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“…” While Xuan Mo really wanted to convey her amiability, she cannot help but remain speechless when she’s reminded of such a glum activity.

Tian Jin Jin pouted and shook Xuan Mo’s hands: “C’mon, let’s go!”

“…” Xuan Mo looked at the three guys, “you’re here to ask me to go sing karaoke?”

Yi Hai Lan didn’t speak. Tang Jing Ze scratched his head: “I’d wanted to treat you to a meal… sorry about betraying you.”

She knew he was referring to the thing about StarCraft. It wasn’t something she wanted to keep under wraps anyway, so she shook her head: “I’d have told you if it’s something I don’t want shared. If you do betray a secret, you’ll have it good.”

Tang Jing Ze laughed, not taking her seriously.

Xuan Mo sighed mentally. She’s not one to make empty promises, but why was it that no one believed her.

Among the other third years who’d had it tough this year, this bunch of kids who had not undergone the pressure of NCEE, and the other who flew through with a breeze couldn’t compare in terms of enthusiasm. First High was an examination location, hence students were given three days break. The students would return to school tomorrow so they came today as they had nothing to do.

It was almost dinner time after the last exam ended. Chen Jun Jie hadn’t said a single word, but his stomach was grumbling. Just as Xuan Mo wanted to rush the rest of them to head out for dinner, she received Lu Yu Chen’s call; he told her to go to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Xuan Mo hung up. When she saw the bunch of them looking at her with watery eyes, she sighed: “Let’s go together?”

Xuan Mo had always been particularly untactful. When they didn’t see her reject them, they sighed in relief; thank goodness she wasn’t that untactful.

Exam results came out in batches after the gloomy month of July was over.

Everyone returned to school for the important university selection exercise. Class Thirteen students gathered. While this exercise could be done online, students still preferred going to school to do it and discuss with their friends.

When Lu Yu Chen and Xuan Mo entered the classroom, everyone looked at them in envy. No matter how much Lu Yu Chen scored, as long as he maintained his usual standard of performance, it was more than enough to enter into the course he wanted so there was no need for him to be worried. Xuan Mo on the other hand… don’t forget how she’d skipped grades. The school that wanted her had also indicated that as long as she didn’t perform too over, she was definitely accepted.

Hence the students found them coming to school strange. Since their futures were already set, why did they come to school? Just settle it only, what’s the point in joining in the buzz?

“Brother Yu? Why’re y’all here! Here to spectate the rest of us?” Someone asked.

Mindless of the rest, Xuan Mo sat down at her seat and looked through the thick pile of university application material as Lu Yu Chen boasted in distress: “I’m here to accompany my sis.”

“Ah? Isn’t hers already confirmed?”

“Who knows, didn’t Nat Def say that she’s definitely in as long as her performance isn’t too over. Not only are Xuan Mo’s grades over, it’s incredibly over the top.”

“Why? Oh right, Xuan Mo how much did you get?” The person had an I’m-mentally-prepared-come-at-me expression.

“It’s not too bad, I’ll tell you her rank instead of her marks, she’s number seven in the entire province.” Lu Yu Chen added, “and that’s cuz she didn’t manage to get full marks for her essay.”

Xuan Mo minced her lips. Given her personality, if she could be the best, she wouldn’t aim for second best, especially when she’s up against people of a different race entirely. Unfortunately, she saw an article before the examinations; all of it was about the province valedictorian.

She didn’t even need to think about it, things would evidently turn out tragic if she did too well. While she’s not afraid of trouble, she wasn’t going to plunge head-on into a potentially messy situation.

She deliberately missed some steps for the questions she figured were the more difficult ones; these should be enough to avoid scoring too high. Despite this, she still did so well. Well, all that can be said was that it’s too difficult faking dumb when you’re born smart.

When the students in class heard Xuan Mo’s rank, on top of some mild surprise, they actually felt that this result was a given. Someone asked: “Isn’t her spot secured then? What’s there to be concerned about.”

Lu Yu Chen smiled bitterly: “The problem is, other schools are looking to enroll her as well.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 110 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

And they were all prestigious schools at that.

Xuan Mo didn’t sign any contract with Nat Def; all she did was fill in an application form for the special recruit. This didn’t mean that she must enter Nat Def if her results are good, it’s just that Nat Def would still accept her even if her marks missed their entry requirements by a bit. According to Xuan Mo’s logic, since she’s already made an agreement with Nat Def, she was sticking to it even if there were other better schools looking to accept her. Not only so, she preferred Nat Def too.

Despite this, her mother disagreed. According to her mother, girls shouldn’t go to a school like Nat Def, she should find a better school and learn something useful like finance and help her tend her business once she graduates. Now that there were many prestigious universities calling in throw out attractive terms to pull Xuan Mo in, her mother was over the moon. And so, she objected to Xuan Mo listing Nat Def in her university selection and instead wanted to do it for her.

Xuan Mo’s mother usually left it to Xuan Mo to make her own decisions, but this time, she was firm, and even reprimanded her crossly. She didn’t allow Xuan Mo to fill up the university selection no matter what. After much persuasion, she finally got Xuan Mo to wait for a bit longer at the very least…

They haven’t heard anything from Nat Def’s side, nor was Xuan Mo too enthusiastic about gaining their favour. And so, she listened to her mother and hung around to pass time. She also passed the university materials she’s found over to her mother to settle.

When the rest of the students heard Lu Yu Chen, realisation instantly dawned. At that, they were incredibly envious. While they were beside themselves with anxiety searching for an appropriate university, she was beside herself with anxiety selecting a university.

Lu Yu Chen chatted happily with some of his friends. Xuan Mo lied on the desk flipping through the materials in boredom, waiting for her mother to make her decision.

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was her form teacher: “Xuan Mo, are you still at home? Can you make your way down to school?”

“I’m in school.”

“Oh, that’s great. The teacher in charge of enrollment from Nat Def is looking for you. Can you come over to the meeting room on the third floor in the office building?”

“Enh, I’m going over now.” Xuan Mo sighed in relief. Things were already settled; her mother won’t stare at her hungrily all day now.

When she reached the meeting room, her form teacher and three other teachers were inside. She recognised one of the teachers. There was also a youth and a middle-aged person.

Tang Jun smiled foolishly as he stretched his hands out at her: “Xuan Mo Xuan Mo, come, handshake.”

Xuan Mo nodded slightly and shook his hand.

Before the rest of them could introduce themselves, her form teacher stood: “You chat, Xuan Mo, I still need to guide the other student’s university selection so I won’t sit with you here. You have a good chat. Call me or your mother if you have any questions, okay?”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak. Instead she sat down. Tang Jun said: “Okay yes, teacher thank you, have a good day.”

After the form teacher left, Tang Jun introduced the rest. The middle-aged person was the first. “This is Teacher Lin, he is in charge of enrollment. He will be handling the enrollment in City H here. And this.”

He pointed at the youth, appearing hesitant: “This is…”

The youth stood before smiling: “Hello, I’m Zhao Jing Lei, your senior in the future.”

Xuan Mo surveyed the people in the room, asking: “Are students in charge of student recruitment in universities?”


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