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“Kaduri shall rule over the ocean, land and sky of this planet.” The elder smiled. “Abdory, our time has not come, there is no past for us… the only hope for the abandoned stranded, is to continue living.”

“I can wait for very long.”

“Yes you can, but how long will that be…” The elder’s mental powers had too weakened. “I cannot afford the wait.”

“Very, very long.” Abdory clenched her teeth, “till this planet withers.”

“Hehe, your powers have not yet reached the level of an immortal emperor. You will not be able to wait for an eternity.”

“I can wait for very, very long.” Abdory lowered her gaze. “I know what you are trying to say. I agree.”

The elder slowly rose. The elder entered the space cabin that had been shut for centuries and dragged a hibernation pod out from the deep abyss of the cabin: “You know what to do after stripping your mental consciousness.”


“Formless, without warmth, unfeeling, your mental power will diffuse in the air. You will become like the dead, the spirits of Casalynk Planet — you can only float; you cannot cry, cannot laugh, you cannot feel the touch nor punch of your peers. You will not feel the rush of adrenaline from battle, nor the heat of warm blood that splatters on you. What’s left is only an eternal life, and an eternal wait. After this separated hibernation ends, you may continue to float on, here, with the aboriginals, or perhaps you may awaken to the embrace of your comrades… Abdory, the end result you will experience may be even more cruel than fleeing from battle — this is equivalent to being exiled. Are you certain?”

Abdory raised her head and surveyed the vast galaxy once more for the last time: “Perhaps there may be many more that are in my position, lost, somewhere in the galaxy. If they still hold their heads high, shouldering the honour and glory of Scorpions, they will not fear such trivial pain, nor will I.”

“Elder, you have already entered into prostration. Speak no more, let us begin.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 78 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The hibernation pod was lowered into the ocean.

Outside the ripple was the elder’s faded appearance. Though once an elder, he has used up the last of his energy to save too many lives. Before long, he, too, will sink to the bottom of the ocean to accompany her, except his mental power will dissipate completely. In his wake however will only be a thin film of his consciousness.

She could hear the hollow calls once again. Attracted by the faint light, many Kaduris circled over, their dark beaded eyes glinting in reflection of the dim blue light. As her surroundings darkened, some of the Kaduris began their first stage of evolution.

When the faint blue light extinguished, it signaled the exhaustion of the mental power that sustained the hibernation pod. In the abyss of darkness, the conscious within the pod quivered slightly; that was her last interaction with the outside would. The last being that was in waiting had finally met her maker.

It was dark all around, she didn’t even need to close her eyes.

Submerged within the endless echoing cries, she delved into hibernation.



Kaduri, you are my last friends.

I’ve once heard from your cries, your longing for the land and sky.

I’ve also once seen from your gaze, your fear and longing of me.

Now, friends, we are no longer together.

Have the land, have the sky; travel as you wish, soar as you desire.

Please stand by your promise with the elder. Protect me, protect the planet, until my people arrived, until eternity greets me.

Please don’t forget me.




“Didn’t think you’d leave so quickly.” Xuan Mo lowered her head and walked out the display hall.

Behind her, the science debate continued. Though it was noisy, someone shouted that this was a new classification for mammals, that this was the dinosaur of the Triassic times, that this was an important stage of evolution in which aquatic animals evolved into animals that tread on land. This was a shocking discovery in paleontology.

Xuan Mo laughed lightly: “You would not be here if Kaduri didn’t exist. What’s with all this discussion about your ancestors, really, hah.”

As she spoke, a researched walked briskly past with a stack of documents in his hands. When he heard Xuan Mo’s words, he paused before turning around: “Student, what are your thoughts on this new type of dinosaur?”

“Thoughts? Don’t have any.” Xuan Mo shook her head. “All I know is that the ancestors of human beings came from the sea. They yearned to tread on land, hence they obtained limbs. They longed for the sky so they sprouted wings. As the desires of each varied, creatures of all kind were born on Earth.”

“Enh!” The staff smiled, “you must be very proficient in your language.”

Xuan Mo didn’t know how to reply, so she left silently.

“Interesting story you came up with! You should apply for the call for contribution for our activity!”

Opinions varied with regards to the origins of mankind.

Only time will tell how scientifically sound Scorpions were in telling stories.

The learning journey to the museum only lasted the afternoon. Many students  took away something meaningful from this activity; the person in charge of planning activities in First High did have some tricks up his sleeve after all. That night, everyone discussed and shared their thoughts on the dinosaurs when they returned. Xuan Mo however washed up before turning in for the night quietly.

Both hands pressed against her chest, she listened to the heartbeat that her mental powers mimicked. She felt every single movement of her organs, the warmth of her skin, the pumping of her blood. It felt as new as it was fake.

She’d hibernated for more than two hundred million years, yet they still have yet to send her any signals. Nevertheless, she shall continue waiting. And she will wait for an eternity if need be.




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