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Xuan Mo commanded everyone in the team, her voice unchanging. The coordinated battles among the bases was nothing to her. The few of them carried out her instructions in a messy fluster, so they didn’t have the mind to pay attention to what was happening beyond their own battles. It was only when they saw the battle situation and their points which was a lot higher than their opponent’s did they realise that they’re winning without even realising. And not only so, they’ve also realised that they did not lose a single base, while their opponents only have two left and were having an incredibly difficult time trying to defend them.

Five against two, they could throttle them even without receiving commands. In the end, they KO-ed their enemy. Their points was bumped up as a result, and very unprecedentedly, they became the top-ranked team on HF for elimination round in their area!

“Oh yeah!” Cheers sounded. Everyone gave each other high-fives to celebrate their victory. Ah La Lei was so excited he’d almost passed away. When he turned, he met Xuan Mo’s cold gaze. “Gather, we’re doing an after action review.”

“Ah?” The bunch of them walked over, confused. Just as they were about to sit, they received a cold glare from Xuan Mo, “Stand up! This is an AAR, not a discussion.”

“Why do we need to be this serious.” Someone mumbled, but Ah La Lei, Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen glared back at that person.

“Hehe, Xuan Mo, go ahead!” Ah La Lei smiled flatteringly.

Xuan Mo looked at him coldly: “At the fifth minute seventeenth second, you didn’t attack the battleship tail as per the instructions, resulting in a strategic loss on our end. According to military law, this is a death sentence.”

“Hah?” Ah La Lei broke out in cold sweat, “that battleship? Didn’t you tell me to ambush them?”

“I told you to attack the tail.”

“Isn’t it the same?”

“Is it the same? That was my advance troops, after getting hit by you ambush, it was supposed to confuse the enemies; they will turn to attack the enemy battleship that will follow up after, that was my goal, but you didn’t listen to instructions and rushed into the middle of my formation. Though your damage wasn’t enough to threaten my troops, this resulted in unnecessary damage in the later stages.”

Ah La Lei was floored: “Aye?! I, you, you could’ve told me!”

“No soldier will demand an explanation after receiving instructions.”

“I’m not a soldier?”

“Then why are you playing a war game?!” Xuan Mo squinted her eyes, “if you can’t even obey instructions, can’t even put yourself in the correct attitude and condition for war, and submerge yourself in the glee of battling or fighting on your own or wanting to be the hero of the story, you should be going participating in ground fists, not playing a team game like this.”

“I!” Ah La Lei wanted to rebuke her, but he couldn’t find anything to say. For some reason, he felt that something was off, but whatever Xuan Mo had said was correct, so what was it that was wrong? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 86 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

As a seasoned hooligan that had participated in my fist fights, Lu Yu Chen immediately figured out the issue. He was speechless. This reminded him of how she reacted about the affair with the mistress: “Mo, Mo Mo… you’re too serious, this is just a game.”

Xuan Mo glared at him: “They are even using something as serious as war to create a game, if so then what’s wrong with taking this seriously? If you can’t even win a war game, then are you planning to serve your heads on a silver platter if there’s a real war?”

Though they cannot agree with her, Xuan Mo evidently was particularly obstinate in her view about this. Lu Yu Chen touched his nose and decided he should not disagree with Xuan Mo anymore. Someone else on the side however mumbled, disgruntled: “The world’s fine, it’s not like there’s gonna be a war anytime soon, paranoid much?”

Ah La lei tugged at that guy and looked at Xuan Mo; he actually had the same thoughts, so he wanted to see how Xuan Mo would react. Of course, Xuan Mo heard him. She said: “World championship, which means it’s a global competition right.”


Xuan mo laughed coldly: “Then this competition is a war!”

“Prestige, military prowess, your resolution, ability to adapt, overall ability to win a battle!”

“Even if there is a championship and people participate to win the prize, and even if this game is made with the intention for providing entertainment, do you think only players who play this game would be watching this?”

Looking at the dazed and stupefied bunch of youths before her, Xuan Mo thought to herself: no, based off of her experience in Scorpio’s military headhunter department as a Coalition HQ consultant, from the very beginning this competition would be one way to scout for talents.

The further the game progresses, the more you can figure out the limits to their processing ability.

When you mental capabilities have surpassed the level in which your physical body can contain, and you managed to survive, then you will become a first generation min annihilator.

Of course to them, this would only be something that mattered only a very long time later in the future.




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