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Night, 2am in the morning, the dormitory was quiet save for the barking of dogs outside.

Eyes closed, Xuan Mo had already ensured herself a two hour nap. Afterwhich, she utilised her time to use her mental-net to scour the surroundings aimlessly.

Beneath her, Li Fang just exited the toilet slowly. Wrapped up thickly, she was heading to her bed.

Afterwhich, Xuan Mo felt a slightly nervous gaze that turned her way. Afterwhich, Li Fang walked to her desk quietly, picked up the exam paper from last month she’s placed on the table earlier in the day. Switching on the light, she sat down to flip through the script.

Xuan Mo was wide awake; she was not at all tired.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 76 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

She did not at all understand why Li Fang liked to steal her papers to look through. Honestly, she’d never managed to pass her Language paper before. English was only multiple-choice questions, Politics and History only required her to memorise her textbooks, Chemistry required her to memorise her formulas… her Physics and Math teachers had her figured out that she didn’t give the workings to her answers, but they weren’t worried as she’d written them during her mid-tems, and indicated that she would write the for her finals too. n

Hence in the monthly test for this month, she’d only written her answers for the Physics and Math paper. Despite so, Li Fang still liked to flip through her empty question paper and answer script again and again, and then flip through her entire stack of papers… Xuan Mo never understood why she did that. It was only when she heard Li Fang mumbling to herself about looking for Xuan Mo’s rough working did she finally get it.

All she actually wanted to know what how Xuan Mo solved her questions. But didn’t the teacher go through all the questions once the papers were out?

After a while when Li Fang was done flipping through the papers, she replaced them where she found them, switched off the lights and went back to bed. Though she turned in, she tossed and turned the entire night.

The next morning when they were washing up, while Xuan Mo was packing her bag, Tian Jin Jin who was brushing her teeth suddenly mumbled something. Qi Shan seemed to instantly understand her: “Aye, I’m so tired, I didn’t get a good night’s rest at all.”

“Enh enh.” Tian Jin Jin agreed.

“Aye Mo Mo, did you hear the sounds last night? Did a thief get in or something, something was rustling, scared the hell outta me last night.”

Li Fang who had been ready to leave paused and slowed her speed down.

“No.” Xuan Mo’s reply was crisp. Qi Shan paused. Just as she was about to improvise some more, Xuan Mo said, “I saw it all.”

Whew! Merciless! Qi Shan and Tian Jin Jin cheered internally.

Li Fang whipped her head around before turning it back rigidly, as though she was forcing her legs to bring her out. Very quickly however, Xuan Mo’s words froze her footsteps: “Li Fang, you can always ask me if you need anything. I’m too sure if the previous person that angered me by touching my personal belongings is still alive…” She turned to look at Li Fang, “17 times in one semester. Are you sure you don’t secretly have a crush on me?”

Li Fang was trembling slightly. Her lips parted, but she still dashed out and closed the door behind her.

“Damn, how boring, I thought it’d end up in a catfight or something.” Tian Jin Jin brushed her teeth and wiped her face, appearing particularly glum.

How energetic of her to drop hints all over everywhere in an attempt to start a fight.

The three of them left their dorms together. When they were having their breakfast, Xuan Mo held her soy milk for a moment before asking: “What’s up with Li Fang?”


“Why does she want to look at my script? I don’t write the workings, only answers.”

“Mo Mo oh Mo Mo, the key lies in the fact that it’s your script, it’s not about your answers or workings.”

“?” Xuan Mo was still confused.

“She’s jealous of you, jealous, you get it?”

“?” What’s there to be jealous about…

“Hehe knew you’re an alien.”

Crack. Xuan Mo wasn’t confused anymore.

“Ahh Mo Mo!” Tian Jin Jin shrieked before she suppressed her voice, “You you you, you broke the chopsticks? No one saw that right? Hurry hurry, let’s make a dash for it after we’re done, or else the canteen uncle will break us!”

Qi Shan wolfed her food down: “Mo Mo, spill it, slurp, you’re from Planet Z right? The same planet as Superman!”


“Ahhhhh!” It was Qi Shan that screamed this time, “okay okay stop eating stop eating, hurry let’s go, she even broke the plate, are you still human…”

Xuan Mo grabbed Qi Shan’s elbow silently.

Goosebumps shivering down Qi Shan’s body, she was so startled even her hair stood; she said in fright: “Okay enough I won’t say that anymore!”

And so, the three of them abandoned their plates and made a mad dash out.

In the afternoon, their teacher suddenly announced that everyone was going to visit the provincial museum to relax.

Finals started five days after the last monthly test they have. First High had always been good at pacing the students. The students were stretched to their max just a while ago, and it was to the point that they almost wanted to vomit blood. And so here is the last meal before the death row; at least they’d die a happy death.

All the museums in had become free of charge since long ago. However, some of the museums only opened free-of-charge access to certain parts of their museum. There were also many places that were not accessible unless access has been requested, one example would be the place they were heading to this time. According to their teacher, the things they were going to be seeing were some real good stuff.

Xuan Mo was a little excited.

There isn’t anything more appropriate than visiting a museum to gain a faster understanding of a civilisation. This is wasn’t a particularly large one, it was enough for her to learn something.

The other students however were swarmed with moans and groans.

They grew up going to the lakeside and museums, so they were familiar with the provincial museum to the point they knew which item was kept on which display rack. It’d be more relaxing to go home to sleep at this point in time.

“Treat it as a learning journey then.” Lin Fei was in leisure attire. “I heard there are many new arrivals to the museum this time. All these precious items were all discovered in City H.

“What are they?”

Lin Fei shrugged: “Not telling you, this is the consequence of not reading the news!”

And so, excitement ignited among the students as they hazarded guesses on the way there.

“Did they excavate a mummified corpse?”

“The teachers won’t be bringing us there if it was that, it’s probably some ancient porcelain or something like that.”

“Weren’t we an ancient capital here previously, could it be… an imperial jade seal!”

“Pshhh!” Snorts resounded.

“I think it might be some sort of animal from the past.”

“Dead or alive?”

The person who asked that question received so many looks of disdain from the people around him that he lowered his head.

“It’s probably some fossil again, didn’t our geog teacher boast about the time when she discovered some seaweed fossils at the hill of our school when she was still a student…”

“I think that’s probably it too…”

“If that’s the case then what’s all this mystery about?”

“Yeah, they’re really leaving us hanging, it can’t be an… alien can it!?”

Crack… Xuan Mo’s vein busted. What’s wrong with everyone today! Why was it that all they were talking about was related to aliens?

Yi Hai Lan has his eyes closed to rest. For some reason though, the moment Xuan Mo’s patience popped, his eyes snapped open to look at her strangely. “Mo Mo, did someone anger you?”


“Then… why do you look so angry!?”

“No.” Xuan Mo turned to glare at Yi Hai Lan murderously.

Yi Hai Lan has already cultivated the ability of not giving up even in the face of unmoving obstacles, and he had particularly gained an immunity to Xuan Mo’s murderous aura. He continued cheerfully: “Then lighten up. Aye, d’you remember the time we went to museum when we were younger, and you were so afraid of the female corpse submerged in formalin that you cried while hugging me?”

“…” Shake her head! She’s gonna shake her head! Even if such a memory did exist in her memory garage, she was going to delete! Definitely!

“Huh, but I remember very clearly!”

“No such thing happened!”

“This won’t you, you’ve tainted me, you need to be responsible for your actions!”

“Go die!” Xuan Mo raised her fist. “Another word more and I’ll punch you!”


The soon figured out what the new displays were. The previous collection that the museum had on display was the newly excavated fossil of a dinosaur from Xishan.

There were many disputes about the fossil—the year it should be dated back to, the actual species, the living habits, and particularly its environment. It had webbed limbs and a sharp snout.

In the silent museum, students walked slowly by. Though they didn’t understand these ancient creatures well and felt that these had nothing to do with them, but those that grew up with the movie Jurassic Park had their thing with dinosaurs.

Though the actual fossil had already been dissected by professionals for examination and analysed to obtain actual data, the shape for figure of dinosaurs have been restored by the 3D projector. Despite so, many skilled scientists still preferred looking at the actual fossil itself.

They weren’t exposed to such situations before, so the students felt a sense of admiration. It was as though they saw the birth of a new part of history. A new species of dinosaurs that had never been discovered before in the history of dinosaurs was slowly unraveling its mystery.

Xuan Mo was grave.

“Mo Mo, are you nervous too?” Tian Jin Jin had somehow slipped herself into the space beside Xuan Mo, “this is so stressful.”

“Yeah.” Qi Shan was beside them. “It feels like I’m seeing the birth of a new species.”

“No.” Xuan Mo smiled lightly. “I’m seeing the evolution of a civilisation.”

Old friend, we meet again.





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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: fun fact, did you know that Jurassic World was less about dinosaurs but more about capitalism and consumerism?



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