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Lying on the bed, Xuan Mo came up with an answer she felt was definitely correct. Though she may have gotten the outcome figured out, she’d completely messed up the process.

A buzz sounded, it was a message from Qi Shan popping up on Tian Jin Jin’s phone: “Jin Jin, don’t be down. Don’t you already know that douchebag Chen Jin Jie had something for Xuan Mo. It’s not like Xuan Mo’s going to date him, don’t worry too much.”

Pity Xuan Mo didn’t see the spilled beans, because… she was already asleep.

The tense atmosphere continued till Friday. Tian Jin Jin had wanted to make up with Xuan Mo many times throughout the week. But for some reason, the persistent Chen Jun Jie would always pop up out of nowhere at the worst timing, often bringing with him food and fun stuff.

Xuan Mo had no inkling about such schemes and nitty gritties of dating. All she knew was that everytime Chen Jun Jie appeared, the pressure around Tian Jin Jin would rise, and even Chen Jun Jie had been inflicted by the latter’s poor mood.

Chen Jun Jie probably had a screw loose in his head, because he was particularly fond of ice cold mountains like Xuan Mo. The colder she was, the more passionate he became, and this resulted in many headaches for Xuan Mo, particularly on Friday after school ended.

“Xuan Mo, here’s some hot chocolate!” Chen Jun Jie hadn’t given up. He’d ran out ahead of time to buy a cup of fragrant hot chocolate back for Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo wasn’t particularly fond of this sticky substance that perhaps may even contain corrosive chemicals. She held it but didn’t drink it. And so, Tian Jin Jin’s sour expression prompted the girl to say: “Mo Mo why aren’t you drinking? Too touched?”

No matter how dense Xuan Mo was, she still managed to distinguish the jealousy in Tian Jin Jin’s tone. Pity Xuan Mo really wasn’t from this planet, and so, she shook her head: “Not a fan of this. You want it?” After which, she handed the hot chocolate to Tian Jin Jin.

And so, Tian Jin Jin imploded. She’d already been feeling terrible when she was rational, so you really can’t expect her suck it up when she’s already fraught with emotions at that point in time. She glared ferociously at Chen Jun Jie before shoving Xuan Mo aside: “I hate hot chocolate!” After which, she turned and stalked off.

Qi Shan was close to Tian Jin Jin, so she gave Xuan Mo a helpless look, gesturing that she’d call her before she went to catch up with Tian Jin Jin.

Chen Jun Jie scratched his head: “What’s wrong with her.”

Xuan Mo’s reply was bland. She returned the hot chocolate to him: “You drink it, I don’t want it.”

Xuan Mo’s mother had been incredibly busy these few days so Xuan Mo was heading home on her own today. When she brought it up to Ah Gui, they rescheduled her contract signing to today. An old Santana stopped at the gate. The moment she boarded the vehicle, the other person inside gave her a very different feeling. When she turned to look, the person made her squint.

The person’s a soldier.

He was around twenty, second lieutenant in rank. Donned in crisp military uniform, he sat up straight. When he saw Xuan Mo, he nodded and smiled.

Xuan Mo was a little excited.

Though the Blue Planet soldiers and their combat abilities were far from what she was familiar with, their army was situated in a very adorable stage given the progress of their civilisation. Despite that, her heart lies with the military no matter the civilisation.

“This is Zhang Tong Hua, he’s your direct superior and coach in the south military zone, say hello.” Ah Gui switched off the engine as he introduced.

The two of them looked at each other, not speaking.

“Goddamnit, both of y’all are silent ones, y’all will die of boredom together, seriously.”

“Just drive your car.” Zhang Tong Hua’s voice was magnetic but commanding.

“Great, it died again.” Ah Gui turned the ignition in a futile attempt, “didn’t I tell y’all to get me a better car, this is what you call a better car?”

“This attracts less attention.”

“Less attraction my ass! Everyone around has their eyes on this ancient car, it’s way too high-key!”

“Hehe.” Zhang Tong Hua seemed to be pretty tight with Ah Gui. As the two of them chatted, they arrived at Shenghua.

The three of them headed straight for Ah Gui’s office. While Xuan Mo was looking through the contract , the two of them talked. Afterwhich, Ah Gui asked Xuan Mo in hesitance: “Wu Qi, did you experience anything bad after you went back the other time?”

“Bad like what?” Xuan Mo continued looking at the contract, chewing through all the words.

“For example having nightmares, hallucinations, being strangely nervous and all…”

“You’re talking about mental illness?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 71 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“No no! Uh, actually yeah something like that. Just worried that you might get PTSD, after all things got pretty scary, we’ve had too many unforeseen circumstances that time.”

“I’m fine.” Xuan Mo placed the contract down and turned to look at Ah Gui, “anything else?”

“It’s just that once you sign the contract, your course will begin. That means when there’s opportunities for actual combat, we will take into consideration all factors before allowing our students to attend. And just a heads up, there just happens to be a mission tonight…”

“Then at least wait till I’m done reading the contract.” Classified information of a country was troublesome stuff to deal with. And to this alien who had yet to cultivate a high comprehension ability, she must consider everything carefully.

“While you’re reading, why not let Lieutenant Zhang introduce you to your course.”

Zhang Tong Hua was pretty optionless too: “There’s not much really to introduce really, there’s four courses, namely theory, observation, combat and theory again. Theory and combat are as the title suggests, observation refers to tailing missions that are still currently out of your league, you can consider it a real life lesson too. The last theory course happens after you complete the first three. We’ll send a new student to you, and you will train the student on theory so as to internalise and solidify what you know.”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak. After reading through, she found no issues. The conditions back at Scorpio was much more stringent and she was fine with it, so this was nothing. She took the pen and signed without a second thought, and pressed a fingerprint.

Ah Gui kept the documents carefully before telling Xuan Mo: “The mission tonight will just be an observation for you. Theory and whatnot are nonsense, it’s only through observation will you really learn. You guys chat, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Me again?” Zhang Tong Hua had no choice, and hence started: “I can’t join tonight, there will be a member from the zone seven action party taking part. An informant told us that there will be an illegal transaction taking place in Medusa Casino, exact location and time unknown. Our mole has yet to come into contact with what is happening so they aren’t clear what the details of the transaction will be. We are going to check it out tonight while its happening. If whatever is happening turns out to be illegal then we’ll get ‘em all in one fell swoop.”

“Why aren’t the police handling this?”

“Why are the police always late?”

“…got it.”





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