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Mo Shang Jun picked up her chopsticks, silent.

“This officer is Mo Shang Jun. She will be your new Deputy Captain*.” Upon saying that, the instructor paused deliberately. Only after seeing the many astounded gazes did he continued. “I hope you guys will cooperate with your Deputy Captain in the future.”

* 副连长 = Vice Company Commander = Deputy Captain

After he finished, the large cafeteria delved into silence.

And tenseness.

They were ecstatic about having a female joining, but that didn’t mean they were willing to have a useless pinup of a direct superior. ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The instructor paused and sent a look at one of the lieutenants sitting near the front.

The smart guy immediately reacted and started clapping.

Regardless of her ability, they still had to give some face.

Tightly following that, dribs and drabs of claps sounded very disorderly in the cafeteria.

Mo Shang Jun paused her eating and turned to look at them.

“Hello.” Z L T

The greeting she gave was a very indifferent, nonchalant one. It was as though she had no intentions of introducing herself.

Neither did she bother with conventional polite platitudes.

The plate of food before her seemed to be more arresting, and important, then everyone at present.

The applause immediately died.

“Alright, continue with dinner then, let’s get to know each other tomorrow.”

The instructor tactfully said to square the awkwardness.

And so, the soldiers picked up their chopsticks, ready to eat.

When the instructor sat back down, he gave Mo Shang Jun a meaningful look.

Mo Shang Jun continued eating, pretending as though she didn’t see his glance.

The bustle in the cafeteria gradually grew. 

However, the topic of their conversation was very uniform.

Female officer, useless pinup, military school graduate, no experience, no ability…

She heard the acerbic, stinging phrases incessantly.

And her expression chilled with it. 

Before long, Mo Shang Jun placed her chopsticks down.

The instructor finished his food in time as well.

“Let’s go.” The instructor stood.

Silent, Mo Shang Jun stood, tailing after the instructor, ready to leave.


Bits of certain speeches began to sound increasingly crisp and clear.

Her pretty brows knitting beneath her cap, a tint of irate flashed across her eyes.

“A frail and weak miss from some wealthy family’s here to be our deputy capt? Tch, I don’t even think she can survive a five-kilometre run. Thank goodness she’s not here to be our capt to train us, else we’ll all…”

A soldier sitting at a table near the entrance poured on, failing to notice the passing Mo Shang Jun.

Mo Shan Jun paused, a hint of cold zipping past her raised eyes.

Tsk, she couldn’t keep up with her pretense!

Just as the instructor, upon hearing parts of his speech, was about to warn him, he saw a dark shadow whizzing past him.

The figure oozed a ruthless, dangerous air!

The next moment— 



The crash of a fist smashing onto someone’s body, coupled with a dreadful wail, sounded earth-shatteringly and heaven-tremblingly in the noisy cafeteria.

The instructor was momentarily stunned. The instructor upon giving the crime scene a proper look saw Mo Shang Jun stepping on the chair with a foot.

Between her shoe and the chair however hid a hand. The soldier whose hand was stepped on was flushed red. The sudden wave of agony had him gritting his teeth, his eyes teary. ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The culprit, Mo Shang Jun, bent forward slightly. Her elbow lifted a little, a chopstick appeared in her palms.

The sharp tip of that chopstick, was pressed against his throat.

“Who’s the sissy?” 

Lips tilted, Mo Shang Jun’s said calmly, her eyes oozing annoyance, her expression one of arrant, wild arrogance.

Female officer?

Bruh, that’s a freaking hooligan! 



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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