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The first that arrived at the scene was the ambulance. When the doctor came in and swept the surrounding, he scolded: “Who let a bulldozer in?”

No one replied.

As he instructed the paramedics, the doctor remarked: “But it’s pretty insane that they’re still alive even after being bulldozed, wait huh!? This, this is a wound from combat!”

The doctor sighed again: “Which boxing champion did this! This is bullying!”


“Where is that doc from, he’s derailing.” Ah Gui and Zhang Tong Hua camouflaged into the masses at the back as they mumbled. As they did, they shot Xuan Mo a look.

Head lowered, Xuan Mo was fiddling with the zip of her uniform, appearing particularly frail and weak.

Zhang Tong Hua squinted. He went over to pinch her arm; she only had a layer of shirt inside, and it was the thin kind of shirt.

“You, aren’t you cold?” In the freezing winter where people on the streets were wrapped up in down coats, she seemed to appear even smaller in statute.

Xuan Mo knew she had little clothes on but she could regulate her temperature. Moreover, she didn’t like wearing too much, it’ll hinder her movement. Hence she didn’t speak much of it and instead shrugged her shoulders: “It’s fine.”

A layer of warmth covered her shoulders. A green military jacket was suddenly draped on her. While he was at it, he took her bag from her too. Within seconds, Xuan Mo was buried under the mountain of material, leaving only her head visible. She looked strangely at Zhang Tong Hua as he held on to her bag, confused as to what he was trying to get at. Zhang Tong Hua touched his nose, seemingly rather ill at ease: “Cough, don’t learn from those rebellious girls who sacrificed their warmth for fashion.”


After a while, a police car came. Two policemen squeezed their way in. They looked at the wounded that was being carried away, then turned to the two (?) people that seemed to be the main characters of this situation, asking: “Mob fight?”

Ah Gui laughed: “It’s a little complicated, but we’re definitely not creating trouble. Why don’t we head back to talk?”

He sounded as though he was referring to the police station as his home. Before the policemen came to, Ah Gui produced the ID he’d flashed to the gang of them earlier.

“Detachment team? I’ve never seen you before.” The policemen frowned.

“You have.” Ah Gui gave him a meaningful look. “Let’s go, we’ll talk back at the police station… Wu Qi, you can head back first.”

Xuan Mo didn’t appear at all ruffled by the fact that she was the one that dealt the most damage tonight. Not only did Zhang Tong Hua get reminded of the time when she’d been reading the handbook, it made him wonder if she truly knew the importance of a person’s life.

“If this girl is together with you, we will need to bring her back for a written record.” The policemen was responsible, “it’d be difficult for us otherwise.”

Ah Gui wasn’t expecting the policemen to be this conscientious. Though it made him happy, he was also annoyed by the situation.

His phone rang.

After picking it up for a while, he paused before handing the phone to the police as he smiled bitterly. After listening for a moment, the policemen’s expression changed and he frowned, saying: “Then you two follow me, the girl can leave.”

Xuan Mo glanced at Ah Gui. When she took her bag from Zhang Tong Hua; she returned him his jacket too before turning to leave. Though her body temperature regulated itself quickly in response to the cold weather, she still felt a silver of chill the moment she took his jacket off.

When she was on the bus, she received a text from Ah Gui: “No matter what you’ve figured out, don’t be a part of this.”

All they did was accidentally imprison the key figure to their mission tomorrow night, what’s the big deal. Even if they did want her to give a damn, she wouldn’t… worrywart much!

She had more annoying things to worry about after this.

Finals were drawing near. The first semester of first year in high school was just a transition phase from junior high for students. Their finals this time was the first major examination they would be taking after getting used to things. To a certain extent, this decided their future ranking and direction, so this was very important to them.

P.S., them referring to human beings!

Xuan Mo was very upset that she had to be sent to school bright and early in the morning by her mother the next day. Within the school, the sound of books flipping echoed. Xuan Mo’s mother’s nags buzzed by her ears too: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that revision started on Sunday? Your teacher even called to tell me off.”

Attending lesson was nothing much, what’s there to tell her about.

Carrying her bag, Xuan Mo entered the classroom with a dark face. The class was already having their second lesson. The politics teacher was going through the economic reforms related to politics and culture that was pushed out by the National Development and Reform Commission on the visualiser. The content was sleep-inducing. In fact, some students had already dozed off.

Xuan Mo entered without a sound, but she was still caught by the politics teacher: “Xuan Mo! Look at the time, have you told your teacher in charge that you’ll be late?”

Why did she have to tell her that she’s here? Even if she did tell her, her teacher in charge would say okay, head to class now. What’s the point of that? Xuan Mo minced her lips and sat down.

Well acquainted with Xuan Mo’s character, the politics teacher wasn’t planning to elicit a response from her. As she continued her class, she suddenly said: “Yi Hai Lan, why don’t you tell us, what impacts will increasing consumption from this reform bring about to the society and people?”

“…” Yi Hai Lan was the student that fell asleep; when he heard his name, he jolted awake. Before he had properly came to, he suddenly realised that the usually empty seat in front of him was filled. At that, he asked in confusion, “Aye, Xuan Mo, you called me?”

Xuan Mo leant down on her table very, very slowly. The classroom suddenly felt incredibly cold, to the point she wanted to alter her body temperature.

“Yi Hai Lan! You’re sleeping at a time like this! If your results drop, I’ll be calling both your parents!”

“Teacher, if it weren’t for Ms Lin’s call, my parents wouldn’t have wanted me to attend the revision classes, they can’t bear to.” Yi Hai Lan yawned, looking as though he’s sick.

“Since you’re here, then listen properly!” His words made the politics teacher terribly mad; she’d even accidentally she clicked past a number of slides and had to return to the content page to figure out which page she was on earlier, “where were we just now…”

No one responded; everyone was stoning.

The politics teacher found where she’d stopped earlier. When she saw the daydreaming students, she said: “If any of you can tell me where we stopped, I will allow you to do your own things during this lesson!”

The students paused at her words; a few people’s eyes gleamed and started recalling where they’d stopped.

Suddenly, a hand was raised.

It was Xuan Mo who had reached just a minute ago. She spoke without prompting: “You were talking about the reform by the National Development and Reform Commission. Broadly, the main aim is to increase currency in circulation by stimulating consumption. Narrowly however, this will largely impact the producers… reducing the savings held up in banks and stimulating consumers and producers’ confidence is good for the GDP in the long run. However, this is a double-edged sword, overconsumption signals the start of inflation, so the key still lies in increasing income and reducing expenditure… this will maximise the visible and invisible hands of the government, allowing them macroscopic view to regulate and control the extent, hence making the reform better.”

After fifteen seconds of silence, the politics teacher asked weakly: “You, you’ve memorised it?” She’d found what Xuan Mo said familiar. When she looked at the screen again, she realised Xuan Mo was reciting word for word of the document she had yet to put up on the visualiser.

Xuan Mo was honest: “I glanced when I entered the classroom.”

Goodness. She did glance at the screen. After glancing at the screen, her head was lowered and she had her attention outside the window all these while.

The politics teacher was quiet. She clicked the image to display it on the screen; the information was exactly what Xuan Mo had said.

“Teacher, I can do my own things now right?”


“Alright, I got it.” Xuan Mo stood and walked out.

It’s not that she had anything urgent on, it’s just that after saying all that, they were a lot of foreign words she didn’t have a definition for in her memory garage, for example GDP, inflation, increasing income reducing expenditure, so her mental net would only process bits and parts of it.

The students watched as Xuan Mo exited. The politics teacher however almost screamed. How could she just up and leave like that? Just because she said she could do her own things, how could really just leave like that? “Xuan Mo! Since you know the content, take a break then. You can revise the other subjects or rest, but you can’t affect others and you definitely shouldn’t leave the classroom!”

Xuan Mo looked at her strangely. “Firstly, I didn’t get it. Secondly, you said I could do my own things*, since it’s my own things (activities), I’d need to head out to do them. Unless you want me to move around inside the classroom? I’ll affect the other students that way.”

* the word used in raws is “活动”, which means “activity”, or “moving around”

The politics teacher was speechless. At that, she waved her hand weakly.

Xuan Mo left in victory, heading straight to her dorm to search things up.

For the remaining part of the lesson, both the teacher and her students were preoccupied. When class finally ended, the politics teacher packed her things and went to complain to Lin Fei. As she did so, Fang Zhi their Math teacher was chatting with Lin Fei. When he heard her complaint, he laughed.

“Mr Fang, I’m this close to exploding, why are you laughing!”

Fang Zhi shook his head: “I can only give you one piece of advise on how to deal with this kind of students.”

“What is it?” Lin Fei and the politics teacher listened attentively.

“Don’t take it too seriously.”





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