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“No.” Xuan Mo didn’t even think before replying. She had never been one to admit to titles given to her that she’d not heard of herself.

“How can that be possible, I remember they said it was you, someone in First Class was recruited, and that person was a genius in Math, got bullseye for every shot. Even the guys from the military were calling you the king of bullets.”

“I don’t know about the king of bullets, but the stuff before that is true.”

Ah La Lei and Lu Yu Chen listening in on the side were shocked when they heard that. They exclaimed together: “The hell! That’s freaking sick!”

Tan Lu En smiled gleefully seeing how he managed to hear it first hand: “That’s that, ahahah!”

After which howevr, Ah La Lei became quiet. After puzzling over a thought for the longest of time, he asked: “Since that’s the case, then I’m just asking to get killed if I play with you?”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. After completing the game, she used her name abu and entered into a new tutorial.

Things were still fine in the beginning when the system was guiding her along on when to change her equipment. Once the overall exercise begin, Xuan Mo frowned. She could never remember to use her grenade; the way she used her guns were incredibly strange as well, but one thing was for sure— she couldn’t hit the target at all.

Her incredibly noobness instantly allowed Ah La Lei and the other guys to regain their confidence. They laughed in delight as they comforted her. It was already tilting enough for her to be so crazy good in StarCraft, if she was godly in CS, they might as well jump out the window.


Xuan Mo didn’t speak. Lips minced, she returned the interface and joined a game started by some other people in the internet cafe.

At that, Ah La Lei immediately turned to the guys that were shaken by abu’s entrance and shouted: “Oi oi! Abu doesn’t really know how to play this, don’t go too hard on her!”

After which, he bent over, a hand on the back of Xuan Mo’s chair, as though ready to guide her throughout the entire game.

After Xuan Mo entered the game, she stuck with a dagger instead of a gun. After clenching her fist, she placed her fingers on the keys.

There were three people. After a short discussion they decided to sacrifice UGG over to group with Xuan Mo for practice.

Though in the end, all of them sacrificed.

Ugg was very loyal. When they hit the city, he rushed ahead, planning to finish the opponents off to make her happy. Their opponents however pulled out their sniper from far away when they saw him dashing over. UGG dodged while shooting. The other guy from the opponent team too dodged and made his way over. UGG’s skills were pretty solid, so while he evaded the bullets coming his way, he didn’t forget to shoot at the one that’s coming at him. The three of them had much fun facing off each other, completely forgetting Xuan Mo’s existence at the back.

Of course that was just what their impression. The other side of the field however was silent.

Xuan Mo opened the map and observed it. She then kept her dagger, produced a sling and scaled a building to the roof. After moving forward for a while, she dropped down from the roof, nearing the battle while submerged in the shadows. Her movements were clean and swift. She was incredibly skilled at using the sling, and moved with it in ways others would never have thought of; not many could scale buildings the way she did–jumping and leaping equipped with only a sling in hand. After moving forward silently for a long while, her character made turn and her field of vision suddenly opened up. A person appeared before her, he was lying behind a box shooting with a sniper rifle.

Abu rolled to the side. Before the person could react, she leapt up and sliced his throat…

XXX has died.

The people in front suddenly paused. When they turned to look, nothing was behind; his ally has died, and the opponent was suddenly on his own. That made him incredibly flustered.

Footsteps sounded. The sniper guy that had just died ran over to the computer, muttering: “What in the world happened, just what in the world just happened?!”

“Shh!” Ah La Lei glared at him. The masses held their breath as they watched what Xuan Mo had up her sleeve.

Abu moved once again. The two people clashing were currently in a deadlock. One of them hid behind a wall, while the other was hiding on top of a roof. The moment any of them pops their head out, the other guy would shoot his head off. None of them wanted to lose their head first, so Abu’s role here was crucial.

Abu was in fact the deciding factor.

The guy from the opponent team did put some thought into selecting his hiding location. He was tucked under an overhanging roof; people wouldn’t be able to enter from the back, and he could see both sides, the roof above him also can block any attacks from above — it was the perfect location to hide.

His considerations made sense if his opponents were using guns. Abu however wielded a dagger from the very beginning.

Abu travelled for a long while. Even when the spectating people thought that she was already far away enough from the crossfire, she continued scaling the building. After climbing for a bit more, she moved herself over to the side of the building. Beneath it was where the remaining opponent was hiding.

Abu waited for her ally to attack. When she heard a gunshot, she leapt down without hesitation. Her dagger glinting, it flew out like darts, hitting the person right in the centre of his forehead.

The battle ended. Abu’s team won.

They’ve seen spurting blood from exploding heads, imploding bodies and bloody remains, but for some reason, this battle felt particularly bloody, and much more so than any they’ve seen before.

Though Xuan Mo appeared at ease and expressionless when she was maneuvering her character, the people around her could feel the faint murderous aura she was emitting.

She was really enjoying the battle, and she was really killing the person.




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