asking, “so, can you tell me if you have any supernatural powers now?”

“Supernatural perception? Telekinesis?” Xuan Mo repeated, before she continued, her voice became low, “reincarnation?”

Zhao Jing Lei stared at her.

“Aye… no.” Xuan Mo shook her head, appearing largely disappointment.

“But you said…” Zhao Jing Lei had already come to the conclusion that Xuan Mo did possess supernatural powers just based on her reaction. He didn’t understand why she denied it, it was making things all the more obvious.

“I don’t.” Xuan Mo looked at him genuinely, “I’m not born with any of these.”


“I’d be incredibly honoured if I did have any of these.” Xuan Mo smiled. “Who wouldn’t like it if they were born to be strong?”

“I know what you’re thinking. You must believe that we would dissect you for research if you admit that you do have any. But… that won’t happen, really, we won’t allow something so cruel to happen. What can you provide us with really? At max, we’d probably get an x-ray, some blood samples, a few strands of hair…”

“You want to see my body take my blood and pluck my hair? At max?” Xuan Mo grunted. She didn’t care if they were dissecting any other normal blue planet being, but if the subject of their research was going to be her… “I refuse.”

“If you don’t possess any supernatural powers, why are you so hung up on this.” Zhao Jing Lei was incredibly persistent as he tried to lure her into a verbal trip-up.

“Listen here Zhao Jing Lei, I don’t have any, and that’s that.” Xuan Mo patted his shoulders in a good mood, “there’s no point lying to you about things like these.”

Figuring that Xuan Mo was on the verge of what’s left of her friendly mood, Zhao Jing Lei nodded his head in defeat before he turned to watch the competition proper. Before long, he pointed at the court: “Heh, your brother’s almost as good as Akagi.”




“…” Zhao Jing Lei was speechless, before he suddenly said, “Haruko Akagi**… if you don’t know, ask your brother.”

And so, when Lu Yu Chen returned after their team emerged victorious, with an arm happily slung across Xuan Mo’s shoulders as they walked over to the canteen, Xuan Mo suddenly said: “Zhao Jing Lei said you look like Akagi Haruko.”


* Akagi is referring to Akagi Takenori, the team captain of the Shohoku Basketball team from the anime Slam Dunk

** Akagi Haruko is Takenori Akagi’s younger sister in the anime; ZJL decided to describe LYC as  Haruko Akagi (female) instead of Takenori Akagi (male) since they both had the same surname Akagi and XM had no idea who’s who anyway hahaha

Someone behind shouted: “Aye brother Yu! What’s wrong? Brother Yu are you pregnant? Why are you choking!”

After she returned to her dorm, Xuan Mo took out her computer and searched up the proper explanation for supernatural powers before she confirmed: “Yep, don’t have it… psychokinesis, that’s a completely different territory… something the people from Gregon Planet would know; this is unrelated to mental powers.”

This suddenly had her alert though. Were the blue planet people trying to venture into expanding and strengthening their psychokinesis capabilities?

Those with mental powers had aggressively suppressed the development of psychokinesis for the past thousand years. This was because such a strength originated from the activities within your brain. In blue planet being’s words, the West knows this as, erm, probably knows it as the “power of language”, while the East understands this as the idiom, may all your wishes come true.

Psychokinesis was a rather volatile force. As they learnt more about this strength, they realised that there were indeed some who were strong enough to be able to keep their psychokinesis powers within control. They would be able to remain completely unaffected by external factors as they enter into the zone instantly at will so as to truly achieve translating what they were thinking into reality.

She’d come across people like these; they were generally difficult, and it would often become a thorny situation.

An example of how strong exactly people like these were would be basically someone the blue planet beings would describe as a god, someone who could change the weather, collapse the mountain and crack the ground at will — such an existence really was quite the headache to the parliament.

Leading her troops, Xuan Mo had never been defeated, save for that one battle. Though they won in the end, it was difficult and tiring enough it had the lot of them down for a long time. This elicited the historical research association from the Abu clan to conduct a thorough research on this psychokinesis ability. There was a easy way out even back then, but their pride as soldiers didn’t allow them to do something so disdainful.

That method was to simply beat ‘em up. It was really too easy to capture these frail psychokinesis warriors. They required a longer resting period than an average being, and on the battlefield, there was no creature the Scorpions cannot successfully assassinate, nor were there any beings the Scorpions were unable to render insane.

But to judge others by oneself, mental powers to the Scorpions would be what blue planet beings would know as strength. It’d be even more cruel to live with your strength robbed from you. This didn’t sit agreeably with the Scorpions’ way of doing things. This would only be their last resort.

Thankfully psychokinesis, unlike mental powers, were unable to ride on the advent of technology, nor was it able to pass down from one generation to another and be disseminated across the entire population through evolution. In order to gain such powers, one must undergo training so harsh it even had Scorpions feeling uncomfortable when they learn about such a regime. Psychokinesis warriors were the most elite yet fragile portion of an army. This was perhaps why those with mental powers could remain seated and calm.

She had no right to stop the blue planet beings from venturing down such a route… but she still was against it… in fact, it kinda felt like she’s holding the candle to the devil…


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: poor LYC hahah, also i ‘m thinking of changing release days to Fridays instead, I’m too busy in the beginning of the week to TL 😦

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