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The freshman military training at NDU lasted for half a month.

When they saw the countless military vehicles outside the field, the students came to acknowledge this tragic and despairing reality with dismal expressions.

After which, handling the freshmen’s daily whereabouts and activities were taken over by the military. The students saw neither their seniors, nor their teachers — only the commissar from their company, and the chilly-faced soldiers.

Xuan Mo continued on in her usual meticulous and scrupulous manner. The contents of their military training was similar to what they’d experienced when they were back in high school year one, so many students recounted their vague memories of military training during the breaks. It was then did Xuan Mo realise that she and military training were indeed destined to be — she’s back at military training for university just one year* after the military training back in high school year one. So far, the training regime was nothing new. In fact, now that she’d not been placed in charge of anything, her excitement had even deflated a little.

* T/N: Xuan Mo skipped grades if you’ve forgotten

For some reason though, their company’s instructor didn’t quite seem to see her eye to eye. Or at least this was the conclusion that the other students arrived at.

“Xuan Mo from company seventeen, step out!” A loud shout sounded.

“Present!” Xuan Mo took a step forward. Her gaze was fixed, looking ahead; her posture was immaculate.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 129 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

As the instructor took off his cap to wipe his sweat, he sent a mournful look towards a certain direction at the back, before he shouted at Xuan Mo: “How spirited! Five rounds!”

“Yes, sir!” Xuan Mo had no objections. And so, she started running immediately. She’d already served so many penalties that she’s now numb; this was completely unlike the mindset that any other Blue Planet being would have if they were in her place. All she did was run at a paced speed. While she ran, she passed the various companies one by one. Some of the freshmen were still undergoing training under the scorching sun, others were resting. When they saw Xuan Mo running on the track, they started chattering again.

“Her again…”

“I see her running penalty rounds all day, exactly how did she piss her instructor off?”

“Is everyone as pretty as her so brave and stubborn?”

“But can I just say — she’s making even running look hot… speaking of which, how many rounds has it been already?”

“This is her fifth round today… is she not tired?”

“I finally believe that someone can have both brains and brawn, be hot and cool at the same time, and that person’s a girl at that!”

The instructors could hear what the guys were chatting about among themselves in lowered volume. As a result, Xuan Mo was once again used as a model example: “You brats! Even 1km’s enough to get y’all panting like no tomorrow! Look at the female student running on the track, five rounds, that’s 2km down, and she’s still alive and kicking! Shame on you boys really! And you’re still here chatting?!”

When the boys finally stopped their chattering, the instructor continued. This time however, Xuan Mo was used as a negative example: “That student’s being punished all the time, she must be incredibly defiant — how ridiculous, why should we not be training you? Are we bullying you?! Don’t think you’re important enough to start sticking your nose up in the air just because you’ve got your exam questions figured out! What’s with that slanted standing posture, and toad-like sitting hunch, you’ll be shitting in your pants when the enemies come rushing up at you. Even if you’ve got yourself a 200 IQ, you’re still a useless idiot! Really, enough with your puffed up ego just to clash with us for the sake of it! It’s useless I tell you! I can get you running rounds exactly like her with just one word! Now run, on with it!”

By then, there were a large number of students who were already seated down resting. When the instructors gave out their instructions, more than ten classes, or pretty much half the field, were seated down with their legs crossed. The students were fanning themselves with their caps. There was no shelter under the scorching sun, nor were there any cooling spots. As such, even the guys had a hard time holding up, much less the girls. Some of the students seemed to be severely dehydrated. According to the instructions, the students went to the side of the field to grab their water to hydrate themselves.

Once again, there were instructors making use of Xuan Mo as an example to reprimand the boys. Well it can’t be helped that Xuan Mo was so conspicuous, her running rounds was pretty sudden for one, and she was a female as well — in other words, a great resource to take advantage of to stir the male students. The instructors were incredibly exasperated and aggravated by the fitness of the incoming students, why? Because it was becoming poorer with every batch of students every year. At that, they couldn’t help but reprimand the students in their company.

The freshman’s got it figured out after the same thing happened again and again in the past few days — regardless of whether the instructor was deliberately making life difficult for Xuan Mo, or that she was in fact arrogant and obstinate, her stamina was unreal, and it was to an extent that an average person definitely cannot compare to.

After Xuan Mo completed five rounds, she walked briskly over to the instructor, expressionless. She stood straight, saluted before speaking loudly: “Reporting, five rounds completed!”

“Return!” The instructor’s face twitched.

“Yes, sir!”

The all-female classes had a lot of breaks during their training. In this aspect, Xuan Mo felt that the training in uni was more lax than back in high school. Unbeknownst to her, the girl-to-guy ratio played a huge role in determining their break time. Out of the eighteen companies, only three companies consisted of females, that was how little females there were here, so even if the instructors disagreed, they still had to dish out the break times.

Based on the many days of observation, the students came to this conclusion — all the instructors would become more gentle when they were speaking any of the female classes. Of course, they also noticed that Xuan Mo was excluded from such treatment.

It was only the fifth day of training, and Xuan Mo was already infamously known to be “arrogant and intractable”. While Xuan Mo continued running her punishment rounds, the guys racked their brains trying to figure out the possible reasons behind Xuan Mo’s punishment. On the other hand, the girls that unanimously decided to keep the reasons under wraps for some reason were the main contributor to Xuan Mo’s new title.

However, it cannot be denied that Xuan Mo was indeed quite a rare and unusual talent in military training. Not only was she unfathomably obedient — she’s never even so much as rebuke the instructor, and this was regardless of the type of punishment that landed on her — she would finish all the tasks with flying colours, exceeding all expectations. She was always silent, but she had a murderous aura to her at times; she was serious about training to the point that she could make even standing still on the field appear out to be as though she was standing on a battlefield. She’d pretty much made military training out to seem as though it was an actual drill.

Reality was truly polar opposites from what things appeared to be. As such, even if anyone did explain, it would be hard for others to believe the truth.

In the beginning, the instructor continued pulling excuses to have her do extra tasks. As time passed however, even the instructor stopped bothering. When anyone did ask, all the explanation he would provide for her additional training was that it was punishment. What was surprising was Xuan Mo’s obedience — she didn’t even so much as disagree. There were lots of female students that didn’t agree with the instructor’s actions and couldn’t watch such an absurd scene happening again and again. As such, they approached the instructor during break time. Yet the instructor who was always amiable otherwise would find a reason to pacify them and dismiss the topic every single time.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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