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Xuan Mo ate quietly. Everyone waited for Xuan Mo’s faltering mother to make her final decision.

Lu Yu Chen was very shocked too. He felt that what his dad had done was plain absurd and horrendous, no woman would allow their husband make such a mistake as his dad had done. Xuan Mo was merciless and firm usually, why was she so tolerant now suddenly? Lu Yu Chen’s father wasn’t bad to her, but he hadn’t been so great a father that it would garner her forgiveness when he’s committed such a grave mistake.

Of course this foolish brother had long forgotten about Xuan Mo’s odd attitude towards mistresses; it had been completely different from how others viewed the issue… to be very frank, she didn’t give a damn, everything’s fine as long as they don’t pass on their gene to the next generation.

Each of them had their own thoughts going on inside their heads; this strange atmosphere continued until a call broke the silence.

Lu Yu Chen hung up, his expression complicated. He looked at Xuan Mo: “Uh, cough, Mo Mo, there’s a knockout round at eight… Ah La Lei wanted to join that round, he said we should clear our twenty rounds while the stronger teams aren’t up yet…”

Usually only weak teams would eff it and try to finish their twenty rounds as soon as possible, and then watch their team submerge along with countless others as strong teams emerge subsequently. Having played together with Ah La Lei for many years, Lu Yu Chen had long gotten used to this situation. Now with Xuan Mo on the team, he was of the opinion that they could stand a chance against the other strong teams.

Xuan Mo didn’t know about all these so she wasn’t affected in any way. She was only thankful for such an opportunity to escape such a strange situation. She wiped her lips and stood: “Let’s go then, we still have half an hour.” She turned back to look at her mother, “let me know your decision by midnight, else I’ll treat it as you didn’t divorce.”

Xuan Mo’s mother was shocked, and dazed.

When Lu Yu Chen’s father heard what Xuan Mo said, and realised that almost sounded like a threat, he was elated, and asked: “Are you still hungry?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 90 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo pointed at the remains beside her bowl, replying sincerely: “I’m so full my stomach’s going to burst.”

“Hahah.” Lu Yu Chen’s father laughed it off as a joke.

When Xuan Mo left the restaurant, her stomach still felt uncomfortable; she wasn’t joking, her stomach really felt like it would burst any moment…

The two of them got a taxi to the location Ah La Lei send them. It was a well-known three-storied internet cafe called Qi Mei La, and it was just beside First High. The first and second floors were for normal members, the third floor was equipped with the best equipment and is rented out to pro gaming teams for competitions; Qi Mei La team was currently using the top level.

When they entered the third floor, it was very quiet save for the cacophony of keyboard tapping and mouse clicks. Rows of computers lined the spacious room; there were at least thirty setups, and you could tell immediately that these setups were special, and appeared incredibly grand and majestic.

There were twenty-plus people, majority of which were guys, save for three to four girls. Only a few people noticed when Lu Yu Chen brought Xuan Mo in, they glanced at Lu Yu Chen, looked at Xuan Mo for a while before returning to their gaming.

Therefore to the sister-slave Lu Yu Chen, he was incredibly assured about bringing his sister to meet this bunch of gamer nerds; at least between beautiful girls and gaming, he knew they’d always choose the latter. As for what they had going on in their heads, that wasn’t something he’d concern himself with.

Lu Yu Chen brought Xuan Mo over to where Ah La Lei and company were. Thunder team took a row of ten computers; so far only seven of them were here, there were three more seats left. The two of them sat, switched the monitor on, launched the game and entered their ID. Ah La Lei spoke: “Our competition hasn’t started yet, we still have fifteen minutes. You guys can warm up first. Qi Mei La’s competing right now, they seemed to have met a strong opponent. As allies, we can spectate their match… Xuan Mo, when they ask who is abu later, don’t reply them.”

Xuan Mo wasn’t interested in warming up. She was stubborn about seeing this game as a war; in a war, you won’t ever know how it would play itself out, nor was there the concept of warming up. It was normal to analyse the enemies before the war in case you would end up needing to face off each other.

The idea of allies was the label given by the situation. In other words, if a team were to receive the alliance request from another team and accept it, these two teams would become allies, if the team rejects, then they are not affiliated.

Qi Mei La had agreed to Thunder team spectating.

When the ID abu appeared on the spectators’ list, no one minded. Another guy on the other end of the room laugh “Ah La Lei, y’all got yourselves a new member?”

“Hehe.” Ah La Lei smiled and scratched his hair, hiding the fact that this was their ace.

Xuan Mo watched for three minutes before she exited the spectator view. Everyone on the Thunder team saw that, and so the same message popped up in the team chat: “Why did you exit?”

Xuan Mo thought for a moment before she decided to be honest: “Qi Mei La’s losing.”

“This game’s barely started though.”

“Qi Mei La’s losing.”

Xuan Mo couldn’t be bothered to explain herself.




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