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After returning from the museum, Xuan Mo felt that something in her seemed to have changed.

It was a very slight change, but that did not allow this change to escape her notice.

Thoughts would flit through her head occasionally, but they come and go at a speed so quick she can’t catch it, yet it so evidently was trying to tell her something.

She’s always been obeying other’s commands, when others wanted her to do something, if it wasn’t too troublesome, she didn’t mind doing it. Her awakening was accidental anyway. She didn’t notice any trace of her fellow people, so she was completely aimless — she didn’t know the meaning of her existence.

But things were different now, so very different.

It was no longer the primal time where dinosaurs roamed. The low level of technology was sufficient for her to do basic communication. In that case, why not try to contact her people first?

It was an impossible idea.

There were no humans around here more than two hundred million years ago. This was evidently because this base was contaminated by toxins, so this entire area was prohibited. The areas cordoned off as prohibited are places that even the craziest nutjob would not dare venture into, so who would be there to receive her message? Even the technology she’s brought along was unable to connect her to her home-planet, what more can the copycat technology of this planet be of use and achieve that?

But, it’s better than not doing anything no?

The elder sacrificed himself in order for her to continue living. All she was doing was to give it a try, so why not.

With her extreme poverty of knowledge of this planet, she knew that she had no one to ask about what she wants to achieve. In fact, she didn’t know where she could go to to realise her goal. She herself was not a technically-equipped enough, it’s like how humans use their phones without understanding its functionality.

Would such a wish remain as a thought then?

All she wanted to do was to return, was something like that, really that hard to achieve?

Xuan Mo however wasn’t someone who’d lock herself in a dilemma by nature. She preferred to think that things would play out fine with the passage of time. For example, it was her winter break now, she had a very long time to compile and mull over her what she wanted to accomplish and how she would go about doing it.

But, why were the people downstairs so annoying! Why!

“Xuan Mo! Come out to play!” Tan Lu En howled from downstairs.

“Mo Mo! Come out, I’mma bring you out to play!” It was Lu Yu Chen.

Who knew which nerve in their heads broke; the moment exams ended, they spammed her with calls every few days to go out to play. After getting rejected by her multiple times, they’ve decided to head over physically to drag her out.

Even Xuan Mo’s mother who’s finally found the time to sleep in was awakened by their ruckus. She knocked on Xuan Mo’s bedroom door: “Mo Mo, don’t let your classmates wait, why don’t you head out to play, it’s winter break now, it’s not very good to stay cooped up indoors.”


“Aye! Aye!” Downstairs, a series of wolf-like howls began. Xuan Mo clenched her teeth before switching her computer off. She grabbed her jacket and dashed out, “stop screaming, I’m heading down.”

“Hehe, weren’t you uninterested in computers? I’mma bring you out to meet a pro! A pro out of all the pros!” The two brought Xuan Mo on the bus without a word more. When they reached the internet cafe, there were a bunch of young girls and guys shouting as they gamed inside. The tables were piled with snack wrappers, bottles and cigarette butts. Xuan Mo was very unhappy: “This is the place you said?”

A young man clipping a cigarette walked over and greeted Lu Yu Chen: “Hoh Ah Chen, bringing your sis out to play? See there, there’s three sets of PCs there!”

“Aight!’ Lu Yu Chen brought Xuan Mo over to the corner where the computers were. An Lu En had already sat himself down and whipped out his card to switch the PC on with a swipe of his card.

“Don’t we have computers like this at home, why come here to play?”

“We’re here for the atmosphere!” Lu Yu Chen smiled, “you’re cooped up at home all the time too, it’s good to come out for some fresh air too.”

The air inside was only a third as pure as the air outdoors, in other words, it was simply terrible! Xuan Mo expressed her disdain.




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