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Xuan Mo on the other hand returned to looking at her computer screen.

On her computer screen was a diagram of acupuncture points.

She knew that humans had acupuncture points, and there were incredibly similar to the locations where energy gathered on Scorpions. Though she realised such a phenomenon pretty early on, she didn’t not put much thought into it. Now that she’d decided to condition Lu Yu Chen, she figured that she could make some use of this similarity to help him.

These points were where mental energy would pass through when it flowed within the Scorpions. Scorpions have evolved to the extent that these points were unobstructed by birth, this was the reason mental energy could flow through their body continuously. As a result, their lifespan had increased largely.

Blue planet beings on the other hand were different. While they possessed the same acupuncture points, these points were not fully utilised, which hence resulted in blockages and clogging. Since Xuan Mo had no idea what would happen if she were to make use of these points, she decided to try it out on Lu Yu Chen.

Guinea pig Lu Yu Chen had no idea that he would be the first among mankind to experience something like this. All he knew was that, in the last two days, he had been tortured by Xuan Mo to the point where every part of him ached. When Xuan Mo wasn’t around working him, he would flop in the house not doing anything. After helping him with his workout, Xuan Mo actually should be the one exhausted since she was in fact doing all the work. Despite so, she remained very well rested afterwards while she surfed the net, as though the one who’d exerted a lot of energy earlier wasn’t her.

On the third day after they woke up, Lu Yu Chen took a hesitant step back just as Xuan Mo was about to start the usual routine on him: “Mo Mo… let’s take a break today.”

Xuan Mo raised a brow: “Why?”

“We have a StarCraft match tonight, I’m aching all over now… even the tips of my fingers are aching… it hurts… I’m afraid that this will affect my gameplay tonight.”

Xuan Mo paused for a while… She was silent for a long, long while, so long it had Lu Yu Chen feeling anxious, as though he’d just failed her and dashed all her hopes for him. And so, he clenched his teeth, a resilient expression on his face as he took a step forward, as though embracing death: “Never mind! Come at me! Your bro I’m not scared!”

Xuan Mo smiled: “Go to your room, get on the bed.”


“We’re not doing this under the sun today.”

Lu Yu Chen entered his room with a red face. After lying down on the mattress, he looked at Xuan Mo, his expression almost pitiful.

Xuan Mo pulled on a pair of gloves out of nowhere as she walked in. She glanced at him, as though smiling: “You’re too riled up.”

Lu Yu Chen was so red he felt as though he’s on fire.

Xuan Mo went forward. Sitting across his waist, both her hands pressed into his forehead with force. After a howl of agony sounded, her hands pressed downwards along the vessel route she’d mapped. Her fingers crushed down on him as her hands moved. Immediately, his yowl of agony lengthened. All Lu Yu Chen could feel were her fingers bulldozing him, as though they were blades cutting through him. The pain was so excruciating he felt his blood boiling, wanting to curl into a ball.

“What are you screaming for, I’m opening up your circulation!” Annoyed by his constant yowls, she raised her voice coldly as her hands continued.

And so, Lu Yu Chen bit his lips and held it in. By the time her blades reached the bottom of his foot, he was coated in a thin sheen of cold sweat.

Xuan Mo released him, got off the bed and dusted her hands: “We’re done, get some rest.”

“Sob sob sob.” Lu Yu Chen struggled to get his phone to check the time, “It’s four… we’re playing soon…”

“It’ll be fine.” The pain should die down soon, but Xuan Mo wasn’t too sure either. What she’d just done wasn’t based off any existing theoretical knowledge. Her mental energy was the same as how the human’s circulation worked. If she could become stronger if she directed her mental energy in such a way, then if she were to guide the circulation of humans in the same manner, it shouldn’t do them any bad at the very least. While Lu Yu Chen didn’t feel it himself, all of his blockages were cleared. It’d helped with his detoxification all in one go as well. Overall, his constitution improved. As long as he didn’t try to do anything that exceeded the human capacity, he should be much stronger than the average person.

Lu Yu Chen lied there, unmoving, as though dead. In the meantime, Ah La Lei’s call came in: “Oi oi oi! What have y’all been up to in the past few days! Why aren’t y’all training with the rest of us! Anyway get ready soon, the match is at seven thirty, let’s have dinner together later. The StarCraft league bus is picking y’all at five thirty later, we’re going to the Workers Cultural Palace, the tournament later is public!”

“What?!” Lu Yu Chen jumped up. He glanced at the time, it was already five. He hadn’t even touched his mouse in the past two days. All he did was endure through Xuan Mo’s torture all day and night. Now that he only had half an hour left to things, he was suddenly feeling particularly nervous. “Mo Mo! Mo Mo! Get ready! The bus is picking us up at five thirty for dinner before the tournament later!”

“Enh, I know.” Xuan Mo entered the room. When she saw Lu Yu Chen zipping around looking for his bath towel, she seemed to smile: “It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

“Aye?” Indeed, Lu Yu Chen didn’t feel any pain. Now that he’s even up and moving, he suddenly felt full of energy and refreshed. He stretched, relaxed and happy. Even the humid weather characteristic of the summer here didn’t seem to affect him in any way; he remained cool and composed, as though every pore in his body was breathing. He’d only read of such a feeling in novels. At that, he exclaimed in shock: “Mo Mo! You’re such a god?! Spill it, are you actually a cultivator from some mysterious sect?! What did you do to me in the last two days? Cleansing? Remoulding? Did you open up my conception and governor vessels or something?”

Xuan Mo had no idea what he was talking about, but it was indeed very convenient how he could come up with an excuse for all these on his own. And so, Xuan Mo remained enigmatic and silent. She swept him a look before returning to her own room to change, her ears full of Lu Yu Chen belting out the lyrics to Even In Death I’ll Love You from the bathroom…

She called her mother to let her know. The bus reached on time at five thirty. The two of them boarded. Regardless of whether they were playing, almost everyone from their team, whether they were working or had lessons, was present and had squished themselves into the bus. When they saw Xuan Mo, the bunch of them cheered. Just as Ah La Lei was about to walk forward in excitement, a youth dressed in alternative style dashed forward, gripped both Xuan Mo’s hands and started howling: “Idol! My idol!”

If it weren’t for the fact that she knew he meant no harm, Xuan Mo would have long flung him out the window when he pounced over with glowing eyes. Now that she couldn’t do that, she tugged her lips into a forced smile, saying lightly: “Let go.”

“As expected of the undefeated battle god! The commander from hell! So handsome even when you’re telling me to let go! Eh huh? Oh oh oh, I’m letting go I’m letting go…” The youth released her reluctantly. Just as he was about to introduce himself, Ah La Lei butted in with impatience: “Ignore him, he’s not sane. Mo Mo, I don’t ask for much usually, it’s really unreal that we’ve managed to come so far, but this time, this time! We must win!”

“Oh.” Xuan Mo replied blandly. She’d never felt that she would lose anyway. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 116 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

At Xuan Mo’s unenthusiastic reply, Ah La Lei asked: “You’re not gonna ask me why?”

Xuan Mo looked at him strangely. Turning sideways, she sat herself down at the empty seat in the first row: “Do you need a reason to win.”

With glowing eyes, the youth wanted to pounce over again. This time, Lu Yu Chen who sat on the outside beside Xuan Mo was the one that blocked him in impatience. After which, he turned to look at Ah La Lei: “Didn’t you say no pressure, why so insistent all of a sudden?”

Ah La Lei stood straight, his gaze grave as he said: “Who, stole our Dragon Boat Festival culture?!”

“Oh!” Lu Yu Chen instantly understood and sat down.

Ah La Lei continued with vigour: “Who! Stole our culture shamelessly?”

“Aite aite we got it, you’re the mightiest…” Someone beside placated him, as though they were very used to seeing him like this.

“Who! Tore our flag! Ungrateful! Shameless! Send twelve team members in a soccer match, claim to be people from our country when they do stupid things and try to influence us with their stupid idols and pop culture!”

Ah La Lei grabbed the youth’s hand. The youth was incredibly cooperative as the two stuck side by side, their howls reverberating: “We must win this game! BZ country! Die! Ahahahaha!”


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