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T/N: Yo friends, so I know the title is cringey, cliche and sounds absolutely Mary-Sue (i thought really long and really hard about how not to make it sound so cringe), but this novel is going to steal your heart. This is going to be military (more military even after IAAK and THMYO oops) genre, with a strong female lead and her OP ass-kicking, some blood-boiling non-cliche growth and a romance sub-plot with a hot male lead (yes hawt and sinful *wink wink*) floating around.

Special Forces Ace: Young Master Officer’s Wife Pursuit (OWP) chapters on ZHANLANN will only be TEASER CHAPTERS at the moment, (i.e. own-time-own-target + sporadic updates) because this is a great novel and I really really want to share it with y’all XD of course if there’s interest do let me know and i’ll consider main-ing this after THMYO ends :’)

At the moment, updates are 10pm (GTM+8) every other Friday (every fortnight) until I run out of stockpile (which is very soon).




Eastern Country, Zealand Military Zone, 21st Reconnaissance Army Base.

December, Winter, with its gale glacial cold.

An army green jeep slowly drove through the entrance into the military zone. It passed by the road paved with verdant trees and the lines of running troops donned in battledress before stopping by an office building.♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 01 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Just as the jeep stopped, the door to the passenger seat was pulled open.

Out walked a female donned in battledress.

The pine green Land Force battledress and cap she wore, crisp and tidy, hugged her delicate figure. The single-lined, three-starred rank on her epaulette glinted lustrous in reflection of the spilling afterglow of sunset.

She appeared to be in her early twenties.

Beneath the brim of her cap was an exquisite face. Her expression was dimmed, the warm light of sunset pooled in her slender, dark eyes; some semblance of nonchalant leisure curved her brows and eyes.

Picturesque and beautiful, she stood tall, her back a well-ironed straight.

She stood quietly, her shadow spilling on the grass, dragging long behind her. Facing the setting sun, she melded with the slight chill of twilight, leaving but a delineation of her silhouette.

Her appearance was akin to her military rank—eye-catching.

“The instructor’s office is on the second floor, the first one after turning right.”

A soldier stuck his head out of the keep to remind Mo Shang Jun.

At his words, Mo Shang Jun turned to look at him, nodding her head slightly. “Okay. I have troubled you.”

“It’s my responsibility welcoming new comrades.” The soldier said, smiling. He glanced at her military rank again before adding: “Senior Officer, all the best.”

After which, he shrunk his head back into the jeep, and the vehicle drove off.

Mo Shang Jun paused as she watching the leaving jeep before raising her gaze and looked towards the grey-white office building before her.

She tipped her military cap up slightly, exhaling.

She couldn’t get cold feet since she’s already here now, could she?

Brushing that thought aside, Mo Shang Jun’s lithe legs moved and she walked toward the building ahead.



Office building, second floor.

She turned right and found the first office.

Standing in front of the tightly shut door, Mo Shang Jun paused, her brows slightly creased.

Just as she was about to knock the door, it opened with a creak, revealing the person standing inside.

He was in his late twenties, donned in Land Force battledress with a single-lined, three-starred epaulette as well.

Undoubtedly, he should be the Company Commander instructor according to his military rank and the location he was in.

The sound facial features sitting on his slightly plump, round face turned into an expression of shock after the instructor saw Mo Shang Jun.

“You are…”

The instructor started, hesitant.

“Mo Shang Jun. I’m here to report.”

Standing straight, Mo Shang Jun said slowly, looked directly at the instructor.

The instructor upon being looked straight in the eye by her calmly felt a strange sense of unease.

“The one from NUDT*?”

* 国防科大 = National University of Defense Technology; NUDT


Mo Shang Jun’s voice was crisp and succinct.

“Got it, you don’t need to be so reserved.” The instructor smiled, raising his hand to pat her shoulder. After a look she swept him however, he conscientiously retracted his hands, saying awkwardly. “Come in, and we’ll talk.”

After that, he turned to enter the office.

Mo Shang Jun could hear the faint words the instructor murmured: “They really did send a female.” ♢ SPECIAL FORCES ACE: YOUNG MASTER OFFICER’S WIFE PURSUIT, CHAPTER 01 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Eyes glinting, Mo Shang Jun, having mentally prepared herself, paid his words no mind.

After she entered, the instructor took out a chair and poured her a cup of tea.

Despite the fact that Mo Shang Jun had just graduated and lacked experience, they were of the same military rank, so the instructor wasn’t in a position to put on any airs nor blow any trumpet.

Mo Shang Jun accepted his reception silently.

Holding the cup of hot tea, Mo Shang Jun’s gaze lowered, waiting for the instructor as he flipped through her records.

When the instructor finished reading quite a while after, he placed her records on the table.

“Mo Shang Jun yes; here’s the situation, it’d be too much of a waste to place you as a sergeant with your military rank, so the position arranged for you will be the Deputy Company Commander.” The instructor placed both hands on his table, saying as he gazed at Mo Shang Jun.

Mo Shang Jun nodded. 

“However,” after a short pause, the instructor’s words u-turned in direction, “our company do not have any female soldiers. We only have a female sergeant that’s a temporary transfer. You should know it’s not easy for male soldiers to obey a female superior’s commands, so the challenge you are facing won’t be a small one.”

Parachuting into the Vice Company Commander position off the boat on top of her military school graduate headliner, plus her lack of experience in the basic training in troops made it hard to convince the masses of her abilities no matter which position she was assigned to.

Disputes and conflicting views were unavoidable.

Before she came, Mo Shang Jun’s tutor had reminded her just about a million and one times to be mindful when interacting with the males soldiers, and that the best way to square things lied in her ethics.

According to what this instructor meant however, he didn’t seem to mind what methods she was going to use to convince the masses.

Placing the cup of tea in her hand on the table, Mo Shang Jun stood from her seat. “Can I ask a question?”

She was 170 cm; very tall. 

The instructor was around 175 cm. 

And so, he was flooded with a strong sense of stifling oppression from the figure that stood all of a sudden.

The instructor’s eyelid jumped.

Collecting himself, the instructor said: “Shoot.”

“For the ones that don’t obey commands,” unexplained mirth flashing in her eyes, Mo Shang Jun’s lips tilted a subtle curve as she enunciated, “can I beat ‘em up?”




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: Action is the main plot, romance is the SUB-PLOT and probably wouldn’t happen until we’re a quarter through the novel. If you’re here only for the romance, you’re in for a looooong wait. Please once again note that the premise is military, and action, i mean, the entire setting of the novel is based in a military base.



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