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Sweat trickled down their foreheads. Suddenly, Xuan Mo’s voice shouted: “Shoot!”

A bang sounded, and the robber that was walking towards them was shot; his head exploded in a mist of red. The bullet ran through his head and he instantly died, falling flat on the ground.

The robbers had planned out where to stand beforehand, and these spots were positions that cannot be aimed at by snipers. However when the robber moved, he entered number two sniper’s eleven o’clock range. That shot was a perfect move that ripped apart their setup. Amidst the other hostages’ screams, the robber holding Xuan Mo’s mother turned to look behind as his hands trembled. When he didn’t manage to see the corpse that had collapsed behind the counter, and in a rush to figure out the situation, he, for a moment, forgot that there were snipers hidden in the dark. And so, he turned slightly, leaning out to take a look.

This time, without Xuan Mo needing dish out instructions, another gunshot sounded in remembrance of her instructions. Immediately after, the sniper had finished the first robber, he had turned to aim at the hostage. This time, he grasped this tiny opportunity and finished off the second robber.

Blood splattered onto Xuan Mo’s mother’s face, and she fainted silently. Without their main commander, the robbers instantly lost their calm. Before they could aim their guns at the remaining hostages that were squatting, they were instantly handled by the remaining special officers hidden at the back.

The remaining police officers immediately rushed in to handle the situation. The medic team that had been stationed outside since long ago also dashed in to handle Xuan Mo’s mother’s wound. Xuan Mo took off the earpiece, saying lowly: “Should’ve done it this way earlier, what were you guys doing allowing the hostage to get hurt.”

The chief had gone ahead to contain the situation. The remaining police officer by her side said, optionless: “Usually the remaining criminals wouldn’t continue once we finish off their head, the situation with these robbers seems different this time though. We’ve just received information that their head seems to be a retired special ops officer, and his underlings aren’t just normal gangsters either. Because they knew how things worked, our passive position can’t be helped.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo hummed a reply. She massaged her forehead, watching as the doctor brought her mother on to the ambulance. When the paramedic gestured at her, she walked over and boarded the ambulance. Her mother was pale, her forehead locked into a frown.

“Your mother is very strong.” The doctor said. “Thank goodness the robbers did not stop her from pressing down on her artery. She has a strong will to live.”

Xuan Mo looked at her mother. Though she stood firm and tall, her face expressionless, her gaze was soft.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 106 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The doctor looked at the pair of mother and daughter, and suddenly felt as though the daughter was actually the backbone of the family, and she was the one protecting her strong mother.

After leading the operation, Xuan Mo quickly left the scene, completely forgetting that there was still a Lu Yu Chen present. And so, our tragic brother Lu was brought to the police station by the police officers to… help him calm down.

The police officer found the situation quite amusing. They’d brought Xuan Mo’s step brother over simply because guys are usually stronger and they figured he’d be able to help out and comfort his “lost, frightened and crying” little sister… who would have known that the older brother now was the one that’s completely at loss instead.

After hearing that Xuan Mo’s mother was alright, and saw Xuan Mo walking off, he didn’t know where he should go. And so very naturally, he was brought over to the police station by a young police officer. Lu Yu Chen had remained dazed throughout. It was only until a cup of hot water had been pushed into his hands did he realise with a start that he was sitting in a police station…

He’d been a bad influence himself before, so he’d always preferred to remain at a polite – and a little more respectful than a normal person would in fact – distance away from the police station. Hence, he felt like he’s sitting on nails right now. When he looked at the smiling police officer sitting opposite him, ready to start a conversation, he became even more uncomfortable.

“You’re Lu Yu Chen right?” The officer seemed as dangerous as a wolf.

“Enh.” Lu Yu Chen sipped the water gingerly, ill at ease.

“You must be frightened by what happened today, don’t worry, Miss Xuan is fine, we’d just like to ask you a few questions.”

“What is it?”

“Today when your sister was commanding, you… don’t seem surprised at all?”

“Surprised? Of course I am! Did I not look surprised?” Lu Yu Chen’s eyes were wide open.

The police officer’s smile froze: “Huh, you seemed incredibly calm, we thought you weren’t surprised at all.”

Lu Yu Chen remarked: “This isn’t called being calm, this is called getting used to it.”


“Nothing nothing.” Lu Yu Chen waved his hand, “what is it that you wanted to ask? I’m heading back first if you don’t have any more questions, I gotta check on Xuan Mo.”

“Oh, it’s nothing major.” The police officer looked around before leaning towards him, asking softly, “your sister, who in the world is she? Are all high schoolers so incredible nowadays? We got a call from the higher ups and the commander changed instantly, and… how is she so good at commanding?”

Lu Yu Chen didn’t reply, but he noticed the other police officers that were walking around, especially the younger ones, had their ears perked…

“Heh.” He suddenly smiled, “police uncle, about this, did you get clearance from the higher ups to ask this question?”

The police officer paused before laughing: “Aye, but they didn’t say I can’t ask either hehe.”

Lu Yu Chen shook his head: “Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me, so I’ll just keep it short, my sis just skipped two grades in high school, from year one to year three. Why, because Nat Def uni head hunted her and wants to recruit her as soon as possible. And that’s because she’s very good at playing StarCraft, she’s an undefeated commander, also known as the demon commander!”

“…she’s commanding this operation just because she’s really good at StarCraft? Kid, you’re good enough to write a novel…”

“That’s why I said you won’t believe me.” Lu Yu Chen would have long sent him a fist if not for the situation, but he knew it wasn’t right to attack the police. And so, he let out a laugh, drank some water and crossed his leg, appearing almost as though he was an otherworldly expert.

The police officer shook his head and was of the strong opinion that this youth was very unreliable. And so, he didn’t continue his questions. He handed Lu Yu Chen some desserts and the likes before continuing his own work.

Honestly, even Lu Yu Chen himself was really excited. When Xuan Mo started commanding everyone during the operation, the police officer brought everyone not involved out, but he was allowed to remain, so he saw the entire process, from the start to the end. He’s only ever heard her giving them instructions usually, but this time, he saw her doing it. Though her expression and tone were bland, she had an air around her, as though she had everything under control. That had been incredibly thrilling; he couldn’t help but feel exhilarated and yearn to experience something as adrenaline-inducing as this in the future as well.

That was his lil sis, him, Lu Yu Chen’s little sister!




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

A/N: A kind little bird gave me a heads up and reminded me that there were some gaps in the plot, probably cuz I over-head-cannoned the scene. Well part of it was due to the lack of knowledge, and then there’s also the misleading dramas that influenced this; so the scene was purely head-canoned. There may be quite some incorrect or exaggerated parts, do forgive me. This is fictional to begin with, it’ll be too difficult to replicate exactly what happens in reality so i can only try my best hehe

T/N: author’s note above btw; spent the past few days lazing on my bed binge-reading all day XD also, am working to increase THMYO update frequency since i have quite some time on my hand, provided my right hand doesn’t hurt T-T, will keep y’all updated~ also, even though we’re not exactly near the end of THMYO, i already have the next two TL project planned hahaha oops. In the meantime, stay indoors and stay safe everyone!

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