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IMPORTANT NOTICE: read the news on covid and help knock some common sense into people’s heads if the people around you appear to lack it, common sense isn’t as common as i’d always thought it was; tldr: dont be an idiot and dont lick toilet bowls




And so, Xuan Mo figured that she had no choice with regards to high school, why would she torture herself for University…

She knocked the door, after entering meeting room, she meant the gazes of the three sitting in a row before her. There wasn’t much to the two middle-aged, but there was something incredibly off about the youth’s look; it made Xuan Mo go numb.

“Come come, let me introduce you, this is Xuan Mo, haha, come, Xuan Mo, these aren’t the teachers from Country Z National Defence University, they would like to recruit you for placement, do you have any objections?”

The head of the teaching department pulled Xuan Mo over enthusiastically and went straight to the point. He got her to sit down, and watched them, smiling.

“Cough, I’ve mentioned this before, I’m not a teacher, I’m a student too.” the youth stretched his hand out and he said smiling, “hello, I’m Tang Jun, year 3 Computing student, i’m in student council, these two are the honoured professor from our school, Director Lee, director of our school, and Director Zhong, director of the professional commander military education and training for program.”

The two middle aged men each had their own air. The one with the surname Zhong what’s particularly grave and stern, the other with much more amiable. Despite so, none of them seemed easy to get along with.

Xuan Mo glanced at them, before turning to look back at Tang Jun.

“Cough, for the next item to be discussed, director, do you mind if you step out for a moment?” Tang Jun said politely.

The director blinked, not quite registering what he’d just said. Immediately after, he stood after giving an “oh”, patted Xuan Mo’s shoulders before walking out.

After the door closed, Xuan Mo shrugged expressionlessly… She had a sharp sense of smell and his hands stunk of cigarette smoke; it made her uncomfortable.

Heard the screen display of disrespect however the two middle-aged men raising their eyebrows. Professor Lee’s lips minced as though smiling but not quite.

Tang Jun on the other hand, didn’t notice. He could finally release his excitement that he have been suppressing for so long. He stood instantly, produced a notebook leant towards her and handed it to her with both hands: “Before we dive into the matter that is as important as life or death, abu-sama, can I have your autograph? I don’t need a lot, just twenty-five will do.”

“Autograph?” Xuan Mo recalled and not-so-pleasant memory from long ago; it had been incredibly crowded, there was a celebrity, and she’s been tasked to be a headless fan… She frowned, ” I reject.”

“Aye, as expected, abu-sama you’re so handsome!” Tang Jun had effectively lost his ability to think, “then just one, just one will do, I will photocopy the rest…”

Xuan Mo remained: “No. Just say what you’re here to discuss.”

“Please, I have a lot of people breathing for this…”

Xuan Mo stretched out her hand and swipe his face aside before looking at the two spectating professors earnestly: “Shall we begin?”

Tang Jun didn’t dare to stick his head out again, so he pouted, sat back down and slipped open his files, returning to his serious self.

Professor Lee pointed at Tang Jun: “We are just here to watch, he’s the one doing the asking, don’t worry, we wouldn’t have brought him if he wasn’t reliable.”

“Cough cough, Xuan Mo, you’re Xuan Mo right.”

Sitting properly, military style, she returned him a disdainful look, military-styled too.

“Alright, so we noticed mainly because of your performance in StarCraft… you know what I’m talking about.” When he brought up StarCraft, he became evidently excited. “Our school is what citizens of Country Z call the People’s Liberation Army National Defence University. Our highest institution of learning… okay I’ll skip that, don’t enrollment has expanded and the special recruitment for advanced placement has begun with fervour, our school has always placed emphasis on the quality of students. And with regards to special recruitment, you know, there would be lots of strings being pulled behind the background, so if you take a wrong step, you’d be the talk of the town.”

“Enh, go on.” Xuan Mo was respectful. She was particularly patient when it came to listening to any military-related information.

“This year though, we’ve opened special recruitment. We aren’t looking for students with good grades. While doing well in school is important, they need to be talented enough. We’re only recruiting ten students nationally, regardless of gender.” Tang Jun emphasised. “The key is, they need to be specially talented enough.”

Initially, Xuan Mo didn’t see anything wrong with it, but she suddenly pulled a mocking smile: “Including gaming? Many people think that gaming is a waste of time and useless.”

“If your performance in StarCraft still makes others think it’s a waste of time,” Tang Jun smiled as he replied and turned to flip open his information file, “according to our legal investigation of you, there’s no issues with your appraisal, in fact… your file has been specially protected, I shall press you about that then. Other than that, while your performance before high school was average, from what we see, in high school, you were outstanding during military training, academics, is known as the queen of mathematics, and queen of science… and on top of your performance in StarCraft, I believe if you are willing to let our supervisor watch you play StarCraft personally, you will capture everyone with your lighting strategic arrangement ability and supersonic logical analysis.” He winked, “that’s exactly what my little brother said, you know him, Tang Jing Ze.”

Xuan Mo wasn’t surprised: “Enh, I know it’s him.” The day of the competition, that guy had been texting secretly. That, to Xuan Mo, was akin to laying bare and putting everything on full display for her. He’d been so exaggerated it even had her embarrassed…

“What we want to know is your academic progress, and if you are confident in taking the college entrance examination in advance?”

Xuan Mo squinted: “Before taking the college entrance exam, don’t you need a high school graduation certificate and all the other necessary certs…”

“As long as you’ve internalised the knowledge and is confident enough, you can take the exam.” Tang Jun smiled. “High school isn’t prison, you don’t have to serve a mandatory three years here before you are released. As long as you are skilled enough, and as long as you hit our minimum requirement, we will accept you. Why would your school insist on having you stay? You’re good enough, in fact, you can report to the third year classroom straightaway tomorrow to do the final revision before taking the examination.”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “Sorry. First of all, I’ve not even touched any textbook above second year.”

Before Tang Jun could droop his shoulders, Xuan Mo’s following words had even the two professors widening their eyes.

“Secondly, I don’t intend to pursue further education.” Xuan Mo’s smile was arrogant. “That’s such a waste of time.”




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T/N: just came back from a 4.5 hour forum on COVID and just wanted to get it out there because some people really need to get over yourself – it’s not just about you, it’s about the sick, the old, the vulnerable people that you can potentially spread COVID to if you contract it but survive, so please please please be considerate, everyone please stay safe ><




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