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“Aye, weren’t you playing fine? Why did you stop?” You can’t figure out someone’s level just based off of a player going through the plot and the tutorial. The accurate keystrokes and flawless mouse clicks had the people watching from behind dazed.

“Boring.” Xuan Mo muttered, “such a lame plot, it’s a waste of time.”


“The first thing you’d do when there’s a catastrophe is to collect samples before completely destroying the source of the contamination, no? If you wait around to investigate the source, the universe would have long perished.”

“What universe are you talking about, it’s not like it’s a nuclear bomb or anything, this is just fiction, fiction!”

“Do you play according to the storyline?” Xuan Mo was straightforward and direct.


“That’s why I’m not interested.” Xuan Mo exited the game, searched up the Warcraft storyline on Baidu and started reading. She became particularly serious whenever she came across information on the monsters. As she read, the Undead race also became one of her key focus.

When Ah La Lei saw that Xuan Mo had no intentions to continue, he didn’t force her to continue. Instead, he started talking with the people around him about the recent news in the gaming community and the few championships that are coming up. They’d originally gathered today to do some warming up to prepare themselves for the upcoming championships, where they would once again be an invisible presence. Now though, they suddenly have hope, and so, they became more serious in their discussion.

As Xuan Mo read on about the story, her gaze became colder. She keyed the data of the monsters and visualised them in data points. After inserting that into the web and searching around for a moment, a feeling of familiarity settled in the closer she came to the truth.

From the time when she’d exhausted her mental power when she peered into the internet world and discovered the historical remains, to today where she’s seeing much more just from a monster character from a game, she noticed the footprints that seemed to have been left behind by the Skalens and Cartaeans. However, this was only her suspicion. The universe is incredibly vast, hence there would to a certain extent be similarities among civilisations. For example, jelly fish on the Earth looked like this other creature reigning over another planet. She was able to correctly identify them because these traces left behind were too similar to the practices of the creatures on these two planets.

She was not at all surprised to find traces of beings from other planets. Even Scorpio had their own mysterious forefathers, much less this blue planet that grew and matured with time, located in the Coalition warzone.

Many things could have changed in just a single second, much less two hundred million years.

It’s seems like the advance team for these two civilisation seemed to have left, else she would have felt it.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 84 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The Skalens were as powerful as Scorpions, but owing to various reasons had always been suppressed by Scorpio. The Skalens didn’t have much ambitions though, what they valued the most was population migration and population multiplication. They were known to be valiant based off two characteristics, mainly the knowledge of their field, and in clashing with others when seeking mates. After reaching the Blue Planet, they wouldn’t have the patience to hang around with nothing to do. After discovering how fragile the beings here were, they would leave instantly, and would find it a nuisance to even bother killing beings like these.

The Cartaeans on the other hand due to their advanced mental civilisation were incredibly loyal to their religion, and claimed themselves to be descendants of the god of emptiness — the deity of emptiness and void. The overly frail and soft personalities however only allowed such a religion to service the people in their daily needs, and some others for swindling purposes; there really wasn’t much to this. As such, this has resulted in their habit of travelling all over the place, and whenever they go, they would leave behind a mark so as to indicate to future generations that this was a place that they have been to before.

But this time, the Cartaeans miscalculated, the mark they’ve left behind along with their glorious feats had long sunk to the bottom of the sea. If it weren’t for Xuan Mo who went to dig it out, it really would have gone unnoticed.

If all of this had been in the past or a part of a fiction, then she’s overthinking. But if it wasn’t, then based off her understanding of the Coalition, there would be many many things happening on Blue Planet in the shadows.

Other than finding these people and borrowing their strength or abilities to connect herself to her people, she didn’t know what else she could do with or about these people.

Her lifespan exceeded that of humans’, but her patience didn’t.

“You mean, after you sign up, you still need to compete on various platforms to obtain as many points as possible?”

“That’s right.” Ah La Lei replied on reflex. After that, he became excited, “Xuan Mo, you’re joining?”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo squinted. “Though I don’t think it’s very good to bully people like this but I can’t not play just because I’m too strong.”

“…though it’s a little inappropriate to say this now, but I still want to say, why do I feel like throttling someone so badly now…”

“There are lots of trending games right now, why don’t we check em out and find some interesting opponents for Xuan Mo to practice against?”

“CS? StarCraft?”

“The championship that’s up next is StarCraft right, there’s an elimination round happening on HF at 8pm, just nice.” Someone on the side said as he flipped through his notebook.

“Let’s log in then. We’ll register Xuan Mo’s ID to our team, thank goodness the registration period is still ongoing… Xuan Mo, what ID are you using?”


“Abu? What does that mean, by the way, had been wanting to ask you since just now.”

“Intimidation.” She was Scorpio’s weapon, and that one name was enough to intimidate the entire of the Coalition.




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