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‘Ree, I love you,’ He holds her tight, planting a featherlight kiss on her forehead. ‘You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’ His words are a whisper, because he can’t find it in himself to raise his voice without letting her hear the quiver he is trying hard to suppress.

‘Why are you saying this? Tale, what’s going on?’ Ree’s heart quickens, and her feet digs into the ground trying to stop their course.

A looming sense of foreboding crashes into her. ‘Is something wrong? Tale? Answer me!’ She tries to look up, but he presses her head into the crook of his shoulder. Arms wrapped around her tightly, he desperately cling on to the familiar warmth he probably will never have again.

‘I’m sorry Ree,’ he croaks, swallowing tightly.

The slit shimmers in the sunlight right in front of them, its heavenly glow mirroring the relief they should be feeling when returning to reality, where their friends and family awaits. Relief, for Ree.

But not for him.

Time pauses where they are, and with that, wounds heals. If he returns, he will regain to his post-car crash injuries.

Tale doesn’t tell her that. Because if she knows he’s met with a car crash before he slipped through, he knows she will never leave this place.

And he can’t have that, because she has to much too lose staying here. Even if she doesn’t regret, he will not have her sacrifice so much for him.

‘No, wait, Tale, what’s wrong? Did something happen to you?’ Ree struggles in his grip, growing increasingly anxious at his unusualness.

Past his shoulders, she sees the shimmery white crevasse she has accidentally slipped through a month ago. Her heart tightens at the thought of going back for some reason, as though… as though she is going to lose something, something important.

Tale releases his grip, and instead turns to interlock their fingers, pulling her towards the slit, where they can go back—back home.

‘Ree.’ He turns, smiling ever so gently at her, his eyes glassy. She stares at him, why did it feel like he is bidding farewell?

He steps into the shimmery white, Ree slugging after him. And in that flash of white light descending, he has his arms around her again, and his forehead pressed hard against hers.

The last thing she registers is the soft caress of his warm lips against hers, and she tasted salty moisture when he pressed his words against her lips: ‘I’m sorry’ before the world goes dark.





A/N: i swear i’m obessed with NOBODY by Blue.D (Feat. MINO of WINNER)

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