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“Freeze! We’re the police!” Ah Gui said before producing his ID from his pocket.

The four men froze. When they looked at their leader up against the person in soldier uniform, they hesitated.

While up against Zhang Tong Hua, their leader howled: “Fking hell, what the hell is there to be afraid of! We’ve never been scared of anyone have we! Don’t let them throw their weight around!”

At that, he howled and pushed aside Zhang Tong Hua.

Zhang Tong Hua had only wanted to stop their leader from attacking the store owner initially, so he didn’t shift into an advantageous location for himself. Now that he didn’t

In terms of combat Zhang Tong Hua was definitely stronger, but in terms of experience, he was crap when up against their ring leader. Zhang Tong Hua made it appear as though he had the upper hand then, but right now, he’s lost all possible advantage. Ah Gui on the other hand that could only throw flowery fits and fancy footwork was having a tragic time. Though the guys surrounded him weren’t as burly as their ringleader, their combined strength wasn’t to be taken lightly.

The fight was making the heroes, them, out to seem like cowards. At that, the two of them became deeply concerned.

Beyond the store was empty of people. Xuan Mo however was paying the bill, completely unwavered, and then stood outside with her bag.

That exquisite-looking girl was donned in white uniform, black backpack, and… a look of epicaricacy on her face.

“Wu Qi! Leave!” When he saw Xuan Mo standing outside the shop, Ah Gui shouted on instinct. He didn’t seem to recall how powerful a weapon Xuan Mo was in combat. Rather, all he had in his head was that he had to protect this “weak” girl.

“Oh.” Xuan Mo turned without another word. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 74 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

When they saw that, the remaining people present paused. They’d thought that she’d say something like how could she leave and abandon them or something like that… was she going to leave just like that?

Zhang Tong Hua have only heard of Xuan Mo, but he didn’t think that she’d be this heartless. At that, he became conflicted. It was only when he heard that though she wasn’t easy to get along with, she wasn’t one that needed to others to worry about, that’s why wanted to get her the mission this time. He was starting to wonder if it’s worth it for him to look after such a heartless girl.

Fortunately, the gang of them wasn’t going to let her slip away and create more trouble.

Without the ringleader having to indicate, one of the men ran out to grasp Xuan Mo’s arm. However, it was as though the girl had eyes on her back and seemed to dodge his grasp. The man lunged at her again but she evaded him again. The third time the man stretched his claws out, what greeted him was more than just a column of empty air.

“Arghhhh!” After a howl in agony, his claws were hanging back his side in a strange angle. The pair of pale, small hands released his nonchalantly. Xuan Mo raised her brows: “You have something you’re looking for me for?”

The man was in too much pain to speak. In a flash, his remaining companions ran over to surround Xuan Mo. One of them laughed coldly: “Huh, you’re trained in combat!” After saying that, he sent her a heavy punch that shrieked a chill with its wake.

Xuan Mo took a step back and dodged it easily, asking: “You’re assaulting the police?”

“I’m attacking you!” Someone else sent an attack over too.

“Very well.” A straight fist out, and a side kick.

Her moves were simple. If executed by someone who wasn’t trained in combat, it was simply be an action. If done by these men, it would merely be decoration. If it was someone trained that executed those moves that it’s be an attack. However, it Xuan Mo was the one making those moves, it was deadly.

The two of them flew out vertically at the same time. They even spat a mouthful of blood while in midair, before slamming onto the floor heavily. Without much of a moan, they blacked out.

Amidst the shocked gasps from the onlookers, the empty space beyond the storefront once again expanded. Xuan Mo turned to look at the store. The two factions up against each other were both shocked into paralysis with their eyes popping.

“I’ve already sacrificed myself, the least y’all can do it to follow up?”





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