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The instructor was instantly stunned.

Lips tilting into a light smile, Mo Shang Jun’s eyes squinted slightly, some semblances of nonchalant frivolity flashed with her unbridled arrogance as she grasped her exercising right wrist.

Her mien didn’t last long; when the instructor fixed his gaze on her again, Mo Shang Jun was standing bolt straight, her face calm, void of emotions. It’s as though what he’d just caught a glimpse of was but an illusion.

For some reason, the instructor nodded his head. “Don’t be too hard on them.”♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 02 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

He narrowly bit off his tongue when he realised what had escaped his mouth on hindsight.

Shit, he shouldn’t be teaching her that!

It was unavoidable for some suppression with violence to occur, but it was too brazen of him to agree for a newcomer to engage in such rule-breaching acts.

Let’s hope she didn’t have too high of a damage output, the instructor thought mentally.


Mo Shang Jun nodded her head, her expression unchanging.

She knew where to draw the line.

After sizing her up for a while more, the instructor sighed softly and stood. “I’ll bring you to the dorms, then for a meal. It’s a little late today, so let’s tour you around the place tomorrow instead.”


Eyebrow raising, Mo Shang Jun agreed.

The instructor nodded and left his desk. Noticing something, he asked Mo Shang Jun, “where’s your luggage?”

“It’s reaching tomorrow.” 

Mo Shang Jun’s reply was simplified.

She was too lazy to carry her things so she had it mailed over instead.

“Oh,” the instructor didn’t ask much either. After a moment of contemplation, he said, “let’s grab some food first then.”

“Yeah.” Mo Shang Jun replied swiftly. 

The cafeteria only started serving meals at six. It was a little past six, so the cafeteria was already packed.

The food at the cafeteria was buffet-styled, so everyone had to get their own food. The only requirement to getting your food—regardless of type and amount—was that you had to finish it, else, you’ll be punished.

As superiors, they were not excluded either, so they went to queue to get their food as well.

While queuing for their food however, they attracted quite an amount of attention in the cafeteria. ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 02 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The new female officer was very pretty, had delicate features and skin so youthful you can squeeze water with just a light pinch.

Good-looking, lovely temperament and young.

And, her military rank’s terrifying high!

Good lord. 

That’s a line and three stars!

Now that she was in a 100% male-breed army base, of course Mo Shang Jun was going to be paid attention to.

Several sergeants gathered, discussing lowly among themselves before pushing the unlucky one out and forcing him to ask the female officer who she was.


Before the unlucky guy was shovelled out of his seat, a tall figure breezed by, walking straight towards Mo Shang Jun.

Very quickly, the collecting gazes increased.

The person walking toward Mo Shang Jun was a female officer.

Her hour-glass figure wrapped in the fatigues she had on made her appear especially flavourful.

She had alluring, exquisite features—a beautiful mien. Pity the powerful aura and unapproachable vibe she exuded had others retreating instead.

Mo Shang Jun glanced at her rank insignia. 

One line and two stars.

She was probably that only female lieutenant in this company that she’s heard.

“Mo Shang Jun.” 

Standing beside her, the female gaze drooped, looking at Mo Shang Jun as she named her, her tone slightly chilly.

Mo Shang Jun didn’t reply immediately. After breaking apart the wooden chopsticks in her hands, she looked up at the female. “You are?”

“Your schoolmate, Lin Qi.”

The female lieutenant was expressionless. 

“Oh,” Mo Shang Jun swept her a once-over, “anything else?”

“Just introducing myself.”

Lin Qi enunciated her words slowly. 

Compared to the sitting Mo Shang Jun, Lin Qi standing and gazing down at her, her look tinged with slight hostility, was very imposing.


Mo Shang Jun stretched out her hand at her.

Her hand was very pretty; her slender fingers and fair skin looked as though she’d never been wrecked by the harsh military training. ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 02 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Her hand looked nothing like a soldier’s hand. 

No one saw however the many calluses littered by the side of her palms.

“Hello.” Lin Qi’s gaze hardened, stretching out her own hand.

The moment the two palms met, Lin Qi felt the calluses by her palms.

At that, Lin Qi frowned. Before she could tighten her grip however, her face suddenly paled in shock.

The deathly grip of the other hand on hers that had even her bones creaking in pain felt as though her hand was crushed by iron pincers.

Amidst her agony, she glanced at Mo Shang Jun. Friendliness and warmth glowed on Mo Shang Jun’s clear, attractive face, as though nothing was happening.

Unreconciled, Lin Qi wanted to strike back. However, Mo Shang Jun released her hand the moment she was about to do so.

Maddened, Lin Qi’s eyes narrowed as she gazed in incredulity at Mo Shang Jun.


Despicable! Shameless! 

She would never flee cowardly after she’s done taking advantage of someone!

“Lieutenant Lin.” 

The instructor looked at Lin Qi sternly, his low voice tingeing with warning.

No matter how unsatisfied she was with the outcome, Lin Qi could only leave coldly after being hinted by the instructor.

“Come, a brief introduction.” The instructor stood, shouting at the people in the cafeteria.

If this bunch of peckerheads didn’t manage to figure out who Mo Shang Jun was, they can forget about eating in peace.

The moment he started, everyone knew who he was going to introduce. Hence, a wave of gazes billowed over in a ferocity outgunning even machine-guns.




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