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Xuan Mo had always prided herself to be an person who exercised restraint well. When she did see the rankings however, she still couldn’t help but curse.

There were two leaderboards after the points-based knockout round ends, a board for points, and a board for the teams that won. The majority usually only paid attention to the points board. Though it’s good enough to win a battle, there were way too many knockout rounds played before the elimination round, and teams would usually win half the time, so whether they could proceed to the next round depended on the points.

The points calculation was incredibly complicated; it consisted of base building points, battle points, maintenance points, nutrients points… though the team that won would earn a large amount of points on top of everything else, it was still up to the system to determine the final points based on the teams’ performance.

Xuan Mo along with Thunder team took the lightning-battle-sneaky-tricks route. As such, it was natural for them to end up with low points. Xuan Mo was not familiar with these, hence she believed that as long as they won, it was enough.

They won all three points-based knockout round.

Yet at the same time, they lost; they had one of the lowest scores among the teams that won all three rounds.

The other battles took half an hour each, whereas Xuan Mo wiped out the enemies within fifteen minutes. Though they didn’t have much losses, how much points could they gain when their battles were half the time of others? Not only so, the other teams were seasoned and crafty; these points-centric teams would rather lose than earn less points than their opponents.

There were 370 slots on the points leaderboard, and 220 on the victory board. Thunder team scored worse than the teams that did not win all three of their battles.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, points only come into play when there is a tie in the number of victories. We’ll do fine! Even if the other teams have high scores, we are still the team that has more victories.” Xuan Mo’s expression was poor when the others came over to console her.

Of course Xuan Mo was upset. She had well over a hundred battles under her belt; after a war, the only thing that would be talked about was the contribution of the soldier, who gave a damn about points?! Oh what, you earned one point if you defeated a plane, gained more points if you defeated a battleship, and you’d lose a point if you lose a soldier, where the heck did such a formula came about even?!

“Humph!” This was much more expressive than any other words of anger. Xuan Mo turned violently and strided out the internet cafe.

The few of them watched in a daze when Xuan Mo walked out. Ah La Lei scratched his head: “Say, Lu Yu Chen, why’s your sis… so…”

“So what?!” Lu YU Chen’s face was cold, as though he’d pounce up at him to bite him if he were to speak poorly of Xuan Mo.

“Uh, delicate, I was meaning to say delicate…”

“You’re the delicate one! And you’re a shota too!” Lu Yu Chen rebutted loudly. He bid Tan Lu En and the rest goodbye before he grabbed his jacket and rushed out.

Ah La Lei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Really, this guy… I’m old enough to be an uncle…”

Tan Lu En that had been viewing the spectacle from the side suddenly called: “Ah La Lei, check the team channel.”

Every game would have their own team channel. Usually people would chat randomly. When the points-based knockout round started, it became the channel for the team members to communicate. It’s usually not open to public, and would only be restricted to the team members.

A team called Qi Mei La reached out, and the team leader Qi Mei La sent them a message: “This is flabbergasting, you guys actually managed to get into the top 500!”

Ah La Lei, quickly opened the leaderboards and searched Qi Mei La up. They scored 130 for their first round. Though they were average, Ah La Lei instantly laughed gleefully, for he had once been someone who’d look up at this team from beyond the top 500: “Ahaha, bro we’ve been having intensive training, this is just us warming up. Just wait, we’ll be begging to lose a round hahaha!”

“Yeah sure, keep smoking, you liar! You didn’t want to join when we invited you back then, and all you did was to bring your team participating in all sorts of competition all day… why? Who was the one who said they won’t join a team unless they’re not a top-notch player? And what’s with this sudden development, spill it, where d’you get your training regime that got you this far, brother dark horse!”

“Why?! I can’t improve and become stronger? ‘Nuff with the probing, I’ll show you how strong I am sooner or later!”

“Heh, say Ah La Lei, don’t be so stingy. Let me tell you something, I’m only interested in your game recording, he’s said that you guys are playing with a lightning game, how classic; you definitely have some incredibly strong guy commanding your team. Of course the person doesn’t seem to be very good at StarCraft… you dug the person from Chinese Chess class didn’t you, what rank is the guy?”

“The hell! Wha’chu sayin’, why can’t it be my charisma that attracted a military elite student?”

“If you were that charismatic, why did Na Na run off with someone else hahaha! …. … … the guy’s really a military elite student?”

Ah La Lei smoked him in glee: “Of course, they call this person the king of bullets, an elite! Games and whatnot, maneuvering and game awareness, these are nothing to my guy; this elite’s amazing!”

“Shit, when are you gonna intro me someone like that?”

“Try’na headhunt my guy? Impossible!”

“Since the guy is willing to stay with you, it’d be hard for other teams to dig him over too no, I just wanna widen my horizons.”

It was only then did Ah La Lei realise he’d exaggerated a little too much. She was a friend’s little sister; he didn’t know her number, and hadn’t even familiarised himself with her name yet, why would she appear just became he needed her to come over…

The other team could definitely sense his hesitance, and so the other team’s leader immediately added: “It’s fine, incredible people like them must be busy, it’s fine even if you can’t get him down, why not you guys just come over to our place next time when there’s a competition, everyone can play together and take care of each other in the future.”

When he thought about the battered up machines in his internet cafe, Ah La Lei had to admit that the equipment at their place was top-notch, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. And so, he nodded and agreed.




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