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In the meantime, this elite student that Ah La Lei had spoken so highly of was taking a call, feeling extremely frustrated and annoyed.

“Mo Mo, I’m begging you, just promise us this once!” Qi Shan howled on the other end of the call, “I don’t want to go to the library to do work too, but I don’t want to be a third wheel either! Jing Jing and Chen Jun Jie are literally like they’re on honeymoon, I, I, I can’t stand them at all!”

“Then why did you go with them? Things would’ve been fine if you went alone.”

“What’s the fun in going alone?”

“Then what’s the difference between having one or two more people with you? You’re lonely on your own, but then three people’s too many?”

Qi Shan was quiet for a moment before she said lowly as though she had been through a lot: “Mo Mo, now I believe it—you don’t get it… but, how can you be so oblivious* though!”

* being oblivious/ignorant is often described very visually as “having thick veins” in Chinese. 

For a moment, Xuan Mo forgot how visual Blue Planet beings were in their description, and carefully scrutinised her veins; they don’t seem to have expanded though, so she could only continue being confused. It only dawned on her a long while after. However Qi Shan had continued on as usual: “That Chen Jun Jie’s a douche really, wasn’t he chasing you like no tomorrow a little earlier, now that he realised that he can’t get his hands on you, he’s changed his target to Jing Jing. And what’s worse is that Jing Jing feels as though she’s the one that’s gotten something out of this. She’s been acting all pure and virtuous lately, I can’t stand it any longer ahhhh!”

Qi Shan seemed to have a lot to complain about lately. Not only so, she’d always grab Xuan Mo over to complain to her, as though she was a high-quality tree hole where she could tumble out all of her troubles safely, and this tree hole seemed to come with its own automatic burying ability. And so, she’s been complaining her heart out at Xuan Mo’s side without care. Xuan Mo didn’t understand what this girl had going on in her mind, so she could only listen while she wondered about it at her own time.

“And there’s more, I don’t know what’s going on in her head, ever since she’s got a thing going with Chen Jun Jie, she’s been introducing all his crooked melons of friends to me. The nicer they act, the more she introduces them to me, what the heck is she thinking! I’m so embarrassed! It’s not like she doesn’t know that I already have someone I like… this is so depressing! Mo Mo, I don’t care, you must come with me!”

“Jing Jing managed to get Chen Jun Jie, you should go chase the guy you like too, at least you’ll feel more balanced no.” Xuan Mo believed that this was a result of the imbalance in happiness index between these two girls that had resulted in their mutual-dispute-and-then-her-getting-dragged-into-it situation. In that case, as long as both their index balanced out, things would be fine.

Qi Shan became quiet for a moment, before she suddenly said softly: “If I can date him, I would’ve made my move long ago.” After that, she hung up.

Xuan Mo felt as though a huge responsibility had been removed from her shoulders. She put her phone down and started drawing a relationship chart. Tian Jing Jing and Chen Jun Jie was together, Qi Shan and Tian Jing Jing were friends, Qi Shan and Chen Jun Jie weren’t enemies, then why was Qi Shan unhappy? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 88 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

This miss major that’s sailed through life with ease had never experienced anything similar to being jealous and feeling unbalanced. Even if she didn’t have her background, a normal person from Scorpio wouldn’t have feelings similar to this either. They can always get what they want; they didn’t need to worry about clothes, accommodation or food. If something they want appeared, they would work towards it. If they cannot manage to get what they want, then they would admire whoever if was that managed to get what they had wanted for themselves rather than be bitter and jealous about it.

Xuan Mo had long gotten used to Blue Planet being’s ever-changing and volatile emotions, and had gotten over the phase where they’d ponder and squeeze her brain juice dry trying to figure it out. When talking the Blue Planet females, she felt like she was speaking to the politicians back at Scorpio. And so, she couldn’t help but want to escape them inadvertently…

As for dealing with the politicians back in her home-planet, she’d gotten used to listening to them and simply following what they want her to do, because they were undoubtedly loyal to the planet, and capable of making the correct decisions. Even if they’d wanted her to the front-lines of Worm planet and roll three times on the ground, she’d follow through with it without hesitation.

As for Blue Planet however, she’d gotten used to escaping. Figuring out what they had going through their minds was not her forte, so she could only resort to making strategic retreats and escape it all.

Soon after, Xuan Mo received a text message of complaint from Qi Shan: “Mo Mo! I’m already so sad, why aren’t you calling me to ask me how I am?!”

Xuan Mo checked the received the text message with her mental powers. She knew how to chase after people and beat ‘em up, but she didn’t know how to chase after people and call them…

The next day, bright and early in the morning, Xuan Mo after being heavily harassed Qi Shan’s telephone wails and complains, could only dress and head over to the library, since she had nothing else to do anyway. She’s been to the place before when she’d walked around aimlessly. She quite liked the vibe there, it was quiet and comfortable. If she didn’t stay cooped up at home, she didn’t mind heading over to the library to spend a few days there.

Qi Shan was at the entrance waiting. When she saw Xuan Mo, her eyes lit up. She ran over happily to pull Xuan Mo into the study lounge on the third level of the library. It was very spacious, and it was heated. The study lounge even had ceiling to floor windows, and the view spectacular, she could see the river that ran through H city. There weren’t a lot of people. Tian Jing Jing and Chen Jun Jie seated before the windows were gesturing at her to come over.

Qi Shan pulled the reluctant Xuan Mo over and sat down opposite to Tian Jing Jing and Chen Jun Jie. Xuan Mo didn’t bring anything with her, so she grabbed a random magazine from the side and started reading it.

Qi Shan looked over, her eyes wide: “Cutting Edge E-Sports?! Mo Mo why are you reading this, where’s your homework?”

“Didn’t bring it.” Xuan Mo flipped to the first page. There were a few popular online strategy games, their competitions and how the teams participating in them were faring, as well as the notice for points-based knockout rounds. There were lots of points-based knock-out rounds, almost one every day, before the elimination rounds would start. Each team was to select twenty times to battle, and the accumulated points from these twenty battles would make up their final points. One of the competitions that had just came to an end was the 6th Starcraft Sky Cup Tournament, and that seemed to be the one she’d participated in.

Chen Jun Jie popped his head over and smiled: “Xuan Mo, you play this too?”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo tapped nonchalantly on an article that was analysing the points calculation, deep in thought.

“I play that too; I signed up for Sky Cup, am teaming up with a few friends in school.”

Tian Jing Jing became unhappy. Ever since she’s managed to get her hands on Chen Jun Jie, she’s been very particular about who he hung out with. Though she didn’t have any ill-intentions towards Xuan Mo, she would be extremely nervous every time Chen Jun Jie was together will Xuan Mo. And so, she couldn’t help but cut in: “Enough with your games, Xuan Mo is top ten in the level, you almost fell to the thirteenth class when you gamed, you don’t need to boast about it.”

“I’m not happy when I get good grades, but I’m happy when I play well in games, why should I discard doing something happy for something unhappy?” Chen Jun Jie smiled as he spoke to Tian Jing Jing, very well-tempered.

“You’re happy now, but you might regret it in the future!” Tian Jing Jing scolded him.

“I’m gonna go get some drinks, you want anything? Milk tea, milk?” Chen Jun Jie avoided the topic and got up.

Xuan Mo shook her head, and handed him her magazine: “Don’t want drinks, help me get another issue of the same magazine.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Chen Jun Jie returned very quickly, and started chatting with Xuan Mo about gaming. It’s difficult for guys to focus on studies to begin with, and he’s only here to pretend to study because his girlfriend was here. Hence when a topic he found interesting surfaced, he became engrossed: “Xuan Mo, when did you start gaming?”


“Oh, do you like playing it? StarCraft?”


“I play too, but I’m best at Warcraft, then next is StarCraft, I’m the worst in CS. If you have any questions, you can look for me.”

“Humph!” Tian Jing Jing’s expression was poor.

Pity Chen Jun Jie was an oblivious guy, and Xuan Mo wasn’t even a human to begin with, so neither of them sensed Tian Jing Jing’s poor mood. Xuan Mo then started asking questions without hesitation. It was her first time playing games from this world, so there were indeed quite a number of things she didn’t know.

“Xuan Mo, your questions are too detailed, I can’t describe it to you just like that. There’s a computer room downstairs below the library, we can play games there, wanna go?”

Just as Xuan Mo was about to stand, Qi Shan held her down and shook her head inconspicuously, before she gestured at Tian Jing Jing with her chin.

Tian Jing Jing’s expression was incredibly dark.




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