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Xuan Mo was very occupied looking after her mother the past few days. Though she had to travel between school and home, she didn’t find it particularly difficult. She had an incredibly sturdy body, the extra work wasn’t much to her. The most troublesome thing probably was buying food for her mother. She had to find a place that made food quickly or she’d be late for her afternoon class. Now that there’s a housekeeper at home to help settle things, she could even find the time to head home for lunch.

Xuan Mo’s mother on the other hand was very worried that this would affect her daughter. Though they didn’t live in an extremely secluded area, they weren’t exactly close to town. Not only so, Xuan Mo preferred taking the crowded public transport rather than wobble back riding a bike. Every time after getting squashed by the crowd on the way back, she would need to return to school very soon; they didn’t even have the time to talk. While Xuan Mo’s mother was heartened to see her daughter being so filial, it pained her to see her daughter having to suffer so much. After telling Xuan Mo a few times but to no avail, Xuan Mo’s mother decided to look after herself and get better as quickly as she could.

When Xuan Mo’s mother had some friends over, they’d always praise Xuan Mo when she’s back in the afternoon, that she’s a good daughter. Xuan Mo’s never said much in reply; Xuan Mo’s mother would simply smile happily.

Honestly Xuan Mo wasn’t too sure about filial piety and whatever else there was to this. Back at Scorpio, this kind of duty and respect for one’s parents was an insult to the parents’ ability to survive. Parents couldn’t wait to battle their offsprings to showcase that while they were old, they still had vigour. One of the things Xuan Mo hated the most back then was the family season characteristic of the Cosmic Coalition — she would have to head all the way back to the centre of the Cosmic Coalition just to battle her father, then rush over to the Cosmic Coalition defense sidelines planet along the military barracks just to battle her mother. And even though both of them evidently weren’t as strong as when they’d been younger, they still insisted on battling again and again despite losing every time. How incredibly annoying.

Here at the blue planet on the other hand with her mother so frail and weak she probably could topple any time, and on top of the things she’s heard, she wouldn’t sit and watch without doing anything even if the injured person was a comrade in battle.

After taking a few bites, Xuan Mo checked the time and placed her chopsticks down: “I’m leaving.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 108 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“You’re full?” Her mother, who had been placing meat in Xuan Mo’s bowl paused, and instead ate the one she’d just taken. “Alright then, be careful on the way back to school.”

Xuan Mo hummed in reply, stood and grabbed her wallet. After glancing at the busy housekeeper in the kitchen, she said: “Do you remember the massage points I taught you last night?”

“Yes I do I do.” Xuan Mo’s mother waved her chopsticks.

“Think I can’t see? I know you didn’t massage them.”

Xuan Mo’s mother froze: “You can even tell something like this? Okay I got it, I’ll press them… as for the ones on the back…”

Xuan Mo opened the door to leave, not bothering to reply her.

Xuan Mo’s mother chuckled, she’s gonna wait till her daughter’s back at night to massage for her. Speaking of which, ever since her daughter’s occasional massage, her injury seemed to be improving at a speed even faster than what she’d researched online. Not only so, she felt much better after those sessions.

Not long after Xuan Mo returned to school and sat down, lesson started. The form teacher handed out their scripts: “This is the paper for Language and Physics. We’re still calculating the marks for the other papers, they’ll be out soon. You can discuss among each other first. What’s important is learning from your mistakes, not how well you scored… Xuan Mo, come and help with the score calculation.” After which, she took out two scripts, “here, keep yours first.”

After taking her papers, she left it on the table casually. She really didn’t bother herself with whether there were going to be people trying to peek. As to what these blue planet beings had going on in their heads… they were way more complicated and difficult to clear up than the planet dust back at the Cosmic Coalition.

The minute she’s gone, Lu Yu Chen immediately covered her paper with a book before turning to glare at the surrounding people. Those that peeked over remarked, awkward: “Brother Yu can you don’t be so loyal, she didn’t say we can’t take a look.”

“What’s there to see, go back, look at your own papers and cry!” As Lu Yu Chen spoke, he glanced at his own Language paper before choking, his lips mincing.

The academics rep had originally wanted to take a look at Xuan Mo’s results when handing Lu Yu Chen his papers. At Lu Yu Chen’s lack of cooperation, he instantly pulled the rug out under him, yelling: “Ahahah, brother Yu got seventy for Language again!”

“You’re getting seventy even for Language, haha! Xuan Mo’s already above a hundred!” The rest of the people in class laughed as they compared their results with one another.

“I got seventy-two!”

“I got eighty hahaah!”

“Apologies but I got ninety-three, sick right!”

“You copied Xuan Mo’s answers again didn’t you.”

“As if, I only looked at her multiple choice answers.”

“My god! Just copying her multiple choice questions is enough to pass!”


Lu Yu Chen looked at his seventy with teary eyes. He couldn’t even pass the hundred fifty marks paper. At that, he secretly lifted the book. Beneath the full marks Physics paper was a shining hundred and three marks for Language… she’s even managed to make it past hundred marks, she, exactly how did she do it?!

After returning, impatient from having to calculate the marks, no one dared to ask her whose marks she’d calculated. Though they knew that she’d never forget the marks she’s seen, Xuan Mo’s never told them ahead of time even though they’ve asked her about this before in the past. On top of that, with Lu Yu Chen glaring at them beside her, no one’s gonna even try to force it.

During Physics class, Lu Yu Chen was reprimanded by the teacher. Feeling particularly down and aggrieved, Lu Yu Chen pulled Xuan Mo: “Aye, Mo Mo, I memorised the physics formulas cuz we need it for physics, but what’s your knack to Language? You can’t possibly have me memorise the textbook can you.”

Xuan Mo quiet for a moment before she pulled out two books: “Memorise these.”

Lu Yu Chen trembled just at the sight of the two brick-thick books. With shaking hands, he picked it up. When he saw the first one, he almost fainted: “Classical Chinese dictionary!? You want me to memorise this?”


“You memorise everything?!”

Xuan Mo didn’t understand why Lu Yu Chen was so agitated. She replied honestly: “I flipped through it once.” She really flipped through it, flipped, and once only.

“Oh, flipped through it once.” Lu Yu Chen glanced at her Language paper. She scored full marks for the Classical Chinese section. She even got the uncommon words correct, the ones even their teacher said she won’t blame them if they got those wrong, but she got those right… what did that mean… “You became this invincible after flipping through this?”

“I don’t know about being invincible.” Xuan Mo flipped a page as she thought. “As for the other book, I suggest you don’t look.”

“Why…” It only took him a glance before he almost fainted. The other book was probably something Xuan Mo binded herself. She’s probably torn off all the language comprehension related answer keys and binded it into a booklet, completely disregarding the sizes of the individual pieces. The booklet seemed pretty new. “You flipped through this once too?”

“Enh, once.”

“…Xuan Mo, I…” Even the word ashamed was insufficient in describing how Lu Yu Chen felt right now. All he could do was lower his head, “if I can’t help but ask you your knack to studying in the future, hold it in, don’t tell me.”




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