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“Xuan Mo, you’re amazing.”

When Qi Mei La ended their battle in defeat, the few of them in Thunder team immediately typed in the chat group.

Though it’s possible to gauge how the team would do about halfway through the match, Xuan Mo had only watched for a very short while before she figured how they would do. She might as well have cursed them, really… = =

The team members in Qi Mei La however seemed incredibly calm; this was only their second battle. As long as they could obtain more points, it wasn’t an issue as to whether they won or lost the battle.

The youth sitting on the outermost end of the table stood, walked over to Ah La Lei and patted his shoulders: “Ah La Lei, y’all ready right?”

“Two more minutes till we start.” Ah La Lei smiled.

The youth looked around, not pausing when he looked past Xuan Mo: “Huh? Did your pro player arrive already?”

“Hehe.” Ah La Lei laughed it off.

“A’ight, I won’t disturb you guys then, we’re gonna do an AAR.” On the other side, the members from Qi Mei La had already gathered into a circle waiting for this youth to head back.

Ah La Lei was too busy to reply as they were already loading into their battle.

This time, Xuan Mo was still the commander. Ah La Lei had seeked the opinions from the team members and no one had any lofty goals; if Xuan Mo commanding could allow them to clinch a few grand victories, then even if they’re still the last few in ranks, they’d feel accomplished.

Everyone communicated through the voice channel; Xuan Mo’s voice remained low and expressionless throughout, but she spoke at a speed so fast it seemed as though she had long prepared a script. While everyone were now used to it, everyone still felt very stressed whenever Xuan Mo managed to identify a problem before they could and dish out a perfect resolution.

The commands were coming at a faster speed than they could process.

The voice channel was silent save for Xuan Mo’s instructions, the sound of mouse clicking away and keyboard tappings.

Xuan Mo liked to make sure she was in full control of the battle situation from the very beginning. When their troops were ready to be deployed, she would mobilise them without giving their opponents any time to complete their troops or base, and bomb them in surprise. And so, they ended the battle in victory in the time other teams would normally require to build their troops and base — fifteen minutes. Though they didn’t earn much points, it was still shocking.

Qi Mei La figured that the Thunder team would begin their battle around the fifteenth minute mark. Who knew that when they returned fifteen minutes later, the members from Thunder had already started celebrating their victory while they opened drinks.

“Y’all are done?!” The youth from just now checked the battle report and points accumulation in a rush before returning to exclaim, “you guys actually won! Why didn’t y’all accumulate more points?! And, how did you win so quickly!?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 91 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Can’t help it, our commander doesn’t like it when we drag the battle out to accumulate points…” she said that wasn’t a real war, Ah La Lei swallowed the next sentence. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to complain about not accumulating more points, but he had to admit, compared to following the steps and building your troops, burn each other out and by throwing all sorts of skills and competing with each other whose hands moved faster, this was more like a real war. Listening to Xuan Mo’s instructions on setting up all sorts of ambush and attacks were much more thrilling. Though they’ve never managed to catch up with the speed her head is processing everything at, and they’ve never managed to figure out how the entire setup played itself out, they knew one thing — every step and every move added up to the final setup.

This was an indescribable feeling; perhaps it was only something soldiers that had went to war felt before.

The youth’s expression was strange. What Ah La Lei said about the dragging the battle out to accumulate points was actually only something that the players from the higher brackets would do. As for the other teams, they don’t pay as much attention to the points. The more elite teams would do that because you would need to secure at least eighteen out of twenty wins in order to enter the elimination round. Even within China, there were tons of strong teams. If the team didn’t have sufficiently high points under their belt, they wouldn’t be able to make it even if they had seventeen wins secured.

Ranked a little outside a hundred, Qi Mei La wasn’t particularly impressive, so they probably wouldn’t go far in the later part of the competition. Hence, the points accumulation method that Ah La Lei mentioned wasn’t a strategy that they would use. The way he had put it however was a though Thunder team had the ability to accumulate points, but couldn’t be bothered to pull such tricks.

“Looks like your commander is here today, the person’s called abu right, that’s the only ID I don’t recognise from your team.” The youth surveyed the team, confused. Other than Xuan Mo, he recognised everyone else.

Ah La Lei laughed: “Why, try’na dig my commander over?”

The youth pointed behind to where they had their meeting; their team members were all gone save for a guy looking at the computer. As though he’d felt their gaze, he turned to look over, his expression cold: “You should know, our team lead is interested in your playing style, but he’s shy, so I’m the social butterfly he’s nurtured.”

“Then lemme ask if my commander is willing.” Ah La Lei said as he glanced at Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo didn’t move.

Ah La Lei sighed: “Seems like my commander isn’t willing. Y’know, people like them are very busy.”

The youth wanted to say something, but Lu Yu Chen inserted: “Ah La Lei, Apple Faction’s looking for you.”

Ah La Lei turned to look at the computer. The youth smiled: “As expected, there’s a lot of people with sharp eyes, even Apple Faction is looking for you guys.”

Ah La Lei didn’t respond. After a moment: “Ah Fei, what ‘bout this, next time when other guys hit us up, we’ll let them know that we’re with you, what d’you think.”

“Hah, doesn’t sound too bad, but Ah La Lei, you’re too sly really, you’re using us a shield all proper, we’re not getting anything out of this y’know?”

“Hehe, shoot, what d’you have in mind, I’ll try my best.”

“Nothing much, being allies, spectate, doing what we always do, and helping each other out during the battle is the minimum no, we’ll provide the best equipment, cover all food and drinks expenses, provide the latest information and updates as well as analysis on all the opponents, what d’you think?”

“Sounds good.”

When they left Qi Mei La internet cafe, Xuan Mo received her mother’s text; she told her she decided to go ahead with the divorce.

“Mo Mo, sorry, you’re stuck with me without a father again.”

Xuan Mo was silent for a moment before replying: “Don’t need one anyway.”

She kept her phone and thought silently about what it was that she’d actually needed.

Lu Yu Chen hailed a taxi to head back and dragged Xuan Mo along. When he saw Xuan Mo’s expression, he asked: “Mo Mo, what’s wrong? You don’t look very happy.”

Her foolish brother definitely have improved seeing how he could identify her feelings from her expressionless face.

“Nothing.” Xuan Mo stated, “they divorced.”

Lu Yu Chen froze, then became silent. After an entire journey of silence, he suddenly shouted: “Stop the car!”

The car stopped by the pavement. Lu Yu Chen checked the meter and took out a twenty: “Keep the change.” And then rushed off on his own. When he noticed that Xuan Mo was still inside, watching him with a raised brow, he howled: “What’re you stoning for? C’mon, get off!”

Did he just yell at her? She’s not the one that had an affair! Xuan Mo was exasperated, like how an owner would feel when her pet dog suddenly threw a tantrum. She alighted the car. As she watched the vehicle drive off into the distance, Lu Yu Chen grabbed her hand and they walked along the pavement.

They were a little outside town area, far from where she and her mother lived. It was in the middle of the night, and the new year was almost around the corner, so the streets were silent. A gust of wind billowed past. Lu Yu Chen couldn’t help but shiver in the cold. He suddenly regretted pulling down Xuan Mo on impulse. He sneaked a glance at what she was wearing; as usual, she was dressed lightly. At that, he couldn’t help but worry. She didn’t say she was cold, but what if she was just holding it in, and got sick after she’s home, he’s definitely gonna regret making such an irrational life decision.




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