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Xuan Mo Classmate:


I don’t know when you’ll be back for class, but if you don’t mind, I hope that you can go to the banyan tree on the left side of the parade ground at 12pm on the day you’re back in school.

A youth longing for romance


Xuan Mo folded the paper. A hand on her stomach, she laid on the table. Something seemed to hurt, it was hurting really badly. She didn’t know where it was that was hurting, but it felt extremely numb, as though she’s being continuously electrocuted.

“What did it say?” Yi Hai Lan peeped from behind. He was extremely curious when he handed Xuan Mo the note. Now that Xuan Mo’s lying down with a hand on her chest (?), he was even more anxious seeing how she’s so excited.

“Nothing.” She placed the card in her drawer expressionlessly before lesson started.

Yi Hai Lan stared at Xuan Mo. He stared and stared, then he suddenly started smiling.

Twelve thirty in the afternoon, a certain alien who was particularly curious about this ‘youth longing for romance’ reached the banyan tree right on time. When she arrived, she saw a boy standing there. When he saw Xuan Mo arriving on the dot, his eyes were literally glinting from joy and excitement.

He had a stylish haircut and he looked pretty decent. He was lanky, a head taller than Xuan Mo and looked capable.

“Xuan, Xuan Mo!” He stretched out his hand, beyond excited, “hello.”

Xuan Mo looked at him, but she didn’t stretch out her hand. She folded her arms instead: “What is it?”

“I, I’m Chen Jun Jie from Class Seven. I, I started… noticing you since military training… then, then I heard a lot of things about you from Jin Jin and them, so I think, I think… I like you very much.” His face was red, “can, can you, go out with me?”

“…” A chilly breeze blew past. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo raised her brows at him. It was only after a long while, so long it made Chen Jun Jie wish he could escape, before she replied: “Notice, and like?”

“Enh enh!” He nodded.

“Go out?”

“Enh enh enh!”

“So, you want to go out with me because you noticed me and you like me?”

“…enh.” She didn’t quite understand him even though she understood every single word he was saying.

“Go out, it’s a form of equal interaction between creatures right.”


“I just learnt your name…” Xuan Mo didn’t smile. “Are you planning to wait till I develop fondness for you and go out with you, or do you plan to give up?”

She said the long sentence without pausing. Chen Jun Jie immediately got what she was getting at though. His shoulders sagged like a deflating balloon before he raised his head: “Actually, actually, I knew it would be impossible.”

“Enh, your courage is commendable.”

“Can we be friends then?”

“I just learnt your name…” Xuan Mo emphasised.

“Alright then.” He deflated again. Chen Jun Jie was dismayed for a moment before he raised his head again, “then can I invite you to a cup of hot chocolate after school on Friday?”

“Like I said, I just learnt…”

“Learnt my name, I know.” Chen Jun Jie sighed, before stretching his hand out to gesture for her to walk first, “this is quite a failed confession. It’s pretty cold out here, you won’t mind having a person you’ve just met send you back to your dorms, would you.”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak, and instead turned to go. Behind, Chen Jun Jie followed after tightly.

When they walked out the parade square, Xuan Mo suddenly raised her head, turned towards the third level of the office building and waved her hand. Chen Jun Jie looked up but he didn’t see anything. A strange feeling of anxiety zipped through him: “Someone didn’t see us, did they!’

“They saw,” Xuan Mo paused, “the entire thing.”

“Ahhhhh!” Chen Jun Jie was a shade of ghostly pale.

“I can tell you who that person is, you can get rid of the evidence now.”

“Who, who is it?”

“Yi Hai Lan.”

“…I will be killed.” Their entire cohort knew that Yi Hai Lan had something for Xuan Mo.

When they entered the dormitory building, Xuan Mo turned to look at Chen Jun Jie who had been emitting an I’m-very-anxious vibe throughout. Optionless, she comforted him: “What are you scared of, Yi Hai Lan doesn’t eat people.”

“I’d rather he take a bite out of me.” Chen Jun Jie’s expression was that on the verge of tears, “Xuan Mo, if you date me, at least my death wouldn’t end up as an insignificant sacrifice.”

Xuan Mo turned to leave.

When she entered her room, Xuan Mo immediately felt something was off. Li Fang, hardworking as usual, was studying away on her own. When Qi Shan saw Xuan Mo, her gaze shifted around: “Hm, you’re back late today.”

Xuan Mo turned to stare at Tian Jin Jin who was hugging her head on her bed instead: “What’s wrong with her.”

“Nothing, she probably didn’t take her meds; she’s making things difficult.”

Tian Jin Jin sat up formally and slapped the air: “Told you not to do that, I told you!” She screamed twice before collapsing back down on her bed like a corpse.

Blue Planet beings are strange. Xuan Mo had gotten accustomed to making such a speculation. She didn’t feel like bothering herself with this, so she climbed onto her own bed. She hadn’t slept in a long while. The humidity here was high enough to squeeze water out of thin air. Though it was dry in winter in the south, dark corners would still be damp and chilly.

“Mo Mo…” Qi Shan suddenly started, “you, you…”

“What about me?”

“No… nothing…”

Xuan Mo looked at Tian Jin Jin, then at Qi Shan, perplexed. She didn’t do anything, but their strange attitude was evidently targeted at her. So what exactly was it that happened that caused this change?

The only thing out of the ordinary that happened today was probably the letter she received, the confession, and then being followed by the boy. Did this have anything to do with that?

Did Chen Jun Jie happen to be their enemy or something? That’s why their mood was so poor when they saw him? And did the fact that her returning together with him result in the shift in recipient of their hatred?

Enh, and this animosity doesn’t seem like it’s something trivial… since that’s the case, she should keep her distance from him. Hm, seemed like these two Blue Planet are turning out to be quite a help.




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