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H Uni was previously a normal university. After the government’s expansion efforts however, it now encompassed the H city hospital, finance and various other faculties. After working together with the provincial hospitals, it was now known as H City Medical University, the most prestigious and influential school.

It was very quiet inside the newly built library. The scent of books was strong. There were a few people that walked past occasionally with soft, almost cautious footsteps.

There were only a handful of people who would walk past the reading area on the third level. And it was always after a thoughtless glance did they widen their in shock.

A small girl sat behind a large pile of books as she scanned through the content speedily. The two guys working hard at transporting the books evidently were just movers that shifted the books back and forth.

“Still need these?” A guy asked softly.

The girl shook her head. The guy sighed in relief before he lifted the heavy stack of books in defeat and slotted them back into their original places according to their reference number. The other guy who was taller walked over with a few books in his arms: “Take a look, do you need these?”

The girl nodded her head without even looking. The guy sighed, placed the books down and picked up the ones that seemed to have been flipped through.

All the books there were technical, covering content on women in labour and how to take care of them, stout dissection, anatomy and its explanations, gynecology, the origin of life, fetus and its past present and future, etc. All of them seemed normal, it’s seemed so very strange but when you start to connect the dots.

Experienced students would know that she was looking into caesarean section.

Well, it’s one thing to look into c-section, but this situation seemed a little strange… this lil’ girl didn’t look any older than fifteen to sixteen.

Topping the strange looks she received, the teen, Xuan Mo, speedily scanned the content in the books, her brows pulling into a frown.

Whoosh! She closed the last book and waved aside the ones Tan Lu En had just brought over. She stood to stretch, “don’t need them any more, I’ve got it down.”

Tan Lu En returned the books without a word more, and together with Lu Yu Chen, they arranged the books back and returned to Xuan Mo’s side, silent.

“Is there anywhere I can test this?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 65 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The two of them flinched when they heard that. Just as they were about to object, she said: “Forget it, it’s not that big of an issue even if I do the actual thing in the first try.” After which, she mumbled in addition: “A two month fetus would not have a form yet, so there’s no need to attend to funeral affairs.”

“Mo Mo, actually…” Lu Yu Chen had wanted to say this is the beginning but he never found the chance to, and now he couldn’t hold it in anymore, “actually, you don’t need to go so far just to deal with Jin Ping.”

“What do you mean so far?” Xuan Mo turned, “Deal with her? Why do I have to deal with Jin Ping?”

“Aren’t you doing all this to deal with her? Isn’t that why you’re learning about c-section and removing the fetus?” Lu Yu Chen was shocked.

“Why do I have to deal with her…” Xuan Mo was puzzled, “I just want to get rid of the child.”

Lu Yu Chen wanted to pull all his hair out: “Isn’t that dealing with her?”!

Xuan Mo shook her head: “It’s different, she’s the adult, the child is the child. Perhaps it makes sense of the adult to live, even if it doesn’t I don’t have the time to deal with that, but the child’s existence definitely should not be.”

“The child’s existence didn’t make sense yes, but what about the adult… it doesn’t make sense too! What part of it makes sense?!”

“Her parents are legally married right.”

“How would I know that!?”

“Since I don’t know her situation, I won’t make any move on her. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not my business to settle this.” Xuan Mo’s grave expression was serious.

Lu Yu Chen cupped his forehead, completely lost: “I seriously doubt we are on the same page about this.”

Tan Lu En blinked his long, slender eyes: “I think you guys are on the same page… it’s just that there’s a gap between both of your understanding… and it’s a very, very large gap…”

And so, Lu Yu Chen turned to discuss this with Tan Lu En: “Is Mo Mo fine? Even if someone’s biological daughter would probably want to throttle the mistress and burn her to ashes in such a situation, it shouldn’t be to the extent where she’s actually carrying it out. She must definitely be squeezing her brain juice dry trying to think of ways to take revenge. And let’s not forget the fact that she’s not even the biological daughter*…”

* the raws does not mention if this is with reference to Lu Yu Chen’s dad (Xuan Mo’s stepdad) or Xuan Mo’s mother, but I’m assuming it’s with reference to the former

“She’s probably doing it for her mom.” Tan Lu En felt that he’s hit bullseye.

“That makes sense too… but, even if that’s the case, she can’t take it any further than a biological daughter would, would she… and did you see her, she’s completely… wacky!”

Xuan Mo was already far ahead. When she heard what they said, she harrumphed coldly, unhappy: “Leaving now. Gonna go find Jin Ping.”

Though they really didn’t want to imagine what a situation it’d be if Xuan Mo were to bump into Jin Ping, Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En still followed eagerly after her onto the taxi. When they heard Xuan Mo telling the driver that the destination was H Uni Faculty of the Arts address, Lu Yu Chen cried internally. Even though he was his dad’s son and should be the more responsible one between the two of them, his little step-sister was taking the lead and leading him around by the nose.

En route, Lu Yu Chen settled himself. When he noticed Xuan Mo’s calmness, he decided to be frank: “Mo Mo, do you not trust me?”

Xuan Mo didn’t even think: “Don’t worry.”

Just as Lu Yu Chen was about to sigh in relief, he heard Xuan Mo say: “I’ve never trusted any human before.”

The personal attack made both him and Tan Lu En overlook her strange usage of words.

“Then, then, trust me at least this once.”

Xuan Mo was in the shotgun seat. When she heard that, she looked at him through the rearview mirror: “Speak.”

“We don’t need to deal with her like this. There are actually a lot of ways to ruin her reputation…”

“I don’t need her reputation ruined.” Xuan Mo re-evaluated her principles, “I just want to get rid of her child.” And get rid of the gene chain that shouldn’t exist.

She wasn’t the kind to pay particular attention to all else that happened on Earth, but since it happened right before her eyes, and it happened to her relative, she definitely must settle this horrendous crime.

“Yes yes yes, as long as her reputation is gone, she’d get rid of the child on her own. Not only so, this will also allow dad to… only love mom.” Lu Yu Chen still found it a little strange for him to address his step-mom like that, but he was genuine. “You’re killing two birds with a stone, so why not? If we follow your plan, mom and dad definitely won’t be able to continue being together, no one’s gonna gain anything out of it.” Just thinking about the possibility that he would be forever separated from his little sister, he felt a wave of sadness, “I haven’t done my part yet, so don’t kick us away in a rush ok?”

Xuan Mo didn’t exactly feel the subtle emotions that he was trying to convey. All she had in her head was her consideration of the benefits.

She wasn’t afraid of trouble, but she wasn’t one to provoke trouble. If the final outcome means the child will be gone, then she didn’t mind whatever the process it was that made it happen.

Though she went to the med school library to read up about c-section, she actually learnt a vast amount of knowledge. The reason why she’d wanted to learn about c-section was because that was the fastest way to solving things, and it was also the most intimidating method, both of which were just the way Scorpions liked to do things.

But it seems like Blue Planet beings didn’t understand their crisp and straightforward attitude. Well since that was the case, and also since she looked like a Blue Planet being now too, she shall do as Blue Planet beings do, it’s less trouble this way too.

“So, what do you intend to do?”




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