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“Don’t move.” Xuan Mo placed both her hands against his face, before she twisted his head sharply to the side. The guy had his eyes widened, but didn’t dare scream aloud. Before he registered what was happening, the pair of tiny, warm hands had left his face. Xuan Mo dropped her hands and looked down, no longer looking at him, “your turn, hurry up.”

The guy was muddled at what just happened. The people around them having witness a scene akin to that of a crime scene that only occurred in movies where killers would finish off their enemies with a twist of the head, were awkwardly silent after realising that the ‘victim’ was perfectly fine.

The twins were confused as well, and so they asked: “Xuan Mo, what did you do just now?”

Xuan Mo did as what everyone else had done — swiping her card before grabbing a bun. As she did so, she replied: “I don’t understand why he keeps torturing his neck by turning around earlier when he was queuing, all I know is that if he keeps it up, he might just accidentally hurt something…“

“Woah, how do you know so much?!”

“…do you want soybean milk?”

“Oh, I’ll get some, my treat.” Yang Jia immediately ran off to queue. Xuan Mo and Yang Ni went off to find seats as they slowly started eating their breakfast.

“Mo Mo, let’s take a look at the classrooms later so it’ll be easier to find out way over next time. Have you reported to the base yet?”

“Enh, yes.”

“Then after looking at the classroom building, let’s head over to the library, and self-study rooms, enh, and maybe we can take a look at the area nearby too, and if there are any shopping malls around; we can grab some food while we’re there as well, what d’you think?”

“…” Xuan Mo munched on her bun, replying only after a very long pause, “I just want to sit in the sun.”

The bun Yang Ni was holding on to fell on the table with a flop. She looked at the scorching sun outside, reining in her reflex to flip the table: “Sit in the sun?! This isn’t winter y’know?! Exactly how hot d’you wanna get! Look at the temperature girl, you’ll have more than enough time to sunbathe during military training!”

Xuan Mo glanced at her. When Yang Ni finally stopped, she started: “You guys go ahead, I don’t feel like moving.” Before Yang Ni had the chance to persuade her otherwise, she added: “I don’t like attention, if it weren’t for my good mood today, I wouldn’t have just went with you guys earlier on the way to the canteen. You guys can go ahead if y’all wanna head out.”

Yang Ni paused, mincing her lips in disappointment, knowing that the cat was out the bag. Seeing how Xuan Mo’s figured out their intentions, she was too embarrassed to continue convincing Xuan Mo otherwise shamelessly. Yang Jia returned with the soybean milk shortly. After the three of them finished breakfast, they parted ways.

The twins continued with their plans to look around the campus. Xuan Mo on the other hand cupped her chin as she contemplated, trying to locate a nice and quiet spot to sunbathe and cultivate, and find herself something to do.

She didn’t mind going around with the twins. Their actions however — trying to attract attention when they walk past a huge crowd of boys by raising their voice, and using her as a visual target to draw their gazes — had her particularly annoyed.

She didn’t at all understand what their intentions behind doing this was, but she knew that she found this revolting, so she didn’t intend to continue to try to understand their actions.

A call came in. It was from Lu Yu Chen. When she picked up, he was panting heavily, but sounded incredibly happy: “Mo Mo! Are you in school right now?”


“Have you had breakfast?”


“Do you have anything on later?”


“Wanna come over to my school to take a look? I’m warming up right now, we have a competition later, come cheer me on?”


“Do you know the way over?”

“The taxi driver will know.”

Before Xuan Mo could walk off, someone behind her called her: “Xuan Mo!”

It was Zhao Jing Lei. He walked over, smiling: “Knew it was you the moment I heard word going around saying there’s a super gorgeous girl in school, you sure riled up all my friends… and so here I am to help you fend ‘em off.”

“Fend ‘em off*?” Xuan Mo looked around. This phrase didn’t exist in her memory garage, so she had no idea what it meant. Of course she knew that Zhao Jing Lei wasn’t really referring to protecting any actual flower*. At the same time though, there was no way she’d make the connection that something as delicate and fragile as a flower would be referring to her. And so, she brushed it off and pretended as though she didn’t hear his comment. She turned instead: “I have something on.”

* the term used here directly translated means: guardian protecting the flower, i.e. the guy that helps to fend off all of the girl’s suitors for her (by always being with her, pretending to be attached to her or is actually attached to her)

“Oh? I thought you’re free after this, saw your roommates leaving just now.”

“I’m meeting Lu Yu Chen at the police academy.”

“Is that so…” Zhao Jing Lei looked down before he raised his head suddenly and smiled, “I have a car, want a ride over?”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo accepted without hesitation. Reject politely? What was that?

By the time the two of them reached the police academy, Lu Yu Chen’s competition had already begun. The police academy was situated beside an arts academy. Though the police academy had strict regulations, the enforcement was much more lax in the beginning of the semester. Hence, there were lots of girls gathering around spectating the match.

Zhao Jing Lei sighed: “Both of our schools are made up of mostly guys, it’s so much livelier there, how unfair.”

“…” Xuan Mo squinted at the court. Lu Yu Chen along with his bunch of new friends were running around, drenched with sweat. The scene suddenly reminded her of the basketball club she’d joined back in high school. She’s only actually attended once before she forgot all about it, as though she’d never joined the club before… she really pretty much erased the club president’s existence from her mind.

“Ahhhhh! He’s so hot!” Shrieks sounded just as Lu Yu Chen scored a three-pointer. He was playing casually; even up against seniors, he could hold his weight as he dribbled the ball naturally, his lips tinged with a smile almost as he moved.

Xuan Mo reflected; perhaps she’d over-helped him over the holidays… there were no blockages within his body, so he could derive benefits multiple times more than an average person with the same exercise. He’s not gonna end up as a superman at the rate he was going, was he… she glanced at the other players on the court; they were panting as sweat beaded their forehead. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand seemed perfectly at ease, as though this wasn’t even a match.

“Your brother’s very impressive, Zhao Jing Lei squinted after observing him for a while. “If I didn’t read your files, I’d really think you guys are siblings. Both of y’all are so… strong.”

Xuan Mo gave a dry laugh. When she turned to look at Lu Yu Chen again, he was the centre of the attention. Every move he made seemed to elicit shrieks from the spectators. The girls watching were so excited they seemed as though they’d pounce on him at any moment’s notice. When the coach called for a half-time, there were already dozens of people fighting to pass him a bottle of water, so let’s not even talk about the towels.

Zhao Jing Lei watched as Xuan Mo remained out of it, as though she was merely a spectator of the commotion. He suddenly said: “At the rate he’s going, he’ll find you a sis-in-law before he even graduates.”

Forgive Xuan Mo for not being able to read between the lines. She frowned: “It’s time already?”


“He’ll only reach the age for marriage after he graduates, how can he find a partner while he’s still in uni?!”


“No, this doesn’t make sense.” Xuan Mo stared at Zhao Jing Lei, “how did you arrive at your statement?”

Even with Zhao Jing Lei vast experiences, he was unable to catch up to Xuan Mo’s wavelength, and so, he could only ask, confused: “What do you mean.”

“How did you come to the conclusion that Lu Yu Chen will find a spouse before he graduates?”

“I mean…” Zhao Jing Lei pointed at the crowding girls, “look at the amount of girls there, I bet any of them would pounce at your brother with all their might if he so much as wags a finger at them; if your brother appears in the limelight more often, the number of fangirls will only grow. You don’t really need any further evidence, it’s a fact, and a very obvious one at that.”

Xuan Mo looked down as she analysed the situation in her head: “This should be a two-way thing. Firstly, Lu Yu Chen would need to accept her, and secondly, the girl must be doing this out of her own will?”

“Yes.” Zhao Jing Lei was confused but amused at the same time, “Xuan Mo, what were you thinking? What are you so concerned about…”

“I’m concerned about…” The genetic makeup of the offspring! Xuan Mo paused. She knew she had her mindset was vastly different from the blue planet beings; she didn’t mind the that if they were trivial matters, but this mindset, this culture she was familiar with was too deeply ingrained in her, to the point that she can’t find herself accepting anything less.

There were too many races in the era of the Cosmic Coalitions, and so, this issue of how people within their races mated and propagated became the most vital of affairs in each race. Everyone placed heavy emphasis on how to birth the most elite and powerful offspring given the limited resources available, and in Scorpio, their sophisticated blueprint had been through many stages of refinement to achieve maximum potential.

In Scorpio, there was no specific age beyond which you need to get married. What usually happened however was for one to emit their scent when they come to realise they have a heavy need for a partner; hitting this level of maturity also meant that this was the prime time for them to produce an offspring.

This was usually the case as well for the other races, but various aspect may differ in how things were done or portrayed. On the blue planet however, Xuan Mo realised that people here don’t have as definite indicators to determine whether they’ve hit maturity. All they have here was the approximate age to get married, and the age you hit after which you are officially an adult. Everyone’s development differs, it was quicker for some, but slower for others. Even when some hit the age to get married, that didn’t indicate that they would be able to produce the strongest of offsprings. And it appears that the blue planet beings didn’t see this as an issue as well.

Given the family planning policies, it was very possible that Lu Yu Chen may only end up having one offspring. Though she had no idea when he would hit his maturity stage, she knew for certain that it definitely wasn’t anytime soon, in fact, not within the next four years.

Xuan Mo didn’t and couldn’t dictate or have a say in what other people do, but Lu Yu Chen was someone within her circle of interaction. Also, he was her older brother per say, and he’d received her training, so she’d long since labelled him as her people. As such, she would do her best to help him become the best he could be.

It’s just that there seemed to be a huge mindset disparity. They were so haphazard with this here, and based on how well she knew Lu Yu Chen, she figured he wasn’t someone that’d abstain willingly. This was going to be a thorny situation.

When Zhao Jing Lei saw Xuan Mo frowning as she contemplated, he snickered at how Xuan Mo had all her thoughts written on her face. At the same time, he felt a little uncomfortable. It seemed like Xuan Mo really cared about Lu Yu Chen.

Submerged in their own thoughts, the two of them stood for a moment, before someone shouted from the distance: “Mo Mo! Mo Mo!”

Lu Yu Chen had been looking around so much all throughout the match, to the point he figured he’s about to break his neck from turning around; he’d almost thought Xuan Mo wasn’t gonna come. But as always, Xuan Mo was someone who meant what she said. Lu Yu Chen couldn’t find his phone earlier so he could only search the field for her figure, before he finally found her standing at the entrance of the field… as well as the guy beside her.

When Xuan Mo heard him, she ended up elbowing through the crowd to walk over, even though she really wasn’t too interested in trying to squeeze her way through all the people. It was half-time break right not so Lu Yu Chen was resting. Drenched in sweat, he’s finally looking as though he’d been through some rigorous exercise under the sun. When he noticed how she’s so fair she almost looked transparent under the harsh sunlight, he pulled her over to his team’s tentage carefully before pushing her down on the bench to shield her from the sun: “Why didn’t you get an umbrella, won’t it be bad if you tan!”

He’d pretty much forgotten how Xuan Mo didn’t use an umbrella all throughout their summer break, and how she’d run under the scorching run. And rather than tan, her skin appeared much fairer as time went by.

Lu Yu Chen had completely ignored Zhao Jing Lei, but the spectators around didn’t miss the guy donned in military uniform. The crowd around whispered among themselves as they hazarded guesses about the relationship between these three people. When they saw Zhao Jing Lei naturally planting himself down next to Xuan Mo on the same bench, and Lu Yu Chen’s poor expression that immediately followed, the chatters became more excited, and guesses hammered became even more romantic.

“Mo…” Before Lu Yu Chen could speak, the whistle sounded. It was time for the second half of the game. And so, he could only hand his water and towel to Xuan Mo, slant a glare at Zhao Jing Lei before he ran off to the court.

“Heh, your brother’s cute.” Zhao Jing Lei smiled happily.

“Zhao Jing Lei, you know there’s no way I can join Zone Seven, why are you still tailing me?”

Zhao Jing Lei was silent for a moment. Cheers sounded around them, making the bubble of quietness out to be even more prominent. After a long while, he said lowly: “Xuan Mo, I know you don’t like being followed and involved, so I won’t beat around the bush… you have supernatural powers, don’t you?”


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