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The second semester had just started. Usually, special recruiment of students would only begin after mid terms when students have received their results and did sufficiently well before they undergo evaluation. In fact, some students would find their own ways to submit their application. There were also some universities that gave allocation quotas to schools for teachers to recommend students. Seeing how Xuan Mo was able to have her future path paved before her and have the school to make an exception for her to allow her to skip grades, one could see how outstanding a student she was, and how powerful the university recruiting her was.

The school did not put up a pageantry about it though, after all whether Xuan Mo could enter National Defence University (NDU) still depended on how she would score during the college entrance exam. Despite so, just the very fact that she was outstanding enough to skip grades in high school itself was enough to create an uproar, much less in a school ranked first nationally. Because of this, there were lots of people asking around about her.

This instantly made Xuan Mo seem not only to be standing many levels above others but also much more ambitious and farsighted as well. Lu Yu Chen with the people he hung with guarded the front and back entrances to his classroom for an entire day, before they finally sent away the people that were dropping by trying to catch a glimpse of who this person was.


Despite so, word still spread incredibly quickly. After asking around multiple times but to no avail, Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan deflated like a balloon; they’ve not managed to contact Xuan Mo after a long while.

“Lu Yu Chen, come here.”Lu Yu Chen was standing at the classroom entrance chatting. When he heard someone in the classroom calling him, he figured that the only person that dared to summon him over with such an arrogant tone could only be his precious little sister. At that, he immediately ran over, asking, “what is it?”

Xuan Mo produced two papers from Lu Yu Chen’s table and patted it:  “Do this.”


Xuan Mo glanced at him, as though smiling:  “Show me how you guys usually solve these questions.”

Lu Yu Chen’s heart lurched. At that, he started, embarrassed: “Uhh, you can check the textbook for that, nothing’s more accurate than the textbook no?”

Xuan Mo propped her head up with her right hand as she watched him leisurely: “I want to see how you do it… are you going to do it? I’m not repeating myself a third time.”

A dangerous aura tinged her clear gaze… Lu Yu Chen sighed before finally drooping his proud head, saying weakly: “Your brother my grades are bad.”

The guys eavesdropping at the side burst into laughter. Though the majority of them did worse that Lu Yu Chen in terms of academics, they had all the energy in the world to laugh at him right now. Lu Yu Chen shot a glare over, incredibly ashamed.

“Oh? These seem to be foundation questions.” The side of Xuan Mo’s lips lifted, “even though this is none of my business… but are you going to let dad fund you and feed you for the rest of your life?”

Everyone knew that, they’ve told similar things countless of times by their parents, elders and teachers, but they’ve never bothered to take things seriously. Lu Yu Chen was among those that saw light of these when told off. What’s puzzling him however was seeing his little sister who was more rebellious than him telling him these; what a strange feeling it was indeed.

“Sick of hearing what I’m saying?” Xuan Mo produced the recruitment letter mailed from the capital by NDU, holding it leisurely, “I have what it takes to be arrogant, do you have that?”

After looking long and hard at the National Defense University words in crimson red, Lu Yu Chen was silent for a long while.

Xuan Mo had never thought about keeping a low profile; she didn’t find herself particularly smug, so she did as she’d always would. After all, everything she’s said were things she’d accomplished and within her capabilities. If she’s more capable than others then excuse her that’s not her issue.

After seeing her lordly ways, people gradually became accustomed to her manners.

Ever since she pulled out her letter in a manner characteristic of a show-off-queen, Xuan Mo’s I’m-proud-so-I’m-flaunting-it mode continued as she settled in Class Thirteen.

Not only so, she continued to score full marks for Maths, Physics and Chemistry, continued to do well for English and Biology, and continued scoring precariously in her Language. She did not at all find learning heavier content two years ahead of time any bit more difficult. She doesn’t seem to have changed at all compared to back when she’s still in Year one Class One either.

Meanwhile, the Year Three Class One form teacher who had been concerned that Xuan Mo would drag down the average grade of their class was regretting letting Xuan Mo select Class Thirteen instead of her class.

With such a heavyweight pushing ahead, students in Year Three Class Thirteen started pulling up their socks. Those that were the most enthusiastic were the few that otherwise stirred the most trouble in class usually, with Lu Yu Chen being the mastermind spearheading this change.

Xuan Mo actually didn’t do anything after that conversation with Lu Yu Chen. It was Lu Yu Chen himself that realised what a precarious situation he was in. Other than their language teacher who did not commend anyone, so long Xuan Mo existed, every time scripts were distributed, everyone else’s grades were nothing compared to Xuan Mo’s. Even while their Language teacher evaluated their performance, she’d speak of Xuan Mo’s performance the majority of the time…

“This question is discussing about the author’s thoughts about war. Of course the author is peace-loving and against war, but Xuan Mo how did you get your answer completely opposite… you definitely must have read the question wrongly ahahah!”

“The nation is in sunder, yet mountains and rivers still their stances hold and courses run; spring has come to Changan overgrown with unruly grass and trees. This is talking about the ruins after war, Xuan Mo how did you manage to understand this view as picturesque… this won’t do, you’ll definitely lose marks here…”

Lu Yu Chen had seen it; though Xuan Mo had her head lowered, her fist was tight. Every time the Language teacher walked past, she would raise her head and glance over. When she did, her gaze was as usual… clear, and tinged with a crimson, murderous aura…

He hugged his head when this  suddenly dawned on him – if he wanted to accompany his little sister for the longe route to come, it ain’t gonna be easy.

“Mo Mo, Mo Mo?” When the Language teacher walked past, Lu Yu Chen leant over and handed her a notebook, “the last three questions… how do you do it?”

Xuan Mo took his notebook and looked at it. There were a few steps written under each question. The thought process was correct, he just didn’t know how to utilise the formulas. Seems like he wasn’t all useless. She wasn’t a particularly good teacher though, so she threw how she solved the question back to him.

Lu Yu Chen wasn’t hoping for Xuan Mo to tutor him. She’d become scarily quiet whenever she was explaining a question to him, as though she’s expecting him to read her gaze to understand the question… but there was no way he could read her mind, so he figured he should get his hands on her steps to solving the question first and ask the teacher if he didn’t understand.

Just this was enough to leave the teacher beyond touched and gratified…

Time flew by while they prepared for their exams. When mid terms was just round the corner, and they’d just entered into the national top eight from the quarter finals for WarCraft, before Lu Yu Chen was done gleeing about this, his table was piled with work waiting for him to make corrections. At that, his face crumpled in bitterness.

During the afternoon break, Lu Yu Chen held Xuan Mo, who at this time usually would have returned to her dorms to cultivate, back with him. Just while he was stressing over his work, the Director of Student Affairs ran over with an anxious expression: “Is Xuan Mo here, aye, come out for a bit! Hurry! Is Lu Yu Chen here? You come too!”

After they followed the director out the academic building, there were two policemen standing outside. There was even a police car that drove into the campus, just that the sirens weren’t on.

“This is Xuan Mo, her daughter.”

At the introduction, Xuan Mo stepped forward. During which, her mental-net had already spread itself across the entire city very quickly and instantly located her mother’s whereabouts.

There was a robbery at a bank. Her mother was held as hostage, and she was the only one among the hostage held at gunpoint.

“Your mother is Xuan…”

Before the police could finish, Xuan Mo had already dragged the befuddled Lu Yu Chen on to the car and looked at them coldly: “Drive.”





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