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Within their private room in the restaurant, Lu Yu Chen sat with Xuan Mo and ordered a few dishes. Before long, Tan Lu En arrived. Behind her was Jin Pin and a fourteen to fifteen year old boy, about Xuan Mo’s age.

Though Lu Yu Chen wasn’t particularly paying attention to Jin Pin’s information that Xuan Mo had divulged earlier, but he still did catch the first few sentences. And so, Lu Yu Chen immediately recognised the person as Jin Pin’s younger brother. As to what his name was… he didn’t know…

Tan Lu En’s expression was poor. This cold and quiet brat popped out out of nowaday and stuck to his sister like gum. After entering, he surveyed the room before sitting down.

In such cases, it made sense not to bring up what they had in mind to discuss, or at least they need to find the time to talk with Jin Pin privately to bring it up. And so, Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen put on a normal front as they chattered with Jin Pin on and off, talking about the weather, her high school, university life…

“Uni’s pretty boring actually. If I’m not in my dorms I’ll be out working… oh right Ah Mu, don’t you still have lessons in the afternoon?”

Jin Mu was Jin Pin’s younger brother. He didn’t speak throughout, neither did he eat anything. All he did was play with his phone while looking up to sweep the surroundings an eerie look. Though they were around the same age, both Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen couldn’t stand his strange attitude, hence neither of them talked to him.

“I want to go to H Uni when I grow up…” Tan Lu En continued the conversation tiredly.

“Jin Pin, you have one day to get rid of the child in your stomach.”

The sudden sentence silenced everyone present. Upon hearing that, the icy youth finally had some sort of a reaction. Jin Mu raised his head and locked his eyes on Xuan Mo.

Jin Pin’s face was pale. She swept Xuan Mo a look before looking hard at Jin Mu.

Xuan Mo stood in annoyance and grabbed her bag: “That’s all, I’m leaving.”

“Hold on!” Jin Mu stood. He’d been sitting near the door to begin with so he blocked Xuan Mo off conveniently. “What did you say, make yourself clear!”

“Ah Mu, don’t ask…”

“Repeat it!” Jin Mu growled, “what child!? What do you mean get rid of it?!”

Xuan Mo raised her brows and smiled coldly: “Ask the person who needs to get rid of the child.”

“I’m asking you!” JIn Mu’s expression was menacing.

“I’ll tell you what happened then.” Lu Yu Chen stood in front of Xuan Mo, “your sister seduced my dad, and got pregnant. That’s it. It’s as simple as. Nothing much for you to keep questioning like this. You should know what to do if you’re a guy!”

Lu Yu Chen’s words seemed to have burst the bubble. Jin Mu inflated instantly. He collapsed back onto his chair, not looking at Jin Pin.

“Ah Mu…” Jin Pin said in worry. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 67 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“We will pay for the abortion.” Lu Yu Chen looked at Xuan Mo, as though giving in to how she wanted things to turn out. He continued, “leave my dad, get your ass as far away as possible, or you’ll get a taste of how truly hard life can be!”

“Fvck off! Who the hell wants your stinkin’ money!” Jin Mu raged. He pulled Jin Pin up, “sis! No matter what you’re thinking, stop it right there! Do you want to piss mom and dad off?”

Jin Pin covered her face: “I didn’t know he had a wife and a kid…”

“He has two kids!” Lu Yu Chen added.

“You heard her! My sis didn’t know in the beginning!”

“Drop your act!” Tan Lu En laughed coldly. “Brother Lu may not know but my dad told me this before, Uncle Lu often emphasises that he has a wife and kids. This wouldn’t happen unless the female he’d met was incredibly persistent and shameless…”

“I’mma kill you!” Jin Mu’s face was red from anger. He rushed up, wanting to hit him. But who was Tan Lu En? He blocked his hit casually and even kicked him to the ground, “you’re Jin Mu right, I’m only bothering to talk to you because you look like you still have some sense. We’ve actually invited your sis down to sit down and have a proper chat. If she’s not accepting our goodwill, don’t blame us for throwing our weight in on this. We didn’t even plan to talk this out initially, this Xuan Mo sister had went to read up on c-section just because of this…”

“Ah Mu! Don’t get involved. Go home, I’m begging you!” Jin Pin cried.

“Then what do you plan to do?” Jin Mu glared, “no! That’s that, sis, you’re going home with me. Get rid of the child and we won’t have anything to do with them anymore!”

“That’s great!” Lu Yu Chen pretended to celebrate. After which, he laughed coldly at Jin Pin, “but why doesn’t your sis appear as keen about this idea? Why, miss mistress, how much money do you want, name your price!”

“I said we don’t want your bloody money!” Immediately after Jin Mu said that, Jin Pin reprimanded him: “Ah Mu, you shut it!”

“Sis, you want their money?!”

“Money aside, I can’t just let this pass just like this!” Jin Pin stood and produced her phone. “Did you ask your dad before coming today?”

“Humph! Quit beating around the bush, you just want money don’t you.” Tan Lu En mocked. “I’m an outsider so I’m not gonna say much. I’ll just make one comment though, Jin Pin aunt, if this is the ancient times, you’re only a concubine, oh no, even concubines at least are official partners — you are but a mistress without a title. Even if you’re pregnant, the child is Lu family’s by law, but the child would at most be a home-born, and is akin to the status of a servant… you know what is a bastard? This is a bastard! You’re shaking a money tree vigorously, but let me tell you, times have changed, there are lots of ways to sort out people like you. My dad’s been fickle when he’s out too but my mom’s never worried, because she knows there’s a difference between woman outside and wife. Money is enough to get rid of people like you. And what, you said you can’t let it just pass like this… do you want to be their step-mom then? You told your brother to keep out of this, and that you’ll handle this yourself, but let me tell you, you’re throwing your entire family’s face. Don’t cross the line. Enough about me, Brother Lu and Xuan Mo are both people you wouldn’t dare to provoke, hah! I’ll be outside, you guys chat.”

After saying his piece, he really went out. As he did, he grabbed a chicken drumstick as he exited in confidence and ease.

Jin Mu stood solid straight as he stared. Tan Lu En’s words were a sword to naked skin, and it drew blood. The youth’s ego couldn’t withstand such humiliation, but he couldn’t rebuke. When your suspicions become reality, and when you realise that reality was even more cruel than what you’d imagined — he was more shaken and upset than anyone else present.

Jin Pin on the other hand was unwavered. She seemed to have long prepared herself mentally to be insulted. She laughed coldly, her expression unchanging: “Why, you want to threaten me? Post this online? In school? Lemme tell you, there’s at least a dozen of girls who get through university with a bun in the oven. Without evidence, you won’t be able to pinpoint anyone. And, will you dare to reveal your dad’s name!”

This girl has finally revealed her true colours! Lu Yu Chen was shaking from fury, his fists cracking as tightened his hand.


A clear sound resounded.

Jin Pin’s head was tilted to one side, and she didn’t turn it around for a very long time. Jin Mu dropped his hands, his expression returning to one that’s chilly to the point it’s numbing: “Apologies for troubling you two, I will handle it from now on.” After which, he produced a card: “Sis, there’s four grand here, it’s my red packet money, hold on to it first. I want to hear the news of your abortion tonight by eight. Else, you know dad’s temper.”

After saying that, he left too.

Jin Pin held the card, her breath quickening as her expression faltered unceasingly.

Lu Yu Chen shrugged and pulled Xuan Mo back down onto her seat: “Come, eat eat, don’t waste the food. Aye auntie Jin, why are you still here, get along now, I know your family isn’t very well off so you need to sell yourself to get by, if you don’t have enough money just let me know, I can still afford this as gratitude for providing my dad with some novelty. If you’re accidentally pregnant again in the future, I don’t mind providing money for abortion hah!”

Jin Pin snorted coldly before slamming the door behind her as she left.




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  1. 🖐️😥 oh snap! Thanks for the chapter.

    {If she can’t not taking our goodwill, then don’t blame us for throwing our weight in on this. }->{If she can’t take our goodwill, then don’t blame us for throwing our weight in on this. }


  2. If that scumbag dad stays, I’m going to be so pissed. The fact that they’re only coming after the girl yet they want to keep that cheating dad as if he was just an honest poor man, seduced by a vixen…. Ughhhhhhhh

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  3. Well… I was expecting Xuan Mo to handle things, but I’m happy Jin Mu wasn’t as brain dead as his sister. Now they have to the hell out of their dad. He can’t get away with almost ruining their lives for a cheap thrill.

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  4. Hummm … i’m realy conflictuel here. yeah, she is a vixen, who want money : it’s realy obvious.
    It’s obvious … BUT ! What is this disgusting talk about mistress, concubine, “providing my dad with some novelty” and all this heavy word about “woman like you are just plaything and have no worth” ? And i don’t even talk about the little part about “you know the temperament of dad” and the way the little brother said he “will andle it from now”. Like, seriously ? Se-rious-ly ?!?
    It’s like the dad is not in the wrong ! It’s like the girl have to submite to her little brother. it’s like the father of the girl is a brutal bast*rd who have abit to beat other. Do i am the only one who is realy disturbed by all of that ?

    Well, other than that, thank for the work. I realy like the story (most of the time at last).

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    • Nothing but ancient Chinese customs and traditions regarding marriage and inheritance rights for the upper class/nobility. Read some Chinese novel with ‘historical’, ‘josei’ and ‘ancient China’ among its content tags for reference.


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