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The two of them already had someone breathing down their neck online, so the both of them opened the game in a rush. As they connected to the internet, Lu Yu Chen didn’t forget to teach Xuan Mo: “Here, click that map, StarCraft, it’s a very fun online game, you still don’t know how to play yet so just practice with the AI, I’ll play with you in a bit…”

“Why don’t you watch us play one match before playing against the AI? It’s easy to get lost when people first start.”

“There’s an online tutorial though.”

“I don’t think girls like playing StarCraft though. Mo Mo, have you played computer games before?”

Xuan Mo shook her head. She knew such a thing existed, but she’d felt that it wasn’t worth spending time of this even if she had an endless amount of life. Hence, she only knew what it was vaguely, but had never properly gave it much of a try until she was dragged over today.

“Eh, then you won’t be able to pick up WOW or CS hmm, why don’t you try Lian Lian Kan*…” Tan lu En was speechless.

* 连连看 is an actual online game, which means ‘see if you can join it up’ if translated directly

“Or Puzzle Bobble*.” Lu Yu Chen suggested seriously.

* Puzzle Bobble is 泡泡龙, which means ‘bubble bubble dragon’ if translated directly

Xuan Mo was silent, and instead decided to open StarCraft. She was only curious about its name. Before her monitor had opened the game, Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En beside her had already started howling and screaming.

She’d once tried to use her mental powers to connect and reach out to all the places that the web was linked up with, but that required too much mental power, and it using the keyboard seemed more interesting. When the image of the app opened up however, she had an impulse to thoroughly figure out this game when she saw the vast galaxy.

She knew very clearly that this was just an app and nothing else.

While Lu Yu Chen battled, he didn’t forget to look after his little sister. When he noticed that she was stoning, he reminded her: “Basically what you need to do is to learn how to build a space fortress, build a base, establish a military, create a spaceship and all that, then find enemies to battle or wait till others come to challenge you.”

After that, he paused before saying much to his chagrin: “Ahh I’m an idiot, I should’ve downloaded some games that girls like to play for you.”

When Xuan Mo didn’t reply him and was instead engrossed in her game, he didn’t say anythng else. He was worried that Xuan Mo would be bored. Guilt-ridden, he had multiple bases invaded by his enemy.


It was a multiple-player online game where people challenged each other, so each game took quite a while. When they finished one round, the winner emerging victorious cheered in joy while those that lost didn’t feel like they’ve experienced enough. Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen said that there weren’t in a good condition since they’ve just arrived, evidently having forgotten that they’re the ones that brought Xuan Mo over with them.

Someone cheered and a few more people followed. The few of them started their next joint battle once again. Every time there was a battle, the people in the internet cafe can select to join or not, hence there would always be a few IDs popping up that they were not familiar with. This time, there was a new ID, abu. None paid much attention; they selected their own base and race before starting their battle.

In the beginning, everyone had been staying put in their own base and building their base diligently as they imagined some potential battle situations that could happen later and how they should react. They also considered the various players in the vicinity and their playing style as they considered how they should handle an attack from them.

However, the battle happened particularly fast this time. When their base was only built halfway, someone nearby started shouting. All they heard was him shouting “I’m being attack!” “Ah!” “Who the hell attacked me from the back!” “Shit!” “Eff this!” all this while in various combinations. In the end, the sound of smashing keyboard and a howl sounded: “Who the hell is abu! Which crazy nutjob is it?!”

Just as he was done cursing, a few shouts sounded from around. A large-scale mass battle started. The clattering sound of keyboard filled the round. Those that had died cursed before they sat back to spectate the battle. Those that emerged victorious laughed happily before they continued battling their next opponent. Very quickly, it was down to the last two players.

Every time it was a one versus one battle, the two sides wouldn’t give up without giving it a fight of their lives. Everyone had expended too much resources and their military, hence the winner was usually the person who managed to live the longest. This time however, things were different. The people noticed in shock that one of the player in this 1v1 battle was a player called abu. Not only did this player have a shocking upper hand, the command speed of this player’s military was so fast it seemed unreal. After exchanging a few blows, the other player was only left with a troop of infantry soldiers. Without further hesitation, before the opponent could surrender, this abu player wiped out the entire army in thundering majesty. If it weren’t for the system notice that indicated that the opponent had lost, this abu player would probably have continued and instructed the opponent’s base to be bombed too.

After the battle ended, wails sounded in the internet cafe. The sound was from the bunch of them who were regretting their earlier life decisions and how if they did this this this instead they wouldn’t have been killed. Those who emerged victorious however didn’t make much noise. They wouldn’t ask who they were in real life, but having played for so long, they’ve became familiar, or got the opportunity to learn with which ID belonged to who over time, so all they could do was to dart around and look at whoever they suspected this player to be.

Tan Lu En sighed slowly: “I’m at loss. I didn’t even last three minutes against him.”

Lu Yu Chen gave a bitter smile: “I’d only lasted two minutes, tragic much!”

Xuan Mo moved her mouse expressionlessly. Lu Yu Chen pushes the keyboard aside: “I’m dead beat. Imma take a break. Mo Mo how’s it going? Are you familiar with the game yet? You know how to play yet? Aye, you should be playing against the AI when you start, what were you playing just now?”

“Game.” Xuan Mo replied honestly.

“Oh, anything you don’t understand?”


“What is it? I’ll teach you.”

“Is there a command that allows you to destroy a base?”

“… if such a command existed then people would use it the moment the battle started, why even bother fighting then?”

“I don’t mean something that’s go off like an atomic bomb, I mean something that clears*, something that’ll purge the battlefield completely.”

* the word used in raw is “清洗”, which also means to wash/cleanse

“StarCraft doesn’t have anything that handles hygiene…” Lu Yu Chen held in his laughter. His lil sis is way too adorable.

Xuan Mo turned back silently and didn’t ask again. Who said it’s useless, she complained mentally. The tattered pieces of data of their race people and the remnants of creatures left behind would cover up the battle data. Purging the civilisation after the battle was a must! This bunch of uncultured people!

You need to pull out the weeds in from their roots in order for Scorpions to remain the only one in power.

After the bunch of them took a break, someone wanted to play another round. Those that had enough rest agreed readily, and so, they logged in again. The number of players in the joint battle increased again, but there was still a new ID they didn’t recognise, abu.

Build, challenge, battle, lose or win and continue. The blood-pumping process however seemed particularly bloody with abu’s appearance. All that could be heard was those who were defeated in battle cursing. In the land swarming with victims, Abu ravaged every battlefield she swept through. The last battle in the end seemed almost just a standard procedure. Though abu didn’t have much troops left in the end, this player was so good at mobilising troops. All the battleships and infantry were placed in the most advantageous position; this player was so good this player seemed even better than the computer.

The military commander of the corps was the owner of the Internet cafe. He finally couldn’t stand it any longer. He stood and surveyed the room. As he did so, he realised that all the people playing were familiar faces that he’s seen before, except for… the obedient looking girl whom her brothers claimed had never gamed before.

Amidst the howls and wails, he walked over to the girl and stood behind her. The previous battle had already ended. Her interface displayed her in another battle against the computer. Her movements weren’t fast, but heavy and calm, and every strike she dealt seemed to give feel as though it’s the best possible move possible.

“Abu?” He asked softly.

Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En turned around. When they say the owner of the internet cafe, they raised their brows: “What’s wrong?”

The owner gestured at Xuan Mo. He exhaled a puff of smoke, before he said in certainty: “Abu’s your lil sis?”

That frivolous tone and rascal manner…

Lu Yu Chen replied without even thinking: “Abu your sis*!”

* if you’re familiar with the many creative ways to curse people in CN, this is used/read as curse word btw, it’s something along the lines of ‘xx your ass!’ or ‘xx your foot!’, the raws is written as 你妹, which directly translates to ‘your lil sis’, which coincides with the fact that Xuan Mo is Lu Yu Chen’s younger sister.




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