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Tan Lu En entered: “You guys done talking?”

“Enh, all I needed to pay for was this meal.” Lu Yu Chen gave Xuan Mo a chicken wing, “Mo Mo, eat, isn’t such an outcome great, everyone is happy, and we managed to save money too! Gahaha!”

Xuan Mo didn’t smile. Jin Ping cried and called Lu Jian Hua the moment she left. Lu Jian Hua was a Blue Planet being, she didn’t believe he’d actively and willingly abort their child as a Scorpion would.

“You guys eat, I’m not hungry.” Eat eat eat and get scolded when they’re back.

Their father didn’t dare tell them off which Xuan Mo’s mom was around so he didn’t look for Xuan Mo. It was only after their mom went to bed did he quietly exit his study and enter Lu Yu Chen’s room.

Just as Xuan Mo was about to eavesdrop on their conversation, a call suddenly came in. It was from Ah Gui; it been quite a while since he’s contacted her. His voice sounds tired: “Wu Qi, what are you doing, not going to school?”

“Even me going to school in within your scope of concern?” Xuan Mo curious.

“Cough, not trying to poke into your business. It’s just that your probation period is ending soon, so HR is stricter.”

“Oh, and then?”

“Wu Qi, have you thought about which department you want to join in the future?”

Xuan Mo had heard what each of their departments do. Honestly, none of them interested her. The only department that included any form of battle was the action team she was in right now, but their job scope was extremely similar to that of a security guard’s…

“Not interested in any.” She was very frank.”

“Aye.” Ah Gui didn’t even know if he should get angry about this. “What a pity.”

“We received news that the military zone will be creating a special reserve force. They are recruiting youths with strong potential who have passed probation and has the same aspirations as yourself. At the moment, before you can join the special forces department, you will undergo actual combat-centric training so to prepare you for the role as fast as possible.”

Though the other end of the call was silent, Ah Gui knew Xuan Mo was listening attentively.

“The training regime is something similar to your summer camp, except that the youths they are recruiting are often from students who are going to graduate from university. They will undergo four courses, the duration of the course depends on when they complete it. Once they finish, the training class can graduate and enter the force…”

“University graduates?” Did he think she’s an idiot? That’s several years away for her…

“Eh, there’s a reason why I’m letting you know now. Someone recommended that you join the training class, so you can complete the course during your breaks.”

“And? What if I complete the course before I graduate from high school?”

“Cough cough, though such a situation is highly unlikely, if that does happen, we still hope that you can work for Zone Seven till you’re in university before selecting the route you wish to go.”

“You’re gonna wring me dry before you let me go huh.”

“Can’t help it, there’s a lot of talented people around these days, but there are only very few talented people that are valuable.”

“Whatever then, I agree.”

“When are you free then? I’ll explain in detail and we’ll sign the contract?”


“Of course, this isn’t something you can just pop in when you want to.”

“You set a date and time then.”

“Next Saturday, nine in the morning, Shenghua, my office. You okay?”


Suddenly, something loud sounded; it was her mom’s shout. Xuan Mo immediately hung up and left her room.


She had been to engrossed on dissecting the information from Ah Gui that she didn’t notice what was happening outside at all. Her mom stood in the hallway with her brows pulled together, raging. Her step-dad on the other hand opened the door, his expression one of anxiety. Behind, Lu Yu Chen had his head hanging low.

Xuan Mo’s appearance dissolved the tension. As though the play button was pressed, her mom became agitated. She turned to look at Xuan Mo: “Mo Mo! Pack your things! We’re going to your grandma’s!”

Xuan Mo blinked. She hummed in acknowledgement and headed to her room to pack up without a word more.

Her step-dad had yet to react. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand rushed out first. He ran out without his slippers on and grabbed Xuan Mo’s arms, not releasing. He turned back to her mom: “Mom! Please, I’m begging you, don’t be rash, can you let us handle this?”

Xuan Mo’s mom didn’t reply for a long time. Lu Yu Chen’s calling her mom made her pause.

When she married Lu Jian Hua back then, both their kids were in their rebellious phase of life. She’d wanted to make do with how things were back then so she didn’t mind much about how he addressed her. In fact, it also smoothed things out between the step-mom and son. She saw Lu Yu Chen as her own son for so many years, so when he called her aunt, you can’t expect her to not feel dismayed.

But now, this rebellious and unruly boy suddenly gave in. His addressed melted half her anger.









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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

TL: there’s more coming tonight!! But it’ll be late >< i needa settle my 2359 assignment first 😦



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