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She didn’t know Lu Yu Chen called her mom when he was outside, but kept using aunt when he was home Now that he’s called her mom, he couldn’t find it in him to pay any heed to addressing her otherwise at such a critical juncture: “Mom! I really see you as my real mom, it’s dad’s fault this time, but I beg you, please give him another chance, that mistress is just some random person that isn’t important, if you really walk away then she’ll be the one that’ll benefit!”

As he spoke, he tugged Xuan Mo over and hugged her, not leaving her move: “Mo Mo, I swore I’d protect you forever, you can’t let such a chance slip now can you?”

Xuan Mo slanted him a glance: “When did you swear?” Her expression was one of disdain.

Lu Yu Chen was very hurt: “Then I’ll swear again?”

“Forget it.” She wasn’t a weak rabbit that needed protection.

Xuan Mo stoned for a moment. Though she was happy about Lu Yu Chen’s acceptance of her as his mother, she was filled with bitter right now. She turned to look at Lu Jian Hua.

Lu Jian Hua sighed: “It’s all my fault, I definitely won’t let this family break apart. Ah Juan, if you don’t believe me, what about I let you handle this? I definitely will not go against what you say!”

“Why should I be the one cleaning up your mess? If you can’t even sort something like this out, even if that woman leaves, I’ll still leave with Mo Mo!” Xuan Mo’s mother wasn’t at all moved. She looked at Lu Yu Chen hugging Xuan Mo with deep sibling love, she paused before peeling Xuan Mo out, saying: “Mo Mo! Pack your things! We’ll leave when you’re done!”

Lu Yu Chen was very glum. He wanted to say more, but he couldn’t think of anything else, so all he could do was to tail behind them clumsily.

Xuan Mo packed simply. Her mom didn’t have much to bring either, so the two of them brought their small backpacks before heading to their garage. Lu Yu Chen and his dad stood there in the bleak night, appearing as though they’d been abandoned.

“Ah Juan, don’t be rash, this isn’t good for the kids.”

“Can you be any faker?!” If it weren’t for you who did this shit would the situation be like this? You remember what you said when I was worried that I was old, you said you were old too so this was perfect, and let’s bring our kids up happily, that’s why I married you! I didn’t think it’d turn out this way Lu Jian Hua, you were fine when you became rich, you were fine when you got authority, but the moment our kids became good you changed, are you wretched?! I’ve brought Xuan Mo up on my own for so long, I’m fine with have a daughter to take care of me when I’m older!” As Xuan Mo’s mom spoke, she boarded her car. When Xuan Mo slid into the shotgun seat, she started started the car and they drove off.

From the very beginning Xuan Mo’s mom was crisp with her attitude. Xuan Mo could tell she was terribly pissed. When the car was out of the area, her tears fell: “Mo Mo, what have I done wrong! The first guy I married died early, the second guy I married was a fvcking ass… my friends are saying how lucky and happy I must be, and I was proud about it too, but now I’m going to throw all my face away!”

Xuan Mo counted with her fingers: “Don’t worry, your friends won’t know, only people from Lu Jian Hua’s side will know. There’s three of them, all of them are middle-aged guys, the rest aren’t significant people, so don’t worry.”

After being cut off by such a robotic sentence when she was feeling down, even if Xuan Mo’s mom was a nutjob, there’d be no way she could remain sad or grieve about it anymore. And so, she hummed a reply numbly and continued driving till they reached a hotel.

Xuan Mo didn’t ask anything. All she did was follow her mom quietly into the room they booked. Then, she went upstairs to bathe.

When she was watching the television, her mom came out while drying her hair: “Mo Mo, sleep early, I’ll send you to school tomorrow.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 69 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Enh.” Xuan Mo lied down immediately without hesitation.

After her mom dried her hair, she watched the TV for a while before switching the lights off. Though Xuan Mo’s mother turned in, she couldn’t fall asleep.

“Mo Mo?”





The next morning, Xuan Mo’s mom brought her down to eat the hotel’s buffet breakfast before sending her off in a hurry to school. Xuan Mo tugged on her bag, hesitating. Just as she was about to turn in the other direction, someone called her.

Yi Hai Lan was the student on duty. He saw Xuan Mo’s mom’s impressively red jeep, so there’s no way he’d let Xuan Mo escape. And so, he called her name before dragging and heaving the girl into school.

Xuan Mo was very glum and unhappy. She was very unhappy towards this person that had upset her plans, so her expression was very poor and chilly while she was dragged into the classroom by Yi Hai Lan.

“Mo Mo, since mid-terms, I’ve barely seen you around in class. Finals are just around the corner, can you sit down and put some thought into studying, don’t end up failing another subject! You’re a very strong candidate for scholarship!”

“I don’t want that.”

“…scholarship is more than just money, it’s your safeguard and elevator, you don’t have to worry about recommendation and whatnot if you get it!”

And so, this classmate from another planet felt even less need to worry; she’d already secured her own future: “Then I don’t need it even more.”

“What?” Yi Hai Lan was puzzled, “don’t you want to go to uni?”

Xuan Mo turned away in reply.

The Math test on Tuesday mornings were now replaced by English listening comprehension. Some parts were similar to what she’d learnt from computing so she completed it with ease. After submitting her answer sheet however, she felt an oncoming headache just looking at the amount of homework that had accumulated on her desk.

The pile of exam papers and homework book piled so high she couldn’t fit it in the rubbish bin.

Xuan Mo sighed. She pushed and nudged and picked up everything, intending to head out to the rubbish bin in the hallway to discard it. When she stood, she felt something drop but she ignored it. Yi Hai Lan on the other hand picked it up at lightning speed: “Something dropped… hmm?”

It was a letter, and it was pink.




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