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At least from the current situation, it wasn’t strange for Xuan Mo to be able to scare them.

Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En had wanted to bring Xuan Mo to the internet cafe to game for a bit before bringing her out to shop around and head home. They’d originally came here to make it for the elimination round at 8pm on HF. Who knew Xuan Mo would blow them away. And so, they had packet dinner after warming up and begin their battle at 8pm.

And so, amidst the rowdiness, Thunder team created a new record for their team silently.

Including Xuan Mo, there were a total of seven people in the team; five of which were in the main while two were reserve. Of course, all of them had an equal chance to join the battle, in fact, there had been once where everyone one in the internet cafe had the chance to play for them and join the battle.

The rules were simple: each team had five bases, they need to cooperate with their teammates and attack their opponents. Whichever team is the last one standing will emerge victorious.

Ah La Lei’s tactic was simple; as Xuan Mo was incredibly good in this game, he’s identified all the remaining four bases as sacrificial lambs: “Brothers, let us join arms! Protect our princess! And be the last one standing and win this!’

“Aye!!” No one raised any objections as all of them had been terribly defeated by Xuan Mo once before, so they knew that this was the best possible tactic, or at least this was the tactic that other teams used.

“No this won’t do.” Xuan Mo disagreed. She always spoke calmly and softly, but there would always be a tinge of firmness and chill in her words, “listen to my instructions.”

“Aye? That’s fine too.” Ah La Lei had no objections, and they were confident in her; with her instructions, the sacrificial lambs among them could live longer. “We’ll do as you say.” Ah La Lei went with the flow, not taking this competition too seriously.

“There will be no sacrificial lambs under my command.” Xuan Mo waited for the game to load, “since the base location will be random, then once we confirm everyone’s location, do not build your base the way you’d usually do, listen to my instructions.”

“You sure we gonna do it like that?” Lu Yu Chen asked, “Mo Mo, commanding a battle is very taxing, and doesn’t have much effect, don’t fall into that trap, we usually…”

Xuan Mo retracted her cold gaze. When they entered the game, she looked at the opponents’ of user IDs, and selected to enter into battle mode. After the game was done loading, they selected the race, before they received their random locations. After loading, the vast galaxy and the base glinting with metal appeared before them.

“What’s your location.” Xuan Mo asked.

“I’m on the left, I’m on the left, A8.”

“B2, what kinda crap location is this, if they turn around I’m dead meat.”


“C4.” Ah La Lei was sitting right beside Xuan Mo so he looked over, “aye, why are you going to F, it’s too far, you can’t reach us.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo didn’t see that as an issue. She had already started moving, as she did, she didn’t forget stop giving out instructions. “I will be giving instructions with your location codes so keep your ears open, A8, build three heavy galaxy level one fortess in your 4:30 direction, then build your infantry, just three troops will do. B2 build three heavy galaxy level one fortress in your 7 o’clock direction, and five infantry troops. D2 build a circle of fortress, and as many infantry troops as you can, you’re in a bad location. C4, build a level one air team, listen for my instructions when you are building.”

It was their first time being given instructions like these where they were called by their location coordinates, and had to build troops and fortress so specifically. Shouldn’t building as many troops and fortress as possible be the best way out… They were in the beginning. Very quickly however, they gotten used to her instructions. Xuan Mo’s instructions came one tightly after another. They’d thought that it would take up a lot of her time to give instructions like this. Afterwards however, they noticed that Xuan Mo’s next chain of instructions would come whenever they were almost done building what they were building, as though she had calculated how long they would take to do what they were doing, and even was pushing their limit as the instructions gave them no break in between. While they moved, no one spoke; everyone was busy doing what they had been instructed to do.

“C4, send three battleships and camouflage in your 2 o’clock direction, wait for instructions; when you see a battleship that passes you by, attack the rear.”

Did Xuan Mo already create her scouting team? Ah La Lei was very shocked. Since she’s already figured out the opponent’s actions, then just follow her instructions would do. Very soon, a battleship passed by. When he saw the huge team travel pass, he couldn’t keep himself down. This unlabelled battleship could be the opponent’s, and they could be attempting to hide themselves so they can attack them! Didn’t seem like they’d be able to hold this battleship back if he were to just attack the rear. Clenching his teeth, he maneuvered his battleship out in the most heroic manner he possibly could and sent an attack in the middle of the battleship in an attempt to blast it away.

The battleship was not expecting such an attack, but it pulled up its defenses very quickly. The three ships defending the battleship instantly rushed up to block him. Ah La Lei immediately activated the self-destruction in an attempt to drag the enemy down together. Contrary to his expectations, the battleship reacted very quickly, and drove off before he even imploded. Due to its level. In the end, hindered by its speed due to its low level, only one of the ships, but it was still something. Ah La Lei lost three ships, so he turned back to his back. As he did so, he wrung his hand, critisizing himself for not being merciless enough, he should have sent more ships out.

He immediately sent his newly built ships over. When he reached, he noticed that a huge war that had broken out just ended. The entire space was filled with debris that had not been refreshed away yet. When he checked the logo and realised that it belonged to the enemy, he realised that the enemy’s ships must have been ambushed here. The ship that drove past him had no logo though, why was it that he saw the enemy’s logo on the destroyed ships?

Ah La Lei didn’t manage to figure things out. When Xuan Mo’s new instructions came down, he continued carrying it out.



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: one of my profs once that to completely understand a piece of literature, you need to translate it, i totally agree, it’s just that once you do translate it, you’ll realise that sometimes they dont really live up to your expectations, and they may seem a little less impressive than the impression you’ve gotten from it back when you’ve read it normally, then there are also other pieces that’s already pretty good when you’ve read it becoming even more impressive when you translate it


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