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A few days later, Lu Yu Chen and Xuan Mo both received their enrollment letter from their universities respectively. Both schools had indicated clearly on the letter that students were encouraged to increase their exercise regime, overall training and the likes during the holidays

This wasn’t an issue for Xuan Mo. Lu Yu Chen on the other was a little worried. While he’d always felt that he was good at fighting, it’s another matter altogether if he were to go up against police officers who had wielded real guns and blades. Not only so, now that he’s also seen how good Xuan Mo was, the few moves he knew were really nothing compared to them.

He’d actually wanted to join a Taekwondo class but was concerned that the flowery moves taught were useless in a real battle. There were lots of Taekwondo classes nowadays that had evolved into self-defense classes catering to the female population, and those won’t do him much good. Sanda on the other hand apparently was pretty useful.

The national competition for StarCraft ended one month before NCEE. With Xuan Mo leading them, Thunder team easily clinched first place in the nationals. Though their points wasn’t high, they won every battle. Even the seed team Chatter couldn’t stop them. While everyone was shocked at this dark horse, after watching their battle recording, they couldn’t help but admire how strong the team was instead.

StarCraft International League began in three days. Ah La Lei was so excited he insisted that everyone should increase their practice duration every single day. Actually, as long as Xuan Mo was able to maintain her normal standard, everyone else would be able to perform fine. It’s not wrong even to say that they were the most relaxed team among the others.

Lu Yu Chen surprisingly didn’t have his mind full of StarCraft. Instead, he pouring over the thought of registering for a Taekwondo class, and this had Ah La Lei incredibly unhappy.

“You have one afternoon off to settle this! Go check out the training centres in town, drop this thought if you’re unhappy. If you are satisfied, just go ahead and register right there and then! What’s there to stress about! I don’t want to see you hanging around here but your soul flying elsewhere!” An angry Ah La Lei came over to chase Lu Yu Chen out when the latter once again lost a round against AI.

The free and idle Xuan Mo who decided to pop by and torture some blue planet beings stood after a moment of contemplation when she saw Lu Yu Chen being thrown out: “I’ll go with you.”

“Mo Mo!” Lu Yu Chen was thoroughly moved. His previous little sister had never been this proactive. “How considerate of you!”

Xuan Mo walked out without a word. She just wanted to see what the blue planet beings were capable of.

The two of them started looking from the nearby Taekwondo centre that had quite some well-know training courses. The classes were pretty large-scale. The centre had four storeys. Other than the ground floor meant to receive customers, the other storeys were split according to the training levels. The highest storey was where the most advanced classes were held.

The two of them toured the centre as the assistant introduced. Persuaded by Lu Yu Chen, the assistant brought them to the fourth storey. There were over twenty people inside sparring against each other. Some of them even had a black belts, and they were all youths in their twenties.

“Trainer Lu is the instructor here. He’s the runner-up of the National Taekwondo Competition, and had been on multiple exchanges to Korea before; not only is he strong, he’s pretty well-known there too. The black belt students you see are all his students.” Proud, the assistant pointed at the middle-aged male instructing a girl in the centre. The said person wasn’t bulky, in fact, he was very lean and toned, and commanded an authoritative air.

Lu Yu Chen was immediately interested. He asked: “Can I join this classes directly?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 113 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The assistant smiled: “Everyone who comes up to take a look asks this question. The answer is no. Trainer Lu only teaches students with a red belt and above. Take a look, all the students here have red or red-black belts.”

“Oh…” Lu Yu Chen was very disappointed, “I don’t have the time to start from the basics, I’m leaving for the capital to study once the semester starts, are there any crash courses available?”

“There’s no such thing as crash courses for skills like these,” the assistant smiled as he introduced, “but as long as you have some foundations, our instructors can test you and see if you’re fit to cut in to join an ongoing class.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad!” Lu Yu Chen was excited, “can you find an instructor to test me now?”

The assistant walked over to the side, pulled out his phone and started contacting. After which, he said: “The other instructors are a little busy, trainer Lu will be coming down to help instead, he may be a little heavy handed, you…”

“It’s fine it’s fine!”

“What about your girlfriend?”

“Ah?” Lu Yu Chen’s eyes widened. He looked at the expressionless Xuan Mo and then back at the earnest-looking assistant, his face instantly flushing red. He quickly waved his hands: “She she she she… she’s my little sis!”

“Oh, sister…” The two of you don’t look alike at all! The assistant immediately adjusted. Even so, he still managed to make the two of them out to sound ambiguous: “What about your sister? Miss, are you interested?”

Xuan Mo nodded before taking a step backwards. “Let him go first.”

The assistant spoke to trainer Lu for a moment. When the latter heard that these two wanted to join an ongoing class halfway through, and wanted a crash course, his expression fell. “Boy, there’s no such thing as crash courses when it comes to this.”

Lu Yu Chen smiled bitterly: “I know, but I don’t have time…”

“Humph, come at me then.” After which, trainer Lu settled into a starting position.


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