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In the end, the bunch of them stayed till afternoon. If was only after Tian Jing Jing and Qi Shan completed a few practice papers were they satisfied and announced that they could head out for lunch. Xuan Mo and Chen Jun Jie followed them down for very readily as they listened to the two girls where to go for lunch.

The bored guy and girl stood behind. Chen Jun Jie stuck both his hands in his pockets, whereas Xuan Mo stood tall and straight as she stoned in the two other girls’ direction, appearing as though she was gazing at them lovingly.

Chen Jun Jie suddenly felt that this setup was incredibly strange; he could imagine how it’d be like it Xuan Mo and the two girls went out shopping would be like— the two girls would select their clothes while Xuan Mo stood at the side, the two girls would try on their clothes while Xuan Mo stood at the side, the two girls would get her to help carry the bags that they had too many things on their hands, and she’d do it without a word no matter how heavy the bags were. If she were to pay for them as well on top of her temperament, she’d might as well be a guy from a rich family, and had bought these two girls off.

How did things become like this, exactly what kind of environment did she grow up in to nurture such a temperament…

“We’ve decided! Let’s go to Pizza Hut, let’s get a four-set meal, what d’you guys think?” Tian Jing Jing decided and turned back to hug Chen Jun Jie’s hands.

Qi Shan nodded.

Xuan Mo had never had much opinions to begin with.

Though Chen Jun Jie preferred the street food and smaller eateries up in the north her, he didn’t mind eating at Pizza Hut for this one time, so he agreed as well.

The restaurant wasn’t very far away, and they could reach just by walking. The four of them walked slowly. Just as they reached Pizza Hut, Xuan Mo received her mother’s call.

“Mo Mo, I know you’re out with your friends, but can you come back for a bit?”

The location stamp and related information was immediately transmitted over through her mental-net; her mother was in a restaurant in the city, the location was quite central. They were at a revolving restaurant at the top floor of that mall. Lu Yu Chen was there, his father was there too.

She’s kind of figured out what was happening. Though her mother was slightly derailing sometimes, she was still a normal mother. She’d been very busy lately, very busy and very stressed, but she’s never mentioned a single thing to Xuan Mo, nor did Xuan Mo ask her if she was fine. But Xuan Mo knew, they had to settle this sooner or later.

Not long after Xuan Mo’s mother brought her out to live on their own, the information chain that isn’t supposed to exist disappeared.

Since she’s already severed what mattered to her the most, Xuan Mo believed that her mother would not be soft-hearted when it came to matters related to them. Hence, as to what was going to play out as a result wasn’t something that she was concerned about.

“We’re at the revolving restaurant at the top of Jintai building, your… brother and them are here too, come over, we’ll wait for you.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 89 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

When Xuan Mo arrived, the atmosphere was harmonious. Both her mother and Lu Yu Chen’s father did business, so they knew how to put forth their mannerly front when they were in front of clients, but as to whether that was the case when the client were around was another thing altogether. The two of them chatted about a variety of topics, about food, the news, government policies, gossips… Lu Yu Chen’s father had even chatted with Xuan Mo’s mother about some of the brands that were currently in vogue.

Lu Yu Chen on the other hand felt incredibly awkward. His father was the one that did wrong, so Xuan Mo’s mother had every right to walk straight out. Not only so, Lu Yu Chen’s discovered recently that she was very easy to talk to, but she had her assertive and firm side to her. Though she may not necessarily had loved his father, he could tell she wanted to give Xuan Mo a proper home, that’s why she decided to get married once again.

Back then they’d managed to get by together fine, and they had treated each other with sincere respect too afterwards. Just because they’d divorced, that didn’t mean that they would die because they couldn’t live without each other.

Lu Yu Chen hadn’t been in contact with Xuan Mo’s mother these days, but from what he heard, that mistress had been handled and was in a miserable state. Not only did she have a miscarriage, she quitted school, and even caused her brother to transfer. They’d been getting through life fine, but after such a spectacle, their repute had gone down the drain, and they would be shamed by their family; one can imagine how bad their lives are.

Even after this, Xuan Mo’s mother continued. After beating around the bush for three hours, she dropped the bomb— she wanted a divorce— and this was done during a gathering among other business friends in the circle.

Lu Yu Chen’s father was so embarrassed and awkward, and that also blew a potential transaction that could otherwise bring in a huge revenue.

Hence Xuan Mo’s change— from a shy person to someone with a heart as cold and solid as stone— was unexplainable, she inherited this from her mother!

Lu Yu Chen’s dad however believed that Xuan Mo’s mother actually didn’t want to divorce him.

She married him back then because of Xuan Mo.

Now that she intends to divorce him, she had to seek Xuan Mo’s opinion.

If Xuan Mo still wanted him as her father, than Xuan Mo’s mother would endure it, endure it until she could forgive Lu Yu Chen’s father. If Xuan Mo didn’t need him, then her mother would divorce him without hesitation, and Lu Yu Chen’s father would have no way to retain their marriage.

Lu Yu Chen could tell his dad really didn’t want the divorce. Simply put, he knew he was wrong, and saw how great Xuan Mo’s mother was now, and he felt he deserved all this. He’d rather Xuan Mo’s mother vent all her anger at him and render him even more miserable so as to relieve her anger and decide not to divorce.

Perhaps Lu Yu Chen’s father didn’t know this, but Lu Yu Chen was for sure that Xuan Mo didn’t need a father. She didn’t need a father, nor mother, nor brother, in fact, she probably didn’t even need a family right now. Even if she had nothing, she could continue living.

Though this was a little exaggerated, Lu Yu Chen believed this.

Case in point, Xuan Mo right now — she was looking at her plate that was full of food that both her mother and Lu Yu Chen’s father had taken for her. After picking up her chopsticks, she flipped through her food and looked up in confusion: “You guys go ahead to divorce if y’all want, why are you giving me so much food, I can take it on my own if I want to eat.”

Lu Yu Chen’s father paused, the drunken shrimp he was about to put in Xuan Mo’s bowl froze in the air. His lips twitched: “Cough, no matter what, we will take food for you, won’t it be more convenient for you?”

Xuan Mo was quiet for a bit before she tapped a fist on her palm in realisation: “Are you trying to kiss up to me?”


“There’s no use trying to kiss up to me.” Xuan Mo shook her head, completely disregarding how the rest of the people present would react. “I’m not the one getting the divorce.”

“Yes that’s true, but I want to know what your thoughts are, are you willing if mom and dad had a divorce? Do you think he’s still suitable to be your dad?” Xuan Mo’s mother asked sincerely.

Xuan Mo’s train of thought was narrow. Hence, in response to her mother’s question, she was confused: “So if he isn’t suitable, you’d divorce him?”

“Yes.” Her mother swept Lu Yu Chen’s father a look; the latter appeared incredibly nervous, and had even elbowed Lu Yu Chen.

Lu Yu Chen was frustrated. He was just a teen, how would he know how to handle the situation between his parents. But now he knew he was his dad’s last hope, so he could only squeeze his brain dry trying to figure out how to get Xuan Mo to object. While thinking, he heard Xuan Mo ask a question.

“Then why did you marry him back then? Because you found him suitable?”


“Then why isn’t he suitable now?”

“…you mean, you think he’s still fit to be your dad?” Her mother’s face twitched in disbelief, while the other two guys were shocked.

If you’re talking about suitability, then there wasn’t a single man on this planet that’s fit to be her dad. Xuan Mo was very pragmatic. However, she knew now that there were some things that she shouldn’t say to Blue Planet beings, or she’d been seen as too arrogant. Hence, in her attempt to need to lie less, she asked in return: “Why isn’t he fit then?”

He had an affair, betrayed your mother, impregnated her, and even tried to hide this from your mother… Xuan Mo’s mother had an entire flood of reasons boiling in her head. When she thought about it though, she realised that Xuan Mo knew all of this. Despite so, she still felt that Lu Yu Chen’s father was fit to be a dad. Perhaps he’d been a great father to her?

Coming to such a realisation, Xuan Mo’s mother hesitated.




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: Idk what to say, i mean i know XM thinks otherwise but gurl… c’mon… really?? Don’t phrase it that way… If it’s an open marriage to begin with then that’s something else altogether; but I personally am absolutely absolutely absolutely against cheating/having (an) affair(s) during marriage when both parties have promised in the very beginning to stay true to each other and each other only. If s/he does it once, who’s to say s/he won’t do it again? And why marry at all if s/he can’t stay true to his/her partner?

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  1. She shouldn’t ask dumb questions like that and end up having to stay with the cheating bastard. She should instead ask “do you need him to be your father?” so they could get a divorce as they should. Or if they won’t get a divorce, he needs to be at least castrated.

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  2. Hopefully the author doesn’t whitewash the cheating situation so much. I wish they’d divorce, and even if they didn’t, atleast make it a legal separation.

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