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“You’re warm.”

“Yeah, it’s a… thing… for me.”

“You’re always warm.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Are you…” He started. Her heart skipped a beat. Did he find out her secret? She swore she’d kept it under wraps real properly, “a werewolf?”

The maelstrom of questions spinning in her head froze. “Huh?” Her voice peaked, verging on accidental desperation from being completely thrown off.

“You know, the kind that, uh, transforms—is that the word—when it’s full moon?”

“What?” She sputtered.




“This is bad.” Eddy whisper-shouted into the phone, trying to keep her voice down while emphasizing her urgency. She was literally on fire—or close to being on fire.

“Define bad.” She was met with a bored-sounding voice.

“Earth-shattering, volcano-inducing, landslide-producing bad.” She dramatized her situation.

“Yes, because I can absolutely tell your crisis scale in terms of geography.”

Eddy re-lived through the fact that she had a really sarcastic cousin.

“Emily, I landed myself in a tight situation.” She whispered.

“How tight is tight?” Her cousin asked.

“In a locked closet with lots of flammable items around, tight.” She whispered as calmly as a person whose touch generally ignited stuff up could.

“Hang in there, and don’t blow up.” She heard some clipping sound—how can Emily be clipping her nails while listening to her crisis! That heartless girl.

“Where did your gloves go?”

“I think I lost them…” Eddy trailed off. That was the last pair of gloves she had, and firefighter-material-ed gloves were not just hard to find in your regular clothing store, they were non-existent.

“And… there’s a dude with me.” She dropped the bomb.

She was met with silence. A clattering sound of metal dropping followed.

“Where are you? I’m bringing an extinguisher.” She heard rustling sounds.

“I’m don’t know.” She chewed out.

“You idiot, you have GPS, switch it on.”

“Just track me on your phone or something, hurry though, the dude’s waking up… and it’s getting hot.” She conveniently pressed the phone between her ear and the cupboard wall, and cupped her hands in front of her to blow it in an attempt to cool it, not that it helped much.

“You mean he’s asleep? In a closet? With you?” She could almost imagine Emily’s raised eyebrow.

“I don’t know. I suspect he’s drunk…?”

“Oh gosh, what are you doing with your life?” She heard Emily’s eyes rolling.

“Trying to keep cool, literally.” She replied seriously.

“On my way. Don’t die.” Emily laughed.

“Remember, I want lots of balloons at my funeral.” She added, just in case.

“Okay. Include me in your will.” Emily bade her farewell.



A/N: context, Eddy has a supernatural power that set things on fire (usually accidentally) when she touches them

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