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Capital, inside a certain meeting room in Huasheng Corporation HQ, everyone seated at the table was quiet.

The entire process of Xuan Mo commanding the team of police played on the large screen in front of everyone. She was the only one on the screen leaning on a police car with a hand holding down the map, her gaze was pinned in the direction of the bank as she dished out instructions without as much as a blink of an eye. Her instructions seemed to flow out as she went on, she didn’t even seemed to need to pause to think.

“While prying the window open is a risky option, it still is plausible if we run out of options. The issue though is….” A young voice introduced. As he did, he clicked the remote and the scene paused when Xuan Mo was giving out instructions, “this set of instructions, letting the sniper to aim in his eleven o’clock direction and change his aim to the hostage immediately after shooting, hmm. On top of that, her positioning and ability to pinpoint the timing…” The person introducing frowned, “I personally feel that, rather than rescuing the hostages, she’d built a setup with the window as the starting point, and the robbers and police played out inside.”

“She didn’t hesitate, as though the moment they pry open the window, they would find the opportunity to enter and ambush, and the robber would very quickly become suspicious of the situation and move over to check the area. Not only so, she seemed to have predicted that the robber would have forgotten about the fact that he was stepping out of the blind shooting spots, and as such, she managed to locate the best possible angle to shoot him down, which is in the sniper’s eleven o’clock direction.”

The voice paused, slightly agitated: “What’s even crazier is that while the leader of the robbers seemed to be a repeat criminal and would be even more cautious after hearing the gunshot sound, and as such refrain from moving away from his spot as much as possible, the fact that he cannot spot the robber that just went in because he fell into their blind spot, behind the office desks, he would stick his head out instinctively to look. His actions instantly opened up some space and allowed the sniper to once again succeed. If it weren’t for her instructions, the sniper wouldn’t have reacted to the second robber’s actions as quickly.”

“With just two sets of instructions, she managed to control the entire situation with her set up and reduce the number of casualties.” The person introducing sighed, “what a perfect setup… I’ve completed the introductions.”

The remaining people remained silent.

“This girl definitely must have some sort of special skill.” A middle aged man with a square face spoke, his tone firm and definite. This person was the person in charge for Zone Seven, Uncle Wu. “As to what her abilities are exactly, we don’t know. It’s impossible to be able to control the situation inside without the aid of the surveillance cameras when she’s outside herself, but it’s impossible to have x-ray vision or the likes.”

“Why not?” A voice cut in, “supernatural abilities aren’t sci-fi, they are the future.”

Uncle Wu looked at the person that spoke. He frowned, not speaking any more as he sat.

“Zhao Jing Lei, you’re experienced, what do you think Xuan Mo’s ability is?” A taunting female voice entered.

Zhao Jing Lei smiled: “This is something you should be asking her direct supervisor no.” After which, he looked at the person sitting at the end of the table, “Ah Gui, did I get your name right, you’re the one who’s interacted with her the most, do you have anything to add?”

Ah Gui sat with a poor expression. He’d thought that he’d get something good out of being called down to the HQ for a meeting, who’d have known that it was a bunch of higher ups, all of which commanded much more power than himself, discussing Xuan Mo. What’s that girl doing really, stirring up so much trouble! “I don’t have anything to add, what’s been introduced earlier is all that I know about her, nothing else.”

“I heard that she’s always pissed you off every time you call her?”

“…rumour, that’s a rumour.” Ah Gu wiped his sweat.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 107 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Then, what do you think about her, gathering from the calls you’ve had with her, about her personality or the ikes.”

“She’s a strange one.” Ah Gui gave an incredibly irresponsible answer, but he too was really at loss about how to describe her. “She has an incredibly peculiar way of thinking and looking at things, well she seems arrogant, but she’s not an insolent or impudent person, she seems ignorant and oblivious even but she’s incredibly low key…”

“Then, do you think she’s suitable to join Zone Seven?”

“No, that’s impossible.” Ah Gui was incredibly firm, “I personally think that she’s not suitable. She leaves a very strong impression, she’s too memorable not only in terms of appearance; her performance in all other aspects also indicates that she does not suit the low-profile work we do. I’ve analysed this before, while she’s a low-key person, she doesn’t seem to like attention, her abilities and other factors however makes her stand out in the crowd, it’s like how you’d be able to notice Yao Ming* in a crowd of people even if he doesn’t speak…”

* 姚明 Yao Ming, a Chinese-American basketball executive and former professional player.

“Enh, I understand.” Zhao Jing Lei turned to the person seated all the way in front, “Zone Chief, I feel that we should still try to recruit her proper, let me try.”

“Jing Lei, even if we do get her into Zone Seven proper, she won’t be able to work with you, both of you are incredibly high key.” The middle aged man known as the Zone Chief spoke slovenly.

“Even if we are not trying to pull her in, can I have the chance to get to know her.” Zhao Jing Lei said, persistent.

“That’s up to you then, whatever the case is, she will be enrolling Nat Def Uni very soon, you will be schoolmates will her soon…”

“No, she’ll be my junior.” Zhao Jing Lei smiled.

This period was the last lap before the college examination, hence many people figured that Xuan Mo’s life seemed difficult.

While faced with the pressure of the looming college examination and all sorts of tests in school, she had to worry about her mother’s heavy injury which largely affected her daily life.

Situations like this hence further highlighted how the disadvantages of a single parent family. Xuan Mo’s mother didn’t tell her elder parents about this because she didn’t want them to worry, but without a man in the family, she didn’t know if Xuan Mo was strong enough to shoulder the responsibility of supporting the two of them.

After Lu Ji Hua heard of this, he immediately hired them an honest and loyal housekeeper, helping them to handle the additional inconveniences to their daily lives. Despite so, work for Xuan Mo’s mother still remained difficult.

Xuan Mo’s mother managed several high end apparel stores, and had only managed to retain a bunch of loyal customers and secured some long-term contracts. This was the period where commercial activities and events were peaking. With her leg injured, not only was she unable to send suitable employees in her stead, even a few of the customers and working partners dropped her.

This wasn’t something she let just anyone handle. Not only so, she had to make sure that this doesn’t result in additional pressure for Xuan Mo during this examination period. Hence, Xuan Mo’s mother spent the past few days stressing over this, she’d been worrying so much she almost gained a few strands of white hair because of this. She’s dialled Lu Jian Hua’s mobile number several times but she’d never rang the number. They were no longer married, and he was very busy himself. There was no reason for him to help her manage her stores.

After thinking through things for a few days, Xuan Mo’s mother finally decided to give herself a proper and peaceful break during this period, she’s not going to be bankrupt just because she rested for a few months.




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