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The only interesting part of the display was this new species. After looking at it for a while, many left, bored. There were also some who found it interesting, many of these being students. They remained behind in the display hall whispering in low voices as they voiced their own opinion.

“Regardless it whether it’s a bird or a fish, it definitely hatched from an egg.”

“But dolphins are viviparous too. Look at the snout, it looks like a dolphin.”

“Goodness, beak and snout, it’s about the same no.”

“It’s probably a type of bird.”

“Dolphin, I think this is the ancestors of dolphin!”

“Uncultured… look…”

Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan discussed without rest. The students around them were talking about the same thing too. Xuan Mo was the only one that stood before the railing quietly, looking at the fossil that appeared slightly beige under the spray of warm lighting. The skeletons were clearly visible, and so incredibly vivid, as though they would start running the next moment.

Elder often said that Kaduri shall conquer the sea, land and sky.

She wasn’t Xuan Mo then, she was Abdory, a Marshal that led soldiers. When the base was met with trouble, she received orders from HQ to slip in here and hide herself to later deal a critical hit to the enemy.

This was the furthest away a mole was sent out to. It was so far away that soldiers stationed here  would have no way to contact the home planet if it weren’t for the base.

Before aid arrived however, the base had disappeared… the enemy has shamelessly hijacked their cargo warship and invaded their base like a plague. In order to protect the core technology and prevent their data from leaking, the soldiers at the base activated the planet’s self-destruction.

When the star gleaming with brilliance was set ablaze with luminance before it vanished, the Scorpion army spectating from afar shifted their focus towards the Cosmic Coalitions.

They understood that this was going to be a wait, a long, shameless, endless and regretless wait. They had no communication devices at hand and they had no way to cross the vast vacuum. They could only await the arrival of aid.

They turned to the blue planet and her aboriginals; they were huge, sturdy, were of a lower intelligence than their own… and they only lived in the sea.

The Scorpions ruled the land. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 77 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The aboriginals and the guests did not cross paths or mind each other’s business, and like this, they lived on in peace. The Scorpions limited their movements gingerly for they didn’t know what change they may bring to this adolescent planet with a budding civilisation. Still, they stayed true to their own values and the constitution of the Coalition, that the should never interfere with the progress of another planet’s civilisation.

And so under the archaic way of life, soldiers and skilled persons with mental strength beneath the level of a major grew old and died, becoming one with the sweeping ocean as they sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Abdory, min-annihilator; she had a mental strength the level of a Marshal. She vividly recalled her standing in line with her elders as they sent the last of their men off.

The final destination of the silhouette, dark as though an abyss, was a brave, crimson Kaduri.

They had long snout, sharp teeth and dark eyes. Its deep, hollow howl was a reverberating and shattering one.

It was in favour of its neighbours on land. After swallowing the mental film of the major, it swam over in excitement towards Abdory and the elders. Beneath them, it zipped around happily before diving back into the deep end.

“It changed colour.” Abdory said lightly.




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