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She defeated the most avid CS player in their entire internet cafe so easily. Though they weren’t the strongest player in CS among everyone, they shouldn’t be losing to someone who’s apparently never played CS before.

The gazes on Xuan Mo suddenly became heated.

“Cough, Xuan Mo.” Ah La Lei pulled his lips into a smile that he believed was incredibly genuine and charismatic. Though his appearance was refined, he did appear rather scholarly with such a smile on. “You’ll join our team right?”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak. The idea of joining a team to battle together did move her, but if she were to really think about it, it was still after all a group of people gaming together, it’s just the idea which elevates this action. No matter if they battled or dared to die, it was still a game in the end.

The most similar experience she could recall was a simulation exercise with her comrades before a major battle. They were in a virtual location; this game was nothing compared to that. She understood that the lack of quality was attributed to the development gap between the two civilisation, and it was after playing it herself did she only truly realise how great the difference was. That had her silent for a moment, unsure how to go about moving on from there.

As she was contemplating and wanted to reject them straight out, something Tan Lu En mentioned reminded her: “After you enter the team, you’ll be facing off against players in the world championships, it won’t be players of this trashy level.”

Ah La lei and a few people around defended themselves unhappily. When they heard Xuan Mo wondering out loud: “You’ll meet stronger players on these large-scale competitions?”

“Of course!” Though they unwilling to admit, but it was true. They’ve never even gotten into the elimination rounds; they were instead trashy.

For global competitions, teams would face off each other in rounds after they enter. The teams with the highest points would enter the elimination round, before the enter top N teams, N/4 finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals…

Frankly speaking, Ah La Lei and his Thunder Team that he led had the same name as another team that was ranked among the top few teams globally. In terms of strength however, their team was on a completely different level; Ah La Lei’s Thunder was just an invisible team with the same name as the other championship team.

Ah La Lei had always thought that this was as far as his gaming career would go— everyone gather and have a blast while they’re still young and hot-blooded. None of them had any legendary talents, nor did anyone here was hiding their abilities. Everything was good as long as everyone had fun and gave it their all while playing. Though some of them would complain that it wasn’t their time yet or they had missed an opportunity, they weren’t people to stress themselves over unrealistic imagination.

Evidently however, the girl before them was a glowing hope.

As a hodgepodge team that’d participate in any sort of championship, Ah La Lei could to a certain extent be seen as someone seasoned in their level. At least, he could confirm that in StarCraft and CS, there was no one on their level that would be stronger than her. What about the players on a whole new league? Against the above-average players? And the good players?


He was so excited his hair could stand. Shivering, he opened Warcraft and started the application, asking: “Have you played this before? Warcraft, it’s very fun! It’s something similar to StarCraft, it’s just that the storyline is different and the commands are different.”

Since she had nothing to do, and she did want to know more about this field, Xuan Mo looked at the interface of this magical world without a word. Then, she squinted, emitting a dangerous aura.

“This game, who created it?” She asked blandly, her emotions hidden.

“Ah, Blizzard.” Ah La Lei replied without even thinking.

“A single person?”

“A team… uh, a gaming company, they are really big. The few games that we’ve been playing since we were born were made by them.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo rubbed her chin, “Blizzard…”

“Why?” Lu Yu Chen asked carefully when he felt something was off.

“Nothing.” Xuan Mo was expressionless. She followed the tutorial and instructed her character to start moving and battling.

Something’s definitely off! Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En, both extremely familiar with Xuan Mo, exchanged a gaze before they sighed, exasperated. Even if something was off about Xuan Mo, it wasn’t as though they could do anything about it.

When the tutorial ended and they entered into the storyline, Xuan Mo commanded the human king to begin investigating the cause of the catastrophe. After a short while, she released the mouse: “Retreat… is there more storyline after the monsters?”

“Ah, yeah, there’s more after this, why?”

“Give it to me.”

“You gotta play on to find out.”

Xuan Mo minced her lips and exited the storyline.



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