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Lu Yu Chen was tongue-tied. He was a guy with quite some violent tendencies, how would he be familiar with intricacies like these? And so, he poked the daydreaming Tan Lu En beside him: “Oi, give some suggestions!”

Tan Lu En widened his eyes. He looked at Xuan Mo, then back at Lu Yu Chen, whose eyes were large and scary, and then he suddenly laughed: “Why do I feel like an inept advisor.”

“You are! Hurry! Come up with something, the worse the idea, the better!”

Tan Lu En thought for a moment with his head lowered, saying: “There are lots of ways. Even if I can’t think of one, there’s tons online… what’s important is that we need to solve this issue appropriately, to do that, we need to…”

“Aye! Are you gonna say the know thyself and thy enemy and whatnot quotes, I shouldn’t have asked you.” Lu Yu Chen got what he was getting at instantly, and sent him a look of disdain, he wasn’t an idiot, of course he knew that.

“Jin Ping, female, twenty-three, H Uni Chinese Studies, Year Three. 1.65cm, forty-eight kilograms, has parents and a younger brother at home, her family doesn’t know about this… her brother might have some inkling. Hobbies include shopping, buying things, reading novels, magazines. She logs on to online forums, hodgepodges and various beauty products websites and taobao often. Once  worked at part-time Yuren Wharf as a waitress. She met Lu Jian Hua three months ago, and their relationship became official two months ago. She claimed to be outgoing, but that is to be determined. She has two friends she is close to, they’re in the same dorm as her, and they know about this…”

Xuan Mo rambled on as though a robot. Despite the sheer amount of information she was divulging, it didn’t make her out to appear knowledgeable, rather, she seemed like an FBI, a CIA, or like someone who’d came straight out of the public security bureau even…

“I have detailed information on her close friends and family as well, still need it?” She looked at the two of them as she asked, not even panting after speaking so much in one go.

“Eh…” they weren’t exactly paying attention in the beginning, “it’s find…” that wouldn’t provide them with further clues even if they did.

“Ok, so where’s your solution that’d kill two birds with one stone?”

“Cough.” Lu Yu Chen looked at Tan Lu En.

Tan Lu En looked up at the sky. He could feel the pair of siblings gaze on him. And so, he complained to Lu Yu Chen: “Weren’t you the one that said it, why are you looking at me, I didn’t say anything!”

“If you’re still my bro then unleash your treacherous and sly side! What’s there to hide?! Do you still have any image to uphold in front of my sis?!” Lu Yu Chen raged.

Tan Lu En didn’t know if he had any image to look after when Lu Yu Chen’s sis was present, but whether Xuan Mo was still his sis was another thing… Tan Lu En didn’t know why, but he didn’t want Xuan Mo to become a sly or cruel person, or whatever it was they used to describe crafty people nowadays.

However, it seemed that the girl a certain someone had a tinge of feelings for had never bothered to hide her ruthless, violent side…

Topping the strange gaze of the driver, the three of them reached the Arts building in H Uni. The Chinese Studies course had many gorgeous female students. Despite the fact that it was winter, they were dressed in clothes that bore little warmth. As such, many other students in an attempt to get themselves an eyeful trailed in their wake.

It was a Monday afternoon. Other than the students who still had lessons during their third or forth period, the majority of the students had left. Lu Yu Chen’s initial reaction was to ask someone if they knew Jin Ping. However, Xuan Mo headed straight in without hesitation. She walked past the classroom building, parade square, garden, canteen, and headed straight for the dorms.

In front of a worn-down building wrapped in withered vines, girls entered and exited in chatter and laughter. Those that noticed Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En looked again before their conversations became even merrier.

Xuan Mo looked at the two, turning back: “She’s in 315 dorm. You guys decide how to do the two-birds-one-stone thing.”

She placed particular emphasis on the two-birds-one-stone part. If it weren’t for that, she’d long have went ahead to leave in her wake a crime scene.

The two guys discussed for a while before coming to a conclusion that made Xuan Mo want to vomit blood: “Let’s negotiate with her first!”


“Negotiate?!” Scorpions had no such concept… if an issue had escalated to the point where a negotiation was necessary, they’d usually have their foreign affairs to send an ultimatum. Then, those who agreed lived, those who didn’t died. “Useless!” Violence was the most straightforward solution to settling things, negotiation and whatnot were pointless.

“We know it won’t be easy either. I don’t know why the lady is sticking herself to my dad, but she definitely won’t be someone that’s easy to get rid of. Though my dad said that he’d break things off cleanly with her… like hell I’ll believe that! Even if we want to make a move, it’d have to be after things fall out, else we’d be in the wrong.”

From Xuan Mo’s memories, the females that carried offspring with subpar genetic makeup would get rid of the child on their own… she’s actually never seen a case where they don’t get rid of it. Hence when she met this lady who not only did not want to get rid of the child, but also wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to coercing them, she was absolutely flabbergasted and puzzled. However, she knew that there was too large a disparity between the two civilisations. It’s just that she found that this subpar genetic makeup offspring didn’t sit well with her, hence decided to make a move.

But now, they had to negotiate with this person who had violated the law (?) knowingly? This lady should already count herself lucky that she didn’t shoot her dead!

Xuan Mo shrugged, not talking. After a while, she said: “She’s coming down.”

The two guys paused. When they saw three chattering girls exiting the building, the two of them shouted synonymously in shock and admiration: “Are you an FBI! How did you know that!?”

Xuan Mo didn’t make any comment once again.

Jin Ping headed straight toward the canteen with her friends with light and happy steps, not noticing the three of them standing by the side.

“Didn’t Uncle Lu buy her a house, why’s she still staying in school. Who’s she putting up an act for?”

“What? Dad got her a house?!” Lu Yu Chen didn’t know that, so his eyes almost popped when upon hearing that. At that, he cracked his knuckles, “that girl, watch me! I’mma kill her!”

Xuan Mo pointed at Lu Yu Chen in confidence: “That’s why I said to just finish the child instead of putting up with it like this.”

“You still want to finish off the child!” The two guys almost cried. They promptly ignored her and turned to tail Jin Ping.

Xuan Mo trailed after them slowly, her hands itchy.

The two boys discussed together for a while before Tan Lu En walked forward and patted Jin Ping’s shoulders, his smile vibrant: “Sister*!”

* 姐姐 (jie jie) = older sister; can also be used to call females (whom you may not be familiar with) older than you, this term is much more endearing though (but generally people, especially adults, don’t use this, because they might risk being glared at by the female for calling them old)

Just as Jin Ping turned around, Lu Yu Chen turned too and blocked Xuan Mo. He grabbed her: “Let’s go.”

Xuan Mo wasn’t paying attention to what they had been discussing. Now that she’d been pulled aside, she could only stare at him.

“Let’s find a place to eat near school for lunch.”


“As a girl, you’ll have an advantage, it’s time for you to shine later on, so set her up, got it?”


Lu Yu Chen turned to look at Xuan Mo: “You can’t hit her, so at least set some verbal traps, you know how to do that at least, right?”

“What’s that?”

Lu Yu Chen’s choking expression was cinematic , as though a scene straight out of a horror movie. Yet Xuan Mo’s curious expression was so innocent he couldn’t find it in him to curse. And so, he could only breathe deeply, and then breathe deeply again, before he lowered his head in defeat: “Forget it, I’ll do the setting up!”

“So was does it mean?”

“It means eff it!” Lu Yu Chen growled.




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