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The Scorpio training regime was surprisingly easy.

Lu Yu Chen had thought that he would need to engage in some demonically difficult training before he could reach Xuan Mo’s level. In reality however, in order to hit what the Scorpions can achieve on the battlefield, it takes not only the heritage passed down from generations before, but also the countless experiences acquired and internalised during a real battle. Their bodies on the other hand were strengthened by science as well as proper nourishment and reinforcement. So, things like running for long distances were not only inefficient, it was simply a waste of time for beings like them… or at least it was to Xuan Mo, because running for long distances was not even considered a form of training for the Scorpions.

Lu Yu Chen appeared the next morning dressed in sports attire, a singlet and shorts. It was so brimming with verve that it almost had Xuan Mo’s mother blinded. Smiling, she pinched his muscles, commenting happily: “Aye Ah Chen, you have a pretty decent figure! Do you have any abs?”

Flushing, Lu Yu Chen blocked her sneaky hands that were trying to lift his shirt as he replied: “Cough cough, if I clench my stomach, there’s four.

“That’s not enough! You need to exercise more!”

“It’s difficult… to get more…. Also… it looks kinda disgusting…”

“What are you talking about! Guys with abs are handsome!” Xuan Mo’s mother head-cannoned, “aye, I wonder which lucky girl will be your future girlfriend.”

Lu Yu Chen continued blushing. Just as he was about to eat his breakfast, Xuan Mo walked in and slapped his hand aside, frowning: “Don’t eat. Go to the balcony.”

“Huh? We’re not running?”

“Running?” Xuan Mo repeated in confusion, “who said you’ll be running, go to the balcony.”

Before he even stood still after arriving at the balcony, Xuan Mo frowned as she looked at the sky. After which, she shook her head and said: “Go to the rooftop instead.”

Six in the morning, the morning sun had already risen this midsummer. While the gentle sunlight was warm, it was beginning to scorch, and before long, it would be too hot to endure. Nervous, Lu Yu Chen followed after Xuan Mo as they went seven storeys up to the rooftop. When they reached, the white cement floor had already baked a shade of golden yellow under the morning sunlight.

“Stand up straight!” Xuan Mo commanded. She surveyed his figured and circled him twice, almost as though inspecting him.

“What are we doing?” Lu Yu Chen couldn’t help but ask.

Xuan Mo looked over sternly: “If you want to engage in proper training, then remember the first set of rules — when the commander is speaking, you do not interrupt without permission.”

At that, Lu Yu Chen immediately shut his mouth as Xuan Mo scrutinised him, as though she was checking goods, not forgetting to pinch him here and poke him there occasionally.

He really wanted to ask her if she was simply using this opportunity to take advantage of him. When he reminded himself how serious of a person she was however, he decided to keep his mouth shut. It was only after a very long period of time did he hear her say: “Done.”

At that, he relaxed. The moment he slouched, he heard a low voice: “Stand up straight! Who told you you can relax!”

If someone were to speak to him in such a tone normally, Lu Yu Chen would show him what death tasted like without hesitation. Being scolded by Xuan Mo on the other hand, for some reason, while being incredibly effective had him crying silently in his head. Was he actually a masochist? A sis-slave? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 115 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Raise your right hand.” Xuan Mo instructed. After which, she raised his hand for him, pulled it backwards and kneed his waist from behind, as though arresting a culprit. Not only so, she pulled his arm, twisted it left and right, and bent his fingers backwards with force. As she did so, he heard countless cracks from the right side of his body. Lu Yu Chen let out a howl in agony, before reining in voice halfway through his yowl.

She continued for half an hour before releasing his right hand. Then, he heard her say: “Left hand.”

Lu Yu Chen served his left hand to her with a bitter expression. The same kind of torture landed on the other half of his body. When Xuan Mo released his left hand, he still had no idea what she’d done, but he knew one thing, and that was — he was sore all over, and was even panting now.

“Lie down.” As though realising he was in pain, Xuan Mo sounded amused, “We’ll do the same for your leg.”

“Gahh!” Lu Yu Chen finally couldn’t stand it and yelled out loud in agony.

When they were done and were heading back down, Xuan Mo walked quickly and lightly in front. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand stumbled after her numbly with his shaky legs like a drunkard, dragging his feet behind him as though he was a table cloth.

Xuan Mo’s mother had left for work. Xuan Mo switched her computer on. When she saw him sneaking into the kitchen with a hand clutching his stomach, she laughed coldly: “Hungry?”

“Enh enh!”

“Drink water.”


“Drink as much as you can. You can only eat after you’ve detox-ed twice.”

Lu Yu Chen had no idea what she had in mind, so he could only listen to her.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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