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“Third platoon.”

He enunciated his reply. Perspiration beaded in his palms; the sergeant was a little nervous.

“You shoulder the blame of your soldier,” Mo Shang Jun raised her brows, her lips curving as she asked, “thirty rounds. Any objections?”


The platoon leader’s reply was resolute.

She was the Deputy Captain. No matter what punishment she meted out, they could only accept it.

What’s more was that there were at fault to begin with.

Mo Shang Jun paused slightly before looking at him, her eyes smiling.

After a while, she stepped forward, asking slowly: “Why are you still here?”

The Third Platoon leader was startled.


He straightened with a stomp of his feet as he replied.

Tightly after that, he shot a look at the soldier whose hand was throbbing in agony before the two of them left the cafeteria.

Watching the two of them running off, Mo Shang Jun dusted her hands, reining in her lackadaisical attitude.

The masses looked as her as though they’d seen a ghost.

Her measure to punish the two as a warning to others was very effective; everyone was in dread of her. The sparse conversation before had long been erased from existence.

The direction of their future conversation too would definitely head in another direction.

The instructor was silent. Looking at Mo Shang Jun who had easily suppressed the masses, his head was starting to hurt.

Looks like he wasn’t going to have an easy time dismissing this talented graduate.

Mo Shang Jun walked over to the instructor. ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 05 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Instructor, I haven’t crossed the line, have I?”

She squinted her eyes slightly, her pair of phoenix-like, slender eyes was calm; she had completely concealed the previous tempest that’d brewed in them.

Glancing at her for a bit, the instructor made his way out the cafeteria first.

Mo Shang Jun planted both her hands into her pockets, her lips curving, before following behind after the instructor.

The punishment may be a little harsh on soldier who had been disrespectful to his superior, but it wasn’t too much that the instructor could pick on her.

“That,” about ten metres after they exited the cafeteria, the instructor paused, looking at Mo Shang Jun, evidently worried, “is something that will definitely happen a lot in the future. Suppressing it with some violence once is more than enough. If you use this too many times… even the superiors may find it inappropriate.”

In other words, don’t ever use this method again!

“I will change things up.”

Slender eyes raising, Mo Shang Jun’s eyes appeared as though tinged—surface-deep—with mirth.

She’d never thought about continuing this. A weapon like violence to use in the beginning as a demonstration was enough.


After looking at her for a while, the instructor nodded his head, saying no more.

After all, he had agreed previously to let Mo Shang Jun “beat ‘em up”.

If they were to point fingers, he was responsible as well.

And also, it was the soldier’s fault to begin with, it’d be biased of him to reprimand Mo Shang Jun.

The instructor led the way ahead and brought Mo Shang Jun back to her dorm.

There were four floors in total. Though the building is called the dormitory, only the third and fourth were dorms; the first and second levels were for storage of miscellaneous items and the likes.

Soldiers and officers didn’t stay together. Usually, officers ranked company and above were given their own rooms, but there company-grouping scheduled the next day for soldiers so the room availability was tight and there weren’t any empty rooms available. Though Lin Qi was a platoon leader, she was given a separate room on her own as she was female. Hence, Mo Shang Jun was placed in the same room as her.

How could Lin Qi object.

As for Mo Shang Jun, this was her very first day here so she decided she should be magnanimous and not raise any objections with regards to the rooming arrangement.

The room was at the end of the fourth floor corridor by the wall.

There was a cabinet and table on the right, and a bunk bed on the left. A new set of bedsheets and uniforms were placed on the bottom bunk. The blanket was folded cleanly on the top bunk, indicating that it had already been taken.

There was a balcony and a washroom attached. The variety of toiletries have also been distributed.

This platoon leader seemed to be particularly attentive in addressing the needs of the new deputy captain.

“You’ll be staying here from today onwards.”

Standing outside, the instructor told Mo Shang Jun; he had no intentions of entering to give the room a look.


After surveying the room quickly, Mo Shang Jun nodded.

This room wasn’t too bad; it was situated in the north, faced the south and had good ventilation.

“You’re in the same office as the captain. I have a meeting later so I’ll bring you over tomorrow to familiarise you with the surroundings instead.”

“Alright.” Mo Shang Jun replied, not paying too much heed to what he’s said.

It was debatable as to whether he had a meeting, but she was sure that he had no intentions to remain anyway around her.

If she guessed correctly, it’d be a soldier bringing her around tomorrow.

“Look for me if there’s anything. This building belongs to our platoon, you can look for them too.”

“Alright.” Mo Shang Jun replied.


What an awkward conversation, really, the instructor thought to himself. There wasn’t much to say, so he left after telling her some things to look out for.

He didn’t even close the door behind him when he left.

After he left, Mo Shang Jun took out her vibrating phone, walked over to the door and closed it.

Her screen was lit. The incoming caller —

Mu Qi Xuan.

Mo Shang Jun paused. Just as she was about to pick it up, she heard the door lock turning.

She slid a finger across her screen and declined the call before sliding the phone back into her pocket.

At the same time, the door was pushed open, and her new roommate, Lin Qi, walked in.

When she saw Mo Shang Jun, Lin Qi paused, a fleeting glint of animosity flitted past in her eyes.




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