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When the five of them gathered Xuan Mo remained silent as she usually would. The four guys on the other hand chatted and before long were familiar enough to hook arms around each other, attracting much gazes along the way as they did.

Tang Jun appeared decorous with a gold-framed glasses. Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen as noticeable as ever aside, Zhao Jing Lei surprisingly attracted quite a number of games, simply because he was mixed, and handsome.

While his hair and eyes were black, his skin was pale and his features were deep. A high nose bridge and slightly minced lips, while he appeared lanky, vigour filmed his movements; he was quite the walking scenery indeed.

Xuan Mo shook her head. She didn’t like his appearance. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 112 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

While Scorpio didn’t not expressly prohibit cross-race marriages, as time passed, no one was willing to wed with someone of another race. The various differences as well as genetic issues destabilised the society, hence while the law didn’t ban it, it became an unwritten rule.

While she knew that mixed blue planet beings like Zhao Jing Lei were normal on the blue planet, she was not accustomed to seeing it, and would instinctively avoid him even.

Zhao Jing Lei on the other hand didn’t know this. Though Xuan Mo would keep her distance with everyone, he could feel that she was particularly against nearing him. He evidently wasn’t keen on sticking close to her given her attitude, but after joining their conversation and joking around for a bit, he would always end up observing Xuan Mo quietly.

Tang Jun brought up eating together was just a random excuse, and he haven’t figured out what they should eat. After all, all this was just an excuse to game with Xuan Mo. And so, the lot of them didn’t settle on eating anything and instead rushed into an internet cafe near First High. Holding in the urge to smoke, he booked a six-people room and they sat down facing each other.

Tang Jin and Zhao Jing Lei instantly slid themselves into the seats beside Xuan Mo. Despite so, when gaming, they selected to play against Xuan Mo synonymously. Xuan Mo on the other hand discussed with Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En before she grouped with Tan Lu En.

The battlefield was selected randomly. When the location setting changed, the four of them found themselves standing in a place akin to a train tunnel.

The four of them sat so close together, so discussing strategies evidently wouldn’t work, so they could only go with the flow on their own. At that, Xuan Mo didn’t speak either, after equipping herself with a dagger, she walked forward. Tan Lu En knew how good Xuan Mo was, and so, equipped with a dagger as well, he followed behind her.

During the game, none of them had the time to peek at each other’s screen, hence the four of the were still hiding from each other in the map. While they were at it, Zhao Jing Lei and Tang Jun took a moment to glance at Xuan Mo’s keyboard. They weren’t up against each other yet so there was no need to operate at a high speed. She held onto her mouse, her hands firm, calm, yet a pressurising steadiness as though ready to burst into a high speed at a moment’s notice.

Three minutes later, Tan Lu En and Tang Jun met each other. In a dark alley, the two of them bumped into each other armed with bombs and daggers. In a flurry of nerves, Tan Lu En was stabbed by Zhao Jing Lei who had crept up behind them, instantly dying.

The players weren’t allowed to revive in this round, so you’re dead if you die. Tan Lu En minced his lips and sat to the side. He’d only seen Xuan Mo play CS once. Apparently she’d only played it that one time. For some reason though, he had confidence in her, so he wasn’t very particular about dying. In fact, him dying made things more convenient for Xuan Mo to figure out their positions.

Naturally, Xuan Mo managed to figure out where they were, but she didn’t stop moving. She continued going down her route. While it wasn’t shown on the screen, she could figure out that there was someone circling in from behind her. She made her round in the area calmly. After familiarising herself with the landscape, she sped up. Zhao Jing Lei tailed her tightly from behind. Suddenly however, Xuan Mo slung a rope out and scaled the wall on her side. He exchanged the weapon in his hand into a rope in a rush, wanting to climb up too, but just as he was about to, his HP suddenly fell sharply till he was left a but a slice of health left.

The attack came from behind!

He quickly switched to his dagger to block the attack. The attacker left him no room for defense — a gunshot sounded. Before he could react, his character disappeared from the screen.

Zhao Jing Lei released his mouse silently, realisation dawning. Xuan Mo wasn’t intending to climb the wall to escape, rather she was simply swinging backwards like Tarzan. That surprise attack was accurate, sharp and completely unexpected.

On the other end, Tang Jun sighed. While he had been preparing all the while when he was ignored on the other side, Xuan Mo still managed to settle him within a few moves.

Their battle ended quickly. Xuan Mo felt that the enemy died before she even started using her brain. Tang Jun and Zhao Jing Lei on the other hand felt that they’ve died before they even managed to display their prowess. Upon analysing the battle however, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. The fact that she managed to finish them off before they could even develop was enough to tell how powerful she was.

Unwilling to be defeated, the two of them battled her again, only to end up dying once again. At that, they couldn’t possibly keep her at it. When they received calls from their teacher to return, the two bid the rest of them farewell returning, leaving behind the three of them looking at each other.

Motivated by Xuan Mo’s results, Tan Lu En had decided to pull up his socks as well. He had private tuition in the afternoon so he took a taxi back. And so, only Xuan Mo and Lu Yu Chen were left.

Lu Yu Chen sighed: “Go home and let you mom know, you can’t hide forever.”

Xuan Mo glared at him: “Who’s hiding?”

“You’ll never loiter outside for nothing, you don’t want to go back do you, why, are you afraid of your mom?”

Xuan Mo would never admit something so silly. While she’d been persistent about attending Nat Def, this was against her mother’s ideals. Just recalling a while ago when she brought her friends over just to try to convince her to study at a university in City H, she couldn’t help but feel her head aching.

“Forget it, you should head back, you’ll need to explain things to her sooner or later.”

While Xuan Mo’s mother was still busy looking through the attractive terms various schools offered, the moment Xuan Mo returned, she dropped: “I submitted the selection exercise for Nat Def.” Her words had the documents in her mother’s hands flying. Her mother froze for a moment before she sighed long and hard suddenly: “Sigh, kids don’t listen when they’re older.”

Behind them, Lu Yu Chen added mentally, this kid stopped listening to her mother since long ago.




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