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“How’s it going?” A voice materialized from behind.

“All right.” He replied.

“You know you’re never in school except on test days. Do you have a private tutor or something?” Ashton tried to whack his head with his books.

Chase dodged. “Yeah, something like that.”

He pushed the skidding downhill spectacles’ of his up again, and ruffled his thick fringe to shield his forehead. It was really inconvenient to hide a piercing when school rules apply.

“Dude, you’re too vague, what kind of secret are you harbouring, man.” He thumped Chase’s back. “’Fess up.”

“So curious.”

“’Course I am, my bro’s skipping school as often as me switching boxers.” He laughed. “I’m concerned.”

Chase shot him a look.

“This is why you’re still single.”

“No no no, I’m single by choice,” he wagged his finger, “the life of a bachelor is just too good to me.” He grinned loudly, taking the time to wink at a girl passing by.

“But seriously, if you’re in a tight spot, you can always talk to me.” He spread his arms open to embrace the air. “You can talk to Uncle Agony.”

Chase turned the corner, watching as Ash walked into the dustbin. That idiot.

“I see you’re still alive.” He turned to see Payton grinning at him. “Long time no see.” It was a long week.

“Payton, do you get his logic?” Ashton sprung back. “Would you come back just to ace your test then return to back to hibernation right after?”

“No.” Chase replied for her. “I’m here only to refresh myself amongst idiots like you.”

“We get it you’re a genius.” Ashton said. “Why don’t I go and slam my head against the wall right there and cry to my mommy for not born-ing me as a genius.”

“You’re on your own if the plaster breaks.” Payton patted her empty pockets. “I spent my all my allowance on Chase’s new album.”

“I’m not treating you for lunch.” Chase said first.

“Of course you’re not, you stingy octopus, Ashton is. I mean Chase J.L.’s. Have you heard him sing?” Her voice glittered like diamonds, completely disregarding the protesting Ashton behind them.

“He’s a singer?” Chase patted the fringe sitting on his forehead with a hint of unfamiliarity. It was almost always clipped back.

Payton sighed, her hands tugging exasperatedly on her bag strap. “How can you have the same name as him but not know him? Even Ash has heard of him, right Ash?” She turned to the Ashton who had, just seconds ago, been walking behind them now leaning against the lockers beside a girl.

Payton turned back, “See, even he knows.”

“I’ll Google him next time.”

“Want me to tell you ‘bout him? He’s born in November 13th, likes—”

“Spare me.” He patted her shoulders to stop her word vomit in time. He didn’t want to hear his best friend repeating half-true and creepily fan-dramatized facts about himself.




A/N: Written in 2015 too. If i ever have ideas and decide to continue this, the title of this novel would me “Chase Me”. Also the publishing of A to Z series isn’t in chronological order

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