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“You, are you cold?”

His sudden anger when he dragged her out, and his stuttering concern now had Xuan Mo very confused as to what Lu Yu Chen had going on in his head. Hence, she didn’t reply and allowed him to pull her along as they walked slowly.

Lu Yu Chen’d thought that Xuan Mo was angry. At that, he became even more anxious, and quickly took off his coat, wrapped it around her and rubbed her hands, saying in concern: “I’m sorry, I, I didn’t think, aye, you head home first, let’s talk tomorrow instead, ok?”

Xuan Mo almost laughed: “I’m not cold.” She let Lu Yu Chen rub her hands, saying softly: “My mother just divorced, I might not have the time to meet you tomorrow. If you have anything to say, say it now. You might not be able to find the time to say it later.”

Lu Yu Chen paused. His worry was once again replaced by sadness. Once their parents divorced, Xuan Mo would no longer be his little sister, and he would no longer have any reason to be good to her like how he’s done before, nor did he have any right to warn the other guys not to have ideas about her. And when she accomplished something shocking, he’d have no reason nor right to feel proud of her.

He’s never paid much attention to this little sister. Other than the fact that she’s pretty, she’s so plain it’s almost annoying. All of a sudden, however, she changed, and he liked things the way it was right now, being just a piece of leaf beside his majestic sister. He liked Xuan Mo’s tolerance and impatience when he dragged and pulled her along to go shopping, he liked it when his friends were envious when they spoke of his sister. What he liked the most was the look of confusion and daze when Xuan Mo asked him strange questions…

Not long after becoming a sis-con, her temperament became so grand and majestic it made him upgrade himself to a sis-slave instead. Before he’s even had the time to enjoy this new position, it’s time for him to rescind his throne and become a spectator instead.

He’s her brother, that’s why Xuan Mo’s treated him differently. If he wasn’t her brother anymore, how would she treat him?

He was incredibly glum. When he noticed Xuan Mo’s calm, he became even more dismayed,

Xuan Mo on the other hand found the situation amusing. It wasn’t very often that she got to see Lu Yu Chen so down with such a crunched expression. He was usually loud and extremely casual; she found this look particularly joy-inducing.

“Mo Mo, cough, mom and dad’s divorced, what, what are you plans?”

“…” What sort of question was this.

Lu Yu Chen tried to see things from her perspective and realised that this wasn’t a question he could answer himself either. It not as thought Xuan Mo was the one that divorced… at that, he instantly changed the subject: “Then, what about us in the future?”

“…” Xuan Mo knew that her brother’s mind worked in a very strange way. She thought for a  moment before replying earnestly: “I’ll give you two days to cool down. Ask a proper question after that.”

Lu Yu Chen was currently dying of embarrassment and awkwardness from his dumb second question. When he heard what she’d said, he became even more anxious. Even the chilly winter wind couldn’t extinguish the heat scorching his face: “I, I’ll find you again later tonight then.”

Xuan Mo hummed in reply. The two of them walked for a bit before Lu Yu Chen awkwardly realised they couldn’t get a taxi. Not only so, the last bus had already left too.

He felt that today was simply tragic. He’s completely trampled his image in front of his lil sis.

If they couldn’t get a taxi, they’ll have to walk back. It was cold, dark and eerie; he couldn’t possibly let them walk in silence. Even if Xuan Mo wasn’t speaking, he still felt guilty enough to jump into a river.

“Cough, Mo Mo.”


“Are you cold?”


“Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry… I’m not thirsty either.”

Lu Yu Chen’s subsequent question was answered. He walked slowly, before suddenly asking: “Mo Mo, do you get along well with your friends?”

“What does well mean? What does unwell mean?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 92 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“…I don’t know how to explain, just like, whether you’re happy I guess.”

“Don’t feel much.”

Then that meant she didn’t get along with them well — was this sis-con’s first reaction. And so, Lu Yu Chen started worrying: “Mo Mo, I know this doesn’t matter much to you, but as a girl, you should still take note of how other people see you. Do you know, even though people don’t dare to speak poorly of you in front of me, I still hear some unpleasant things.”


“Don’t look so unbothered. The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out, you do well in school, you’re independent, non-conforming, always hang around delinquents like us, get into fights and skip classes, you’ll just add to the amount of things they can gossip about you.”

“Like what?”

“Eh.” Lu Yu Chen’s didn’t want to say, “nothing good, I won’t wet the blanket now. But Mo Mo, I have nothing to say about whatever you do, but I can’t not say this — don’t be so cold, be a little warmer to the people around you. You’re not very likeable to people who don’t know you, don’t let that bite you in the ass in the future.”

“…” Xuan Mo suddenly figured that after she’d lost a father by legal definition, she seemed to gain an unofficial one.

“Mo Mo?”


“Am I very naggy?”


Lu Yu Chen sobbed internally. She didn’t even hesitate. How cruel. This brought him to another grave topic: “Mo Mo, it’s fine if you’re like this to me, but if it’s someone else, even if you can’t lie, at least pause a little, don’t put them in a spot*, alright?”

* the chinese saying directly translated is ‘leave them a step to get off the stage’, meaning don’t put them in a spot/make things difficult for others

Xuan Mo was silent.

The two walked a bit. When the green light flickered on and the two of them were about to cross the road, they walked down the steps to the zebra crossing.

Xuan Mo suddenly said: “You walked down the steps*.”

* wordplay, they literally walked down a step, but Lu Yu Chen was referring to steps figuratively


“So whether I pause or not doesn’t seem to be related to whether you can find a step to descend?”

Lu Yu Chen staggered, almost collapsing right there and then in the middle of the road.





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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN



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