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They stared each other down.

“Pfft cough cough cough!” The Internet cafe owner burst out laughing. He took his cigarette away from his mouth, “I said, Abu, is your sis!”

“Your sis is the one…” Lu Yu Chen retorted instinctively. When he swept Xuan Mo’s screen a glance, his eyes popped, “Abu?!”

Xuan Mo won another battle against the AI earlier quietly, so she was surfing the interface in boredom, looking for other opponents to battle.

Lu Yu Chen seemed as though he was about to pounce over to shake her shoulders in shock. He quickly calmed down however and connected to his interface net instead.

“Ah Lu, let me, I’ll play a round against her.” Tan Lu En was still in a state of shock. He stood slowly and gave the Internet cafe owner his seat. The owner entered his ID donner, selected a race and base, before the battle began.

There were three races. Abu chose the blue elf that she liked. It wasn’t long after the initial base building before a team from Abu’s base rushed towards her brother’s territory. The team coming in headed straight for the incomplete base built has Lu Yu Chen yowling: “Ah! You can’t do this! I’m your brother! We should be allies!”

Before he finished his sentence, a ding sounded, the battle ended, and LYC lost.

Lu Yu Chen slammed the keyboard before turning to look at Xuan Mo and how she was maneuvering her character.

When she was attacking Lu Yu Chen, she didn’t forget to build her own base. During which, she continued sending teams out to harass donner, rendering the external part of his fort into utter debris. He’s tried to counter-attack with his army but realised glumly that Xuan Mo was very prepared to block him off. Her fortress was incredibly well-defended; none of the troops he’d sent returned. On his side, his line of defence was retreating with every attack from Xuan Mo. Flustered, and troops was stretched thin, when he saw abu’s incoming battleship, he became depressed, and remained depressed even until his death.

Though the entire process seemed simple, it was in fact bloody.  Lu Yu Chen’s base was destroyed first. Abu didn’t have much resources on her hands, yet she proceeded to assault donner, and as she did so, she continued building her own base. Even this wasn’t enough to be the highlight, what was mind-blowing was her high level of accuracy even at such a fast speed, and her even crazier mental processing speed.

Every time she set her troops up, the positions and placements would seem useless until the very end. It’s as though she’d configured everything from the very beginning and all she had to do was to take things one step at a time towards her goal. If this was really the case then…

This wasn’t about being good at playing a game anymore, we’re talking real life battle tactics now.

Xuan Mo admired this game quite a bit. Seems like the Blue Planet still did have some talented people seeing how they’ve managed to build a galactic battle game like this before entering into a civilisation on par with that in the planets from outer space. Though they did not manage to take much into account in this game, there was so much details missing to the point she won’t even call it complete, and this game can even be seen as infeasible and unrealistic, she still felt as though she’d been through a battle personally as she played the game.

What ruined her mood however were her opponents.

They were all simply horrendous at war tactics. Build your base mindlessly first before pulling out your entire army once they’re strong even? Though some of them did understand the need to divide and conquer, they didn’t manage to do it. The infantry teams they sent could only scout, they were nowhere near a threat to her. As for their battleships… forget it. All they knew was to throw everything they have in instead of mixing and matching. Even if they managed to grasp that idea, it was an incredibly elementary one. She could even compare to kids playing wooden blocks, where all they’ve got figured out was that putting two squares and one triangle looks better than putting three squares together, and instead of understanding it’s utility, it’s appearance is enough for them to select and use it.

A few of them managed to attack according to what they know about the opponents they are familiar with. This was just in the beginning though. Once the opponent retaliates and as time went on, the attacking party would discard all their plans; it generally ended in them completely losing their cool and getting a crushing defeat.

Xuan Mo chose the name abu because that was the only portion of her real name that could be spelt out by alphabets. In Scorpio, Abu was one of the influential clans that have existed for many generations known for their combat prowess; they were known to send their most powerful members in to frontlines, no matter what battle, no matter how difficult. They’ve participated in many, and their clan had brought up many elites.

Undoubtedly, Abudory was the cream of the crop.

The title given to her Min extinguisher itself was representation of her strength. After performing well in battle, and though the contribution wasn’t large, she became one of the ten Marshals. Slim and lean, coupled with her extraordinary strength, during her term stationed at the frontlines, out of the hundreds of battle she’s commanded, a few dozens have been recorded into textbooks as classics; there had even been ten that’s been recorded in Scorpio’s history.

The more developed a civilisation, the more stringent they would be about their history. For as long as they flourished, it would be recorded in history. As the Marshal with the most potential, in Scorpio, Abudory was akin to a national idol, a respected and admired being, especially among people of her age group, and they prided themselves for joining the troops directly under her.

Fortunately, she’s always kept the numbers to the troops directly under under strict control. Else there would have been many more who would have been sacrificed in that ferocious battle two hundred million years ago.


When she recalled that, she felt incredibly fortunate and lucky.

After completing the battle in seventeen minutes, Xuan Mo confirmed her victory without much expression before she rubbed her temples, asking: “What else is fun to play?”

The owner paused for a while before leaping in joy, howling: “Sick skills! You’re amazing! Sis, I’ll call you sis! Join our team!”

“Oi, don’t lead my lil sis astray.” Lu Yu Chen was very shaken too, but evidently he was more protective of her than anything else.

“I’m Ah Lei, ID donner. People call me Ah La Lei. We are members of the Scorpion team in the city, the people present today are mostly our members. Sometimes things will get a little loose but everyone is generally pretty honest. You’re very strong, you’ll definitely be one of our top few players if you join, you interested? C’mon consider joining us!”

Ah La Lei seemed as though he’d stick himself onto her if Xuan Mo were to reject him. Shaken, Lu Yu Chen immediately went up to block him off: “Keep your hands to yourself! If you assault my sis, I’ll kill* you!”

* word in raws was ‘explode’, i.e.from the phrase in CN which directly translates into explode your chrysanthemum

“Ah Chen, I see that you’re no longer a sis-con.” Ah La Lei pointed out gravely, “you’re a sis-slave.”

“Shut it!”

“Sister Xuan, how’s it coming along?”

Xuan Mo didn’t falter. Her mouse drifted along on the screen as she clicked the CS interface: “This is… a gun game?”

“Ahh, yeah, wanna play? You definitely can ace this game! Let’s play a round!” Just as Ah La Lei stood, Tan Lu En sat down. Ah La Lei bumped Tan Lu En aside in an attempt to get his seat back, but Tan Lu En remained unmoving.

Xuan Mo’s expression remained bland as the game loaded. The white glow of the screen reflecting in her dark eyes made her dark iris glint.

When Lan Yu En heard that Xuan Mo was going to play CS, he suddenly asked: “Mo Mo, the king of bullets during military training, was it you?”




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