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Lu Yu Chen had no starting position when he fought. He was the kind that lunged forward and lashed out immediately. Trainer Lu sent him a swift and clean kick. Lu Yu Chen dodged with a roar, turning to launch a sneak attack from the side. His fists raised and he moved, his punches sharp and quick you could feel the wind from the oncoming fist. At that, Trainer Lu’s eyes lit up. With a yell, he raised his hands and smashed through his attack, sending a roundhouse kick while he was at it, aiming straight for Lu Yu Chen’s abdomen. The latter clenched his abdominal muscles as he bent, barely managing to dodge the attack. He rolled on the ground and pulled the trainer’s leg after he caught it. Trainer Lu smiled, but remained steady. He stepped down, and Lu Yu Chen couldn’t help but release his leg to dodge the attack. He propped himself up halfway and swept a kick in trainer Lu’s direction. Though he did manage to hit the trainer’s ankles, trainer Lu remained perfectly fine while he himself started yowling in pain. The trainer’s leg was solid; it’d felt as though he’d kicked a steel column.

Enduring the pain, Lu Yu Chen got up, wanting to continue. The trainer however caught his fist with a hand: “Alright chap, you’re not too bad.”

After Lu Yu Chen retracted his fist, he bent down to rub his ankle. As he did so, he asked: “What?”

“You have some solid foundations. You don’t follow any system when you fight but you’re still able to dodge so many of my attacks just based on instincts. If you learn a few sets of techniques, you will go far.” Trainer Lu smiled. “In other words, you’re fit, and strong enough for this.”

Lu Yu Chen inhaled sharply before he started smiling: “Then can I cut in and join the class?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 114 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Enh, before your semester starts, come over for class when you have time. Come for as many classes as you can, this is a paid course after all.”

“What about my sis?”

“Your sister?” Trainer Lu frowned as he looked at the delicate and exquisite girl standing quietly at the side before he shook his head, “I daren’t test her, let’s find someone lighter… actually, for types like her, it’s better they start from the basics, your sister can’t possibly be as good at fighting as you are can she.”

Lu Yu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. While Xuan Mo didn’t have the habit of downplaying or hiding her skills, everyone seemed to underestimate her… “Our abilities are different…”

“That won’t do then. Take a break before you head down to register.” Trainer Lu gestured before he turned, ready to return to his class.

Xuan Mo looked at trainer Lu from behind. After a moment of contemplation, she brisk-walked over and tapped his shoulders. When he turned, she asked him: “Are you very strong?”

When he looked at her clear, clean eyes, trainer Lu couldn’t help but feel slightly ill at ease: “Well, rather than strong, I would say I am experienced.”

The assistant on the side disagreed. He interrupted: “You’re the runner-up in the nationals, and almost tied with the champion. You’ve even participated in competitions abroad, how is that not strong? Trainer you shouldn’t undersell yourself.”

Xuan Mo nodded her head as she said earnestly: “Let’s battle.”


“I will be lenient.”


Xuan Mo looked up, unsatisfied: “As a martial arts practitioner, are you always this slow and sluggish?”

Trainer Lu shook his head: “I would need to cover medical bills if you get injured, enough with the jokes now, go find your brother.”

Afraid that she’d displace her anger onto him when their back, Lu Yu Chen immediately added when he saw Xuan Mo’s expression darkening: “Trainer, my sis is very strong, she’s even stronger than me!”

“Really?” Trainer Lu surveyed Xuan Mo, before he gave in: “Alright then, just one round then.”

After which, he settled into his starting position.

Similar to Lu Yu Chen, Xuan Mo didn’t bother to wait for the opponent to make their move first or the likes; she raised her fist and pummeled it at the trainer. Trainer Lu met her fist with a kick. As he did so, he took into consideration the possible moves she might take so as to be able to dodge.

Who would have known that Xuan Mo didn’t dodge. Instead, she opened her fingers and locked his ankles at a lightning-fast speed. Trainer Lu felt a strong surge of force coming at him. His steady centre he’d built from the many years of practicing squats was instantly destroyed; he lost his balance, falling backwards. Not only so, before he hit the ground, he felt a wave of agony around the area between his chest and abdomen… Xuan Mo’s other fist had struck his abdomen swiftly, sending him flying to the ground even faster than before.

Her movements were too fast for humans to register. Everyone saw trainer Lu sending her a kick. The next moment however, he was already on the ground, seemingly half dead. Only then did they see Xuan Mo releasing the trainer’s leg and retracting her fist. After which, she stood, not speaking.

After very, very long, a series of groans broke the silence in the practice room: “Aye… aye…”

Lu Yu Chen suddenly reacted. He leapt forward, exclaiming: “Trainer Lu?! Trainer Lu are you okay?” He just received the scare of his life, what if Xuan Mo seriously injured the trainer, what was he gonna do? He really regretted not getting him to sign an indemnification contract before they started…

“I’m, I’m fine…” Trainer Lu coughed before he got up. He rubbed his throbbing stomach, smiling bitterly, “that was a hard punch, you really knocked me breathless there… and lass you really did hold back huh.”

“Ah?” This was called holding back

“If her fist were to hit even a little higher, you’d be dialling for the funeral parlour now.” Trainer Lu shook his head as he sat down on the ground, sighing, “Aye, I have aged indeed…”

“Trainer, are you alright?”

Trainer Lu shook his hands: “I’m fine, but lad…” he paused, his expression strange, “you have a pro of a sister right beside you, why are you still looking to register for courses to learn how to fight?”

“Eh, this…” Lu Yu Chen flushed slightly. He’d thought of that too, but Xuan Mo was his little sis; the reason he registered to join the police academy was because he wanted to protect his family… he can’t possibly look for the person he wanted to protect to teach him how to defend them and defeat the enemy can he… he just couldn’t get over how strange this arrangement would be. Not only so, Xuan Mo was as expressionless and calm as always, he didn’t even know how he should ask her.

“Alright alright lad, it’s not that I don’t want to take you, it’s because you don’t need to learn from me. You can leave now.” Trainer Lu was still seated on the ground as he sighed. At that, he gestured for them to make their leave.

The assistant walked forward. He had a complicated expression on his face as he gestured for them to walk first, forcing a smile: “This way please.”

Lu Yu Chen couldn’t do anything about the situation, so he could only leave with Xuan Mo.

By the time they left, half the afternoon was gone. The training centre was one of the best in the city. Even if he were to look for others, their level of difficulty would be somewhat similar. Lu Yu Chen was incredibly glum as he sat in the car, not speaking.

Xuan Mo glanced at him through the rear view mirror from her shotgun seat, asking: “Is Lu Jian Hua away on a business trip?”

Lu Yu Chen was unaccustomed to suddenly hearing his dad’s full name. He’d wanted to get her to call him something else, but he didn’t know how to even open his mouth. And so, Lu Yu Chen could only mutter in reply: “Yeah, he went to a branch office…”

“Stay over at my place before school starts then.” Xuan Mo was optionless. “Wake up at six to train from tomorrow onwards, that’s not an issue for you right?”

“Yeah?” Lu Yu Chen was surprised and elated.

“It’s settled then.” Xuan Mo concluded and made the decision for him on her own.


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