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Xuan Mo didn’t know she’d be able to douse the atmosphere with just one sentence. Tang Jun fell into silence. After a moment, he started: “I’m just here to add to the numbers.”

“Oh, too much money on your hands so you’re burning some cash on a round trip flight to H city?” Xuan Mo mocked, “reimbursed holiday trip?”

“Not holiday, I’m here to look for my idol, haha.” Tang Jun scratched his head.

Zhao Jing Lei shot Tang Jun a strange look. He turned to look at Xuan Mo: “I’m here to look for my idol too.” After which, he gave an innocent smile.

Teacher Lin in charge of student recruitment after being ignored for a long time shifted his chair: “Child, ignore the two of them, they paid for their own trip to join us this time, you should be discussing with us.”

“Okay. What’s the situation?” Xuan Mo instantly ignored the both of them.

“We heard that you’re doing very well. We’re here to ask you about your preference. If the terms the other schools have offered aren’t too much, we can always add those on to the current terms offered.”

Xuan Mo wasn’t too clear about the terms the other schools had offered, but they must be quite something for her mother to waver. According to the past year articles, they were usually things like scholarships, opportunity to travel abroad and the likes; these weren’t particularly attractive to her so she asked instead: “Oh, let’s not think about the rest, let’s talk about what Nat Def has to offer instead.”

At that, Teacher Lin instantly found Xuan Mo to his liking, and immediately opened the bag of papers: “Our school is different from others, our management is militarised, so you won’t be seeing things such as easy school life or special privileges. We can provide first class scholarship sponsored by XX company; they will be knocking out the actual amount, don’t worry, it definitely won’t be anything less than what the other schools provide. As for the course, given your score, you are free to select your own. Also, you will have priority when it comes to opportunities for further studies at specialised facilities, military research centre, weapon development centre under the Ministry of Defence, the military…”

“Okay then, let’s go with this.” When Xuan Mo heard his last few words, she instantly agreed, “is there anything I need to sign.”

The teacher paused: “do you not need to let your parents know first?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 111 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo frowned: “Don’t you know it’s better to strike first?”

“Ohhh.” Teacher Lin smiled, elated. He quickly produced a series of documents and agreements. After settling the scholarships and others, she’d even borrowed Tang Jun’s computer to do her online university selection exercise.

After completing it, Xuan Mo called her mother: “Mother, I submitted the selection, I chose Nat Def.”

Her mother shrieked. After complaining for a long while, she sighed, mourning how her daughter had a mind of her own now that she’s older before she hung up in sorrow.

Teacher Lin was very busy. After settling Xuan Mo’s stuff, he had to return to work out other things on his hands. The remaining Tang Jun and Zhao Jing Lei looked at Xuan Mo: “Xuan Mo, let’s have a meal together?”

Just as Xuan Mo was about to stand, she heard him. At that, she rejected: “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Your friend can join us too?” Tang Jun was persistent.

“What do you want?”

Tang Jun smiled, “I want to game with you. You see, the international championships are starting soon, I wanna practice with someone skilled.”

“You want to practice with me?” Xuan Mo seemed to smile. “You’ve not died enough playing with me?”

“Let’s play something else this time.” Tang Jun looked at Zhao Jing Lei, “let’s play CS!”

Xuan Mo’s lips twitched: “CS?”

“Enh! Have you played it before?”

“Yeah, once.”

“Hehe, don’t worry, we’ll let you.”

“…” Xuan Mo turned in silence and called Lu Yu Chen, “Lu Yu Chen.”

“Mo Mo, what is it?”

“Come out for lunch, we’re gaming after that.”

“Oh… why are you so enthusiastic today.”

“Someone is asking me to a meal, and a game of CS…”

“Someone’s challenging you to CS?” Lu Yu Chen choked, speechless. He didn’t know if he should admire the person who challenged Xuan Mo or not.

Tan Lu En arrived with Lu Yu Chen. The first thing he did when he saw Xuan Mo was to punch her shoulders lightly as he smiled: “Say, don’t you know how to keep a low profile?”

Xuan Mo raised her brows: “Why should I keep a low profile?”

“Why?! What do you think!” Tan Lu En clenched his teeth, “you’ve trampled all the talents from First High under your feet!”

“…” Xuan Mo was silent. The cultural difference was too large. To her, blue planet beings were creatures from another civilisation altogether. Which blue planet being would call their ancestors idiots? It’s the same logic.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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